E-recommendation for pharma (SWOPER Analytics)


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Innovative "Pharma-Marketing 2.0" concept is dedicated for pharma companies that want to transform their activities from offline to online. Objective of this concept is to reduce the cost of increasing the share of voice among potential target audience.

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E-recommendation for pharma (SWOPER Analytics)

  1. 1.    E-­‐Recommenda,on  Concept®        Presenta)on  for  Pharma  Companies                July  2013  
  2. 2. media/2007/pr_071001.html   Source:  Chris  Andersen,  The  Long  Tail   „Your words do not determine what people are saying about your brand. Google does”
  3. 3.                2Pharma  is  a  research  &  e-­‐marke)ng  company  opera)ng  in  pharmaceu)cal  market.   We  founded  2Pharma  to  establish  web  services  for  pharmaceu)cal  companies  in   modern  )mes  when  importance  of  Internet  is  rapidly  growing  and  marke)ng  people  are   permanently  aNer  deadlines  with  offline  ac)vi)es.  Instead  of  manage  Internet  by   yourself  you  can  outsource  2Pharma  as  e-­‐Product  Manager  and                                                                         partner  of  choice  for  your  e-­‐marke,ng  ac,vi,es.   2Pharma  is  the  only  one  Internet  company  on  Polish  market  founded  and  managed  by   ex-­‐pharmaceu)cal  managers.  Our  twenty  years  of  pharmaceu)cal  experience  gives  us   huge  advantage  among  Internet  compe)tors.     Some  of  our  innova)ve  products  are  supported  by  European  Union  under  the  program   “Innova)ve  Economy”.   Why 2PHARMA and Internet?!
  4. 4.             Web  forums  are  that  part  of  Internet  which  is  underes)mated  by  digital   companies  and  is  more  difficult  to  be  monitored  in  comparison  to  Facebook  or   Tweeter.     Main  benefit  of  monitoring  web  forums  comes  from  huge  number  of  web   surfers  looking  for  reliable  informa)on.     Our  innova)ve  search  engine  helps  to  inves)gate  opinions  expressed  on  web   discussion  forums  with  accuracy  of  data  generated  by  Google.   Why SWOPER?!
  5. 5. WOM  LAW  OF  FEW     10%  INFLUENCE  PURCHASING  BEHAVIOR   OF  OTHER  90%   Why Web Discussion Forums?! Source:  Malcolm  Gladwell,  Tipping  Point  
  6. 6. Why Medical Forums?! 80%! of web users search for health information! 75%! research symptoms online than go discuss with doctor! 55%! make health decision based on information received in web! 2 of 3! web users search for health information once a month!     People  looking  for  medical  help  are  supported  by  those  who  really  cares  and   experienced  same  diseases  or  symptoms.  Content  on  medical  forums  usually   has  the  highest  essen,al  meaning  compere  to  other  forums.     Sources:  Susannah  Fox,  Online  Health  Search,  2006,  Megapanel  PBI  /  Gemius,  2008,  Korzystanie  z  internbetu   medycznego  i  usług  z  zakresu  e-­‐zdrowia  w  opinii  publicznej  Polaków  w  2007  roku,  Przewodnik  Lekarza,  2008,  
  7. 7. Why SWOPER Analytics?!     2Pharma  invented  innova)ve  methodology  of  internet  forums  evalua)on  based   on  Forums  Facts  Evalua)on®  (FFE®)  compere  to  widely  use  posts  analysis.  Due  to   patented  methodology  and  human  factor  as  final  valida)on  we  are  achieving   95%  accuracy  of  quan)ta)ve  part  in  our  surveys.  Together  with  qualita)ve  part   of  analysis  and    “traffic”  First  Page  Report®  (FPR®)  you  will  get  clear  guidelines   regarding  your  e-­‐marke)ng  ac)vi)es.  
  8. 8. e-Curiosity Factor!     Based  on  e-­‐Curiosity  Factor®  (eCF®)  epilep,c  pa,ents  are  the  most  ac,ve  web   users  in  researching  symptoms  and  looking  for  medical  informa)on  and   recommenda)on  (may  2013).   1st most active web patients ! epilepsy            726.000          270.000          197.100                    3,68   psoriasis      1.320.000        800.000          584.000    2,26   depresion    2.400.000  1.500.000  1.095.000  2,19   asthma      4.440.000  3.700.000  2.701.000  1,64   diabetes      2.400.000  2.600.000  1.898.000  1,26   hypertension    1.320.000  9.500.000  6.935.000  0,19   Disease                      Searches      No  of  Pts                Web  Access  eCF  
  9. 9.         Pharmacist  HCP   E-­‐Recommenda,on   Source of Drug Recommendation!                                   HIGH  COST     No  of  Reps   Rabates   Promo  Materials   HIGH  COST     No  of  Reps   Sponsorhip   Promo  Materials   LOW  COST     Customized  e-­‐marke)nk  ac)vi)es  
  10. 10. Process of Managing the Web Content! Current  Situa)on   target  Desired  Situa)on   target  
  11. 11. E-Recommendation® - Part of Modern Buying Process! Planning Phase! Implementation Phase! Researching Phase!  OBJECTIVE     To  build  traffic  of  pa)ents  and   refer  them  to  relevant   content  of  the  web  created  in   order  to  get  the  desired   medical  recommenda,on            
  12. 12. Researching Phase! First Page Report® helps to list most potential web sites regarding to expected need of web users.! Forums Facts Evaluation® researches sentiment of opinions expressed on web forums and groups them in term of predefined categories.!
  13. 13. Planning Phase!                     PASSIVE PUBLIC! SOCIAL! SEARCH! SUPPORT! INTEGRITY! ACTIVE Passive users are most expensive and least effective target group of web users.! Modern brand creation processes focus on the active web users,! who support effectively the process of building a brand.! Fit4Futire® is our own innovative method of grouping web users on the basis of their web activity and planning dedicated activities to selected groups.!
  14. 14.                 Innovative Products of 2Pharma Supporting Offline !    Forums  Facts  Evalua)on®       First  Page  Report®   Fit  4  Future®   E-­‐Recommenda)on  Concept®   E-­‐Curiosity  Factor®    
  15. 15. EXPERIENCE   &   INNOVATION   office@2pharma.pl, www.2pharma.pl
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