Phase 2


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Phase 2

  1. 1. The problem that we detected is the high cost of lighting the streets at night.
  2. 2. So if we used a natural source of power to produce electricity, that will provide usthe money that we used to light thestreet.
  3. 3. We had an idea to put bumps in the the streets, and every car passes on thebump , it produces electrecity that isreserved and used to light the streets atnight.
  4. 4. A windmill and every car passes with a high speed , the wind impelled from thecar will turn the windmill , and thesuccessive movement will increase thespeed of the windmill, and its connectedto a generator to transform the mecanicenergy to electrecity , enough to light alight column or charge a battery thatlight it ..
  5. 5. And we decided then to choose the second idea
  6. 6. But After talking with Mr.Said Marc ourmaths teacher, we decided to apply thefirst idea . He told us that a windmillcould work well at first but after that theenvironment and the ambiance will letthe windmill stop turning cause while thecars are moving , a quantity of sand canlet into the windmill and it’ll turn hardlyafter that.
  7. 7. Strenths-Producing electricity exploiting cars -Lighting streets at night Subsequently the average of accidents will decrease.-Providing alot of money that can be used in other projects but lightingStreets.
  8. 8. WeaknessThis bump must be repared betweentimes.-It may not produce the rquired quantity ofenergy that lights the street at night.-Heavy cars could ruin the bump.
  9. 9. OppurtunitiesIt could be put on the highways that are available.-The model will be done easily -Any Gouvernement could accept this idea cause it’ll provides money.-It’s more applicable than photocells 1-photocells cost a lot of money 2-Some countries their climate isn’t sunny.
  10. 10. Threats-Some Cars drivers could not accept this idea.-Knowing the ration between the model and the reality-If our idea is accepted , to apply it on a street , this street will be busy .That willcause a traffic jam
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