How Social Media is Changing the Way We Communicate

How Social Media is Changing the Way We Communicate



Social Media is changing the way we communicate. Here are some tips on how you can leverage the power of social media.

Social Media is changing the way we communicate. Here are some tips on how you can leverage the power of social media.



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  • Fundamental shift in the way we communicte

How Social Media is Changing the Way We Communicate How Social Media is Changing the Way We Communicate Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media 2011
  • What We Offer Website Design Website Conversion Optimization Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing & Management  Facebook  Twitter  You Tube  LinkedIn Search Engine Marketing  Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising Services  Facebook Advertising Services
  • Social Media isChanging the Way We Communicate
  • This is a New Media Revolution Social Media  Has word of mouth currency  90% trust recommendations from peers  Actively influences purchases  Has overtaken pornography as the #1 activity on the web  Penetration at 90% in Australia  Is Viral Source: Social Media News May 2011
  • What’s the big deal Social Media Its about giving people a reason to talk about your stuff Make it easy for that conversation to take place Help people tell their connections You still need to pick the right media
  • One message before Social Media
  • One message Before Social Media
  • One message After Social Media
  • One message After Social Media
  • What Is SocialMediaMarketing?
  • “Social Media Marketing: Enables Others to Advocate for Your Business Through Compelling Content”Image credit: Ian Sane
  • How do you Leverage Social Media Create shareable content Run a blog off your website Leverage content from your blog to social media platforms Use the Social Media platforms to:  Build relationships  Be an authority  Build referrals for your business Remember to Give before you get  Don’t be overly commercial
  • Your Website Acts As The Hub
  • Websites Are Changing There are 255m websites There are 152m blogs Moving from static pages to dynamic pages Write insightful content Encourage interactivity
  • What to Write About Industry news Your take on the implications Helpful insightful advice Case studies F. A. Q.s How to’s
  • Facebook Traffic to Facebook now exceeds that of Google More than 750m Users Worldwide 10m Facebook Users in Australia (1 in 2 people) Average user has 130 friends 3m Fanpages Served over 1 trillion display ads in 2010 setting a record Facebook Pages now included in Real Time Search
  • How Facebook can help business Helps spread message virally Status updates appear on the pages of people who like your pages Pages and Ads and Places Coming soon:  Video calling -  Deals  
  • Facebook Pages Profile Page versus Fan Page Can only have 1 profile Can have multiple fan pages Fanpages  Need 25 likes for a vanity URL  Can link your blog to your fan page and stream content
  • Facebook PagesPage Posts Keep it short and simple 2-3 times per day Space out by several hours Engagement rates on Thursday & Friday are higher Allow fans to post links, @ tags
  • Facebook Ads Takes practice Offers unparalleled demographic targeting 3 components  Images  Headlines  Copy Images matter  Accounts for 70% of the success of your ad  More effective when you send traffic to fan page
  • YouTube YouTube is now the #2 search engine 26 Billion online videos viewed per month in US 2 Billion video views per day globally Online video is more than 60% of all internet traffic Videos are 53 times more likely to receive an organic 1st page ranking than traditional web pages
  • How Video Can Help Your Business Can be spread virally and embedded on other websites Helps give backlinks to your website  Helps improve your ranking in search engines
  • How To use Video In Your Business Product demonstrations Profile your workers Customer testimonials Success stories Record Special Events Create posts for your blog Provide case studies Answer FAQs
  • Video Biggest Mistakes Putting your video on someone else’s channel Not optimizing for search Not engaging Too long Not having a call to action
  • LinkedIn Over 100m professionals +1m professionals added – every week 1.8m LinkedIn users in Oz World’s largest audience of affluent professionals Not just for recruitment Great for B2B marketing
  • LinkedIn Make your profile come alive  Use the apps  Twitter, Slideshare, YouTube, Blog Updates in your profile remind your connections about you Use the LinkedIn Address book to build relationships  Online: Import your connections from email  Offline: transfer business card via Card Munch
  • LinkedIn Key Tools Premium Search Ads Company Pages  Link to Twitter, Blog, YouTube  Recommendations Groups Answers B2B  Network with peers for repeat referral business
  • Twitter Around 200m users 25b tweets in 2010 1.8m Twitter Users in Australia Great for B2B & B2C
  • What is Twitter Micro-blogging platform Can only use 140 characters Can set up multiple profiles Can do a search for specific words
  • Twitter Language @Twitter Handle/ Twitter Name Retweet: RT allows you to share the best links, tweets and gems you find e.g. RT@mashable # #Hashtag: a way of organizing topics in a search  Helps you identify trending topics  If you start one, tell people what it is for  Don’t overuse them
  • How Twitter Can Help Your Business Quickly share information Gather intelligence and feedback Build relationshipsTips Friend people in your industry or related industries Listen to conversations and respond  Provide helpful advice
  • How Businesses Are Using Twitter Build branding and awareness  Conduct market research Direct to consumer marketing  Job / member recruitment Provide direct customer service e.g. Dell  Thought leadership Build loyalty and retention  Change attitudes Promote  Competitive advantage Lead generation and sales  Manage crises Provide instant updates and alerts  Create spokespeople Get instant feedback  Entertain Event Marketing (B2B)  Search visibility Localized Information
  • Tweets that work Attract an audience  Advocate something/someone  Newsworthy tidbits  Advice  Praise others Get reactions  Pose questions  Critique review  Messages involving multiple tweets  Broader discussion / use of hashtags Get shared  Quotes  Retweets with more context  Links to content via shortened URLs
  • Social Media Is A Paradigm Shift You need to be where your customers are every day: Online and on their phone Just having a web page isn’t enough anymore You need multiple touchpoints You want to be a respected and trusted authority and a yellow page ad isn’t going to get it done for you
  • Social Media is changing the rules  It takes years to build a good relationship  But seconds to lose them to a competitor…..  Social media is changing the rules of search
  • Does New Media Work Locally? More than 30% of all internet searches are local and include the location in the search Even non-local search includes local data Social Media enhances your:  Search listings  Reach  Profile and credibility
  • How We Can Help? Blog set up & Social Media Integration Custom branding of all social media channels Monitoring social media conversations Make recommendations where you can participate Manage Ad campaigns & testing effectiveness
  • Whats the ROI? What’s the ROI of a mobile phone Larger companies are using social media in lieu of employing more sales staff The ROI is that your business just might be around in 10 years time
  • A Quote“Social Media is like teen sex.Everyone wants to do it.Nobody knows how.When it’s finally done there is surprise it’s not better.”Avinash Kaushik – Analytic Evangelist, Google
  • Make the MOST ofOPPORTUNITIES Because this is Your New Business Card
  • Questions?