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The Zurich University of Teacher Education (Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich / PHZH) is committed to cooperation with national and international institutions of higher education and promotes the exchange of students, researchers and lecturers.

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Phzh Zurich University of Teacher Education

  1. 1. pädagogische hochschule zürich Zurich University of Teacher Education Centre of Excellence for Teacher Education and Training May 2009
  2. 2. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Agenda 1. Educational System of Switzerland 2. PHZH Facts 3. Faculties 4. Initial Teacher Education 5. Continuing Professional Development 6. Research 7. Services 8. Campus PHZH 2
  3. 3. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Educational System(s) of Switzerland Continuing Professional Development 7 years Universities Universities of Universities of Teacher Applied Sciences Higher Vocational Training Tertiary Education 4 years Vocational Secondary Schools Schools Basic Vocational Training Secondary II Special Needs Education Secondary Education I Secondary I 9 years Primary Education Primary 2 -3 years Pre-Primary Education Pre-Primary PHZH 3
  4. 4. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Teacher Education Institutions in Switzerland Universities of Teacher Education Universities of Applied Sciences PHSH Universities Other Higher Education Institutions PHTG PHSG PH der PHZH FHNW HEP - BEJUNE PHZ PHBern PHGR PH FR / HEP FR HEP VD ASP-TI PH VS IFMES FAPSE HEP VS PHZH
  5. 5. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Welcome to the PHZH PHZH 5
  6. 6. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT PHZH Facts • Centre of excellence for teacher training and education • One of the largest institutions in teacher education in Switzerland • Offers initial teacher education, continuing professional development, research and services • Centrally located in Zurich‘s university quarter • One of the three universities within the association of the Zurich Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts ZFH • Publisher of the magazine «ph akzente» • With its own Pestalozzianum publishing house • Opened 2002 as the Swiss University of Teacher Education after merger of 8 institutions PHZH 6
  7. 7. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT PHZH Figures • 2000 undergraduate and graduate students in initial teacher education • 350 teacher training degrees (qualification) every year • 5000 postgraduate students in continuing professional development (courses, modules, certificates and masters of advanced studies) • 12000 participants (teachers, schools and school communities) in in-service training courses, professional development courses and consultation services • 80 educational research and development projects currently in progress • 515 academic staff members (330 full-time) in 17 disciplines • 237 administrative and technical staff (187 full-time) • 31000 m2 campus at 7 separate locations PHZH 7
  8. 8. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT PHZH‘s Four Education Areas • Initial Teacher Education for teachers at all levels with full-time and part-time courses • Continuing Professional Development courses, modules, certificates and masters of advanced studies • Research • Services for schools for business, administration, NPOs and cultural institutions PHZH 8
  9. 9. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Association of the Zurich Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts • Pre-Primary Education • Performing Arts and Film • Management • Primary Education • Design • Engineering • Secondary I Education • Cultural Analysis and • Architecture, Design and • Secondary II Education (ZHFS) • Communication Construction Engineering • Arts & Media • Health • Music • Applied Linguistics • Life Sciences, Facility Management • Applied Psychology • Social Work PHZH 9
  10. 10. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT PHZH Partner Universities Zurich • University of Zurich UZH • Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zurich • Association of the Zurich Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts ZFH • University of Applied Sciences of Special Needs Education HfH Switzerland • Swiss Universities of Teacher Education Region • Member of the International Lake Constance University (IBH) Europe and abroad • Exchange programmes in collaboration with more than 50 universities in about 30 countries worldwide PHZH 10
  11. 11. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT European Erasmus Partner Universities of PHZH Exchange programmes in collaboration with about 40 universities in more than 20 European countries PHZH
  12. 12. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT International Exchanges with renowned Partner Universities Abroad Exchange Programmes: • Australia: Griffith University, Faculty of Education - Brisbane, QLD • Canada: Queen‘s University, Faculty of Education - Kingston, ON University of British Columbia, Faculty of Education - Vancouver, BC • U.S.A.: Georgia State University, College of Education - Atlanta, GA Texas Christian University, College of Education - Fort Worth, TX Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - Blacksburg, VA • China: Hong Kong Institute of Education - Hong Kong Study Abroad Programmes: • Australia: Australian Catholic University - Strathfield / Sydney, NSW • New Zealand: University of Waikato - Hamilton PHZH
  13. 13. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Faculties and Academic Teams Faculty of Teaching Processes – Teaching and Learning and Media Education – Media Education Faculty of Languages – German and German as a Second Language – English – French, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanic Faculty of Arts – Visual Arts – Arts and Crafts – Music – Theatre, Rhythm and Dance Faculty of Mathematics, Sciences and – Mathematics Social Studies, Physical Education – Sciences, Technology, Environment, Society – Physical Education Faculty of Development, Interaction – Development and Professional Identity and Health – Social Interaction – Prevention and Health Promotion Faculty of School and Society – School as an Organisation – Socialisation and Equity Studies – Sociology / Ethnology PHZH 13
  14. 14. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Rektorat Organisational Chart PHZH President Walter Bircher President‘s Staff Office Estelle Jacquemart Faculties Research Director of Initial Teacher Ed. Peter Sieber Continuing Prof. Dev. Administration Hans-Jürg Keller Sabina Larcher N.N. Human Resources Judith Hollenweger Research E. Hardegger, M. Brandenberg Pre-Primary Education Heinz Bättig Primary Education Fredy Fischli Secondary Education I Andrea Widmer Graf Secondary Education iI Alois Suter Continuing Prof.Development Karl Mäder Prof. and Organis. Develop. Werner Streiff Finance and Controlling Brigitta Geiger IT-Services John Wilhelm Facilities Peter Guler Corporate Services Daniel Thalmann Org. and Develop. Projects Eckehart Messer Faculty of Teaching Processes and Media Education Heinz Moser Information Centre Max Furrer Faculty of Languages Michael Prusse Conference Centre Au Castle Faculty of Arts Regina Meister Annette Landau Faculty of Mathematics, Sciences and Social Studies, Physical Education Claude Walther Faculty of Development, Interaction and Health Claudio Zingg Faculty of School and Society Erica Stäuble, a.i. PHZH 14
  15. 15. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Initial Teacher Education PHZH 15
  16. 16. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Study Programmes in Initial Teacher Education Programme School Grade Degree Study Time ECTS Pre-Primary Kindergarten Bachelor of Arts 6 semesters 180 Primary 1st-6th grade Bachelor of Arts 6 semesters 180 Secondary I 7th-9th grade Bachelor of Arts 6 semesters 180 Master of Arts + 3 Semesters + 90 Secondary II 9th-12th grade Master of Advanced Studies* min. 2 semesters 60 * Teacher education course with practical training at the ZHSF - shared Institute of the PHZH, University of Zurich and ETH Zurich - after completion of MA / Diploma / Licentiate degree PHZH 16
  17. 17. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Pre-Primary Education Curriculum • German • Mathematics • Sciences and Social Studies • Music • Theatre & Rhythm • Physical Education • Crafts • Visual Arts PHZH 17
  18. 18. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Primary Education Curriculum Mandatory for all • Mathematics • German • Sciences and Social Studies • French or English Three options to be chosen from • French or English • Visual Arts • Music • Physical Education • Textile Crafts • Crafts PHZH 18
  19. 19. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Specialisation Fields in Pre-Primary and Primary Education • Health promotion • Special needs education in schools • School and social work • Art and crafts • Drama education • Children‘s literature and reading promotion • Conducting choirs and groups of musicians • In-depth study in specific areas • … PHZH 19
  20. 20. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Secondary I Education Curriculum Profile 1 Profile 2 Profile 3 A • Nature and • English, French or • English or French or (2 Subjects) Technology Italian Italian • German or • German or • French or Italian or Mathematics Mathematics English B • Geography • Geography • Geography (1 Subject) • History • History • History • Home Economics • Home Economics • Home Economics • Religion and Culture • Religion and Culture • Religion and Culture C • Physical Education • Physical Education • Physical Education (1 Subject) • Music • Music • Music • Crafts • Crafts • Crafts • Textile Crafts • Textile Crafts • Textile Crafts • Visual Arts • Visual Arts • Visual Arts Specialisation Specialisation in a subject area / specific school type / didactics of a subject area / Pedagogy, Educational Sciences, Psychology, Sociology PHZH 20
  21. 21. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Continuing Professional Development Summary Intensive Continuing Education - Social Interaction (SI) - Practical Training (AS) - Practical Training Compact (AK) - Individual Project Work(IP) Studies - MAS Educational Leadership - MAS Innovation in Education - Certificate of Advanced Studies Teacher Induction - Training in situ - Counselling - Courses - Professional Development BEF Modules / Optional Modules Courses Lectures/Conferences /Symposia Additional Qualifications: School Level Transition, Subject 3rd year 10th year Professional career PHZH 21
  22. 22. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Professional Development Studies Degree qualification • Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) which is an internationally recognised postgraduate degree Characteristics • Terminal degrees (does not count towards doctoral studies) • Modular structure • Consists of three certificate of advanced study courses, a master course and a diploma examination • Study is credited on a modular basis with ECTS points PHZH 22
  23. 23. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Putting the Elementary School Law into practice (VSG) PHZH offers • Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in School Management Training • Module: Conducting Appraisal Interviews • CAS Scholarly Success • CAS German as a Second Language Additional offers for mandated teachers • CAS Literacy – Reading and Writing in School and at Home • CAS Learning Foreign Languages at School • CAS Achieving Quality Results from Teaching / Learning Processes • CAS Innovation at School – Theory and Practice • CAS Development of Schools Abroad: Finland / Switzerland • CAS Lesson Development PHZH 23
  24. 24. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Research • Planning, coordinating and carrying out research at PHZH • Further development of methodological, subject-specific and theoretical knowledge • Placing emphasis on scientific discourse at PHZH, inside schools and in the scientific community Research Groups • Iconic Potentials in Education • Learning Processes and Education Areas • Language Learning in School: Instruction and Development of Competences • School – Learning – Systems • Public Education as a Social Institution • Professional Development • Health and Special Needs PHZH 24
  25. 25. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Professional and Organisational Development The support system • supports and accompanies teachers, school managers and school communities in their everyday professional activities, in difficult situations and during development phases • encompasses 4 areas Human Resources Development Individual Counselling Team Development Professional Development in a Organisational Development Team Instructional Development PHZH 25
  26. 26. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT IPE – International Projects of Education Transfer Centre for International Education Projects IPE • Initiates and accompanies projects in the school and education fields abroad • Cooperates with governments and NGOs both in Switzerland and abroad • Issues expertises in education, school and subject-specific areas • Concentrates its activities in countries, where the support given to the education sector is in rapid expansion PHZH 26
  27. 27. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Teaching Materials Shop Product range • Complete stock of educational literature from Zurich Canton‘s own teaching materials publishing house with up to 1600 products • Complete stock of approved school materials from the Stiftung Bildung und Entwicklung (Education and Development Foundation) • Articles from the Pestalozzianum publishing house • Lecture notes for those studying at PHZH Centrally located, entrance on Zeltweg PHZH 27
  28. 28. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Pestalozzianum Publishing House The publishing house • will give you advice on book projects • publishes works by those lecturing at PHZH and other teaching universities • main subject areas covered - Education and Teaching - Media Education - Environment Education - School and Organisation - Intercultural Education PHZH 28
  29. 29. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Conference Centre Au Castle Idyllic meeting place on the Au Peninsula, Lake Zurich Special atmosphere for learning • Various rooms and modern infrastructure for seminars and conferences Inspiring cultural surroundings • Historical rooms and inviting terraces for splendid banquets and memorable holiday breaks PHZH 29
  30. 30. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT The Various PHZH Locations in the City of Zurich • PHZH Birchstrasse • PHZH Irchel Schaffhauserstrasse • PHZH North Beckenhof, Stampfenbach, Kurvenstrasse, Waltersbachstrasse • PHZH Sihlhof • PHZH Central Florhof, Kantonsschulstrasse, Schönberggasse, Rämistrasse • PHZH South Zeltweg, Kreuzplatz, Neptunstrasse • Conference Centre Au Castle PHZH 30
  31. 31. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT The PHZH Campus in the University Quarter PHZH 31
  32. 32. pädagogische hochschule zürich REKTORAT Visit us: PHZH 32