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Grammar I - Present simple
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Grammar I - Present simple


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This presentation is made for Grammar I course. …

This presentation is made for Grammar I course.

Sya'baningrum - English Unisma

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  • 1. When to use it? • Expresses daily habits or usual activities We usually start work at 8. She always arrives home with her brother.
  • 2. When to use it? • Expresses general statements or facts. Pilots fly planes My name is Ann Earth is not triangle.
  • 3. Sentence construction
  • 4. The verbs I She You He We The sugar They It The cats The cat My friend and I Marry Via and Vio My mother Elephants
  • 5. Subject-verb agreement (positive) • We • Freddy Himatrisian. Himatrisian. • Tedd and Barry • She from England. from England.
  • 6. Subject-verb agreement (negative) • We Himatrisian. • Freddy Himatrisian. • Tedd and Barry • She doesn’t don’t from England. from England.
  • 7. ( Questions – subject – • your mother chocolate? • vegetarians meat? • you guitar? • What your sister • Where you from? • Math difficult? • How she to school? )
  • 8. Adverbials of time Example Tuesdays. She usually gets up early We study until 3.30 I have basketball practices on
  • 9. Daily Routine
  • 10. My daily routines I usually get up at 5:30 on weekdays, but I sometimes get up at 9 or 10 on the weekends. After shower, I always have breakfast with my parents. I sometimes go to school by bike, but I go by bus most of the times. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I study at school until 5 p.m. Then I go home and have dinner with my family. I read books or do my homework until
  • 11. Exercise • Write a paragraph about your daily activities.  consisted of 6 – 10 activities  Using adverbials of time • Circle the adverbs, underline the verbs.
  • 12. Sources : • Azar, Betty Schrampfer. Fundamentals of English Grammar. 2nd edition. • Azar. Betty Schrampfer. Understanding and Using English Grammar. 2nd Edition. • ivities.htm • .htm