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City University of Seattle in Switzerland

  1. 1. 18 Months Program with Trasfercredits of 2 Years studies from the Home University! Bachelor of Arts in Management (BAM) Program Description International Students CityU of Seattle is accredited by NWCCU and IACBE
  2. 2. City University of Seattle. CityU of Seattle in Switzerland Changing lives for good since 1973. Switzerland is one of the major tourism City University of Seattle is one of the nations and birthplace of international Northwest’s largest, private, not-for-profit Banking, High-Tech Industry and Insurance universities with over 40,000 graduates Businesses. Three important European worldwide. For over 30 years, we’ve helped cultures – German, French and Italian – come people just like you change their lives by together in Switzerland and many Swiss providing quality education in the most speak two or more languages, with English convenient manner possible. as a fourth unofficial national language. Many international institutions have set If you wish to start, advance, or change your their headquarters here. Switzerland is career, count on City University of Seattle. one of the most international countries, We’ll help you acquire the skills, knowledge, allowing students to gain global experience and confidence necessary for achievement and contacts during multicultural exposure, in the real world. in a safe and secure environment. Known for world-class quality and efficiency, Mission and Philosophy studying in Switzerland will give you a new City University of Seattle is a private not- understanding of dependability, honesty, for-profit institution of higher education. trustworthiness, cleanliness, punctuality, Its mission is to change lives for good by and professionalism. offering high quality and relevant lifelong education to anyone with the desire to learn. The mission is based on these philosophical principles: • Education is a lifelong process and must be relevant to the student’s aspirations; • Education should be affordable and offered, as much as possible, at the student’s convenience; and • Opportunity to learn should be open to anyone with the desire to achieve. Each degree or certificate awarded by City University of Seattle is an affirmation of the knowledge, skill, and academic attainment of the recipient. The University’s success as an organization is measured by the accomplishments of its graduates and their individual contributions to society.
  3. 3. Program Summary for 18 Months Bachelor of Arts in Management Program (BAM) Transfer students, or students who started their bachelor degree in their own country, are given a maximum of 90 transfer credits (equivalent to 2 yrs of study). The cost of the BAM will thus be reduced by half. The study program will consist of 12 months intensive academic study, followed by 6 months of practical application. Students need to consult with Academic Advisor prior selecting the following Specialization Areas. BAM in International Management The International Management emphasis provides students with a wide range of knowledge and skills to enable them to function effectively in the world of international business. Students may choose to concentrate on a geopolitical region of interest throughout the emphasis courses, or use each course to broaden their knowledge of different regions of the world. BAM in Marketing The Marketing emphasis provides students with a solid foundation in general business as well as marketing fundamentals. Students explore global marketing and marketing research, as well as advertising and consumer behavior. E-marketing is also a key element of the program. BAM in Human resource Management The Human Resource Management emphasis provides students with a solid foundation in general business as well as human resource fundamentals. Employment law, strategic management of human resources, employee relations, and employee benefits are a vital part of this degree. BAM in Project Management The Project Management emphasis augments the core curricula with a solid foundation in how to organize, lead, and schedule projects in a variety of disciplines. All of our courses are based on the Project Management Institutes’ (PMI©) Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®). BAM in Information Systems Management The Information Systems Management emphasis is designed for those students wishing to pursue information management positions in organizations. This emphasis provides students with the broad technical basis needed to make management decisions related to technology. BAM in General Management The General Management emphasis is designed for students wishing to pursue a variety of management positions within organizations.This emphasis expands a student’s core knowledge of today’s business environment to include issues such as E-Commerce, the impact of the global business environment, and project planning. BAM in Communications BAM in Communications degree program is designed for students seeking employment in the communications field-either in the corporate sector (public relations, marketing, advertising, internal business communications) or in the media sector (publishing, magazines, newspapers). BAM in Applied Psychology This program is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in the human services field and for anyone with a general interest in psychology. The program also provides preparation for further graduate study and career opportunities in counseling, education, human services, and business.
  4. 4. BAM COURSE DESCRIPTIONS BY TERM COURSES DESCRIPTION ACADEMIC CREDITS 1. Term PSY 317 Social Psychology 5 INT 306 Comparative European Ethics 5 COM 316 Power of Data 5 2. Term BC 301 Critical Thinking 5 12 MONTHS BC 306 Ethics and Leadership 5 MK 300 Principles of Marketing 5 3. Term BSM 304 Effective Organizational Communications 5 BSC 407 The Effective Organization 5 BSM 414 International Management 5 4. Term HR 405 Strategic Management of Human Resources 5 PM 401 Introduction to Project Management 5 MG 495 Management Strategy 5 5. Term COM 320** Organizational Communication 5 BSM 407** Business Economics 5 6 MONTHS BSM 411** International Geopolitics 5 6. Term BSM 404** International Business 5 BSM 405** Operations Management 5 MK 400** Marketing Strategy 5 ** These courses are Emphasis Areas and can be selected towards the end of the BAM Program. Students need to consult with Student Advisor prior selecting the Specialization courses. The undergraduate programs consist of 4 terms (12 months) of intensive academic studies, followed by two terms (6 months) of practical application in the student’s chosen area of emphasis. During this practical application training, the student is tutored by a chosen mentor who assigns the field project with a real company. The project replaces classroom hours; the student will submit the project paper for academic credit. The outcome is important because it could lead to the possibility of an internship, which typically may last 6 months.
  5. 5. ADMISSION REQUIR E M E N T S Degree, Diploma and Transcript *ABAM Program City University of Seattle’s undergraduate A student who is not able to provide a pass degree programs are open to applicants who score in any of these above mentioned hold high school (12 years) or equivalent, or exams will be admitted to ABAM, which GED diplomas. means Assisted BAM. This student is provisionally admitted and will be taking In order to be admitted fully to an English courses. The length depends on the BAM program in the CityU of Seattle in English Level of the student. These English Switzerland, a student needs to prove his courses are compulsory and students have or her level of English with internationally to attend the classes 80%. Any student who recognized testing systems TOEFL or IELTS. scores below 050, can only be admitted to CityU Seattle also provides students an the ELP classes. internationally recognized exam which is approved by the College Board called However, when students finish all above Accuplacer Online. levels and they are not able to pass, they will not be allowed to continue their core BAM Students who have already scored 540 or studies. Then, the admission conditions higher from TOEFL or any equivalent score need to be re-evaluated with the student by from IELTS or Accuplacer meet the English the Dean and ELP Program Coordinator. requirement; therefore, there is no further English testing or language classes required Transfer Policies for Undergraduate Bachelor for them. Degree Programs Toward fulfillment of bachelor degree Students who score 510-539 or equivalent requirements, City University of Seattle score can be conditionally admitted to will accept a maximum of 135 approved *ABAM.They have to take ELP 060 and prove transfer quarter hour credits from nationally their language efficiency in the first three accredited or globally recognized colleges, quarters and pass these levels to graduate. universities or other institutions. Students Students who score 509 or below from may therefore obtain advanced standing TOEFL must pass ELP 050 before beginning by transferring credits which may include an academic program. The students have to a maximum of 90 lower-division quarter then take ELP 060 and Language Support in hour credits from two or four-year the first quarters of undergraduate Academic institutions. Of the total of 135 transfer program and pass both ELP 050 and 060 to quarter hour credits, 45 must clearly 5 13 7 graduate.l be upper-division credits transferred to CityU of Seattle in Switzerland supports the 2 apply to upper division elective credits. students fully with their English Language needs and ELP courses; therefore ELP levels 29 23 17 050 and 060 are included in the tuition fee. 11 19 31 1 89
  6. 6. German Language courses Switzerland is a unique country for languages. Needless to say, in a country with 4 official languages, it is a great chance for a student to study one of the local languages. German, being widely used in business, management, finance and industry, is spoken by the majority of the people in Switzerland. By integrating German lessons into the BAM, CityU of Seattle in Switzerland not only helps you to communicate with locals and establish lifelong friendships but also opens future doors here in the German speaking part of Switzerland. With the opportunity to practice their German constantly, students can both succeed here in their industry placement and internships, as well as in any other German-speaking environment. Part Time Job Opportunities Students need to be well informed about working conditions and requirements to be able to find part time jobs if they consider working during their studies. Students have the right to a part time job provided that they fulfill certain conditions. In the Canton Aargau, foreign students who have already been enrolled in a degree program are allowed to work from six months onward and for maximum 15 hours a week. These hours can go up and they can work full time only during their school breaks.The average earning is between 15 to 20 CHF per hour. In their search for a part time job, the university does not provide assistance and it would be up to the student`s personal attempts to get one. However, the only way to work in Switzerland, in accordance with the law, is to be registered in school when applying for employment. Scholarship Performance scholarships are based on academic performance achieved at CityU’s programs in Switzerland. CityU of Seattle in Switzerland grants scholarships to best-ranked students. At the end of each term, CityU will assess and rank students according to their Current GPA and determine the scholarships for the forthcoming term. Only students with a Current GPA of 3.5 or more will be ranked. • to the student ranked 1st 100 % of tuition fee • to the student ranked 2nd 50 % of tuition fee • to the student ranked 3rd 25 % of tuition fee Note:The scholarship calculation is based on the tuition fee of the next term and will be credited towards the next due installment. Scholarships will not be paid out, except in cases where all tuition and other fees have been fully paid for the whole duration of the study program. In case several students are within the same rank, the scholarship amount will be shared equally between those students. Best- ranking and best-improving scholarships cannot be accumulated. A scholarship is granted only once per calendar year to an individual student. No student may repeatedly avail of scholarships within the same calendar year no matter if he/she fulfills the ranking requirement.
  7. 7. Grading System Decimal Grade Scale Grade Alpha Grade City University of Seattle uses a numeric 100.0 - 98.75 4.0 A decimal grading system for both 98.74 - 97.50 3.9 undergraduate and graduate level courses 97.49 - 96.25 3.8 and continuing education courses with 96.24 - 95.00 3.7 A- some exceptions. The minimum passing 94.99 - 93.75 3.6 grade for courses in the Bachelor of Arts- 93.74 - 92.50 3.5 Education programs is 2.0. Failing grades at 92.49 - 91.25 3.4 B+ the undergraduate level are 0.6 and under. 91.24 - 90.00 3.3 Failing grades are recorded on the transcript; 89.99 - 88.75 3.2 however at undergraduate level no credit 88.74 - 87.50 3.1 B is earned for courses failing to meet the 87.49 - 86.25 3.0 minimum grade requirements. Any such 86.24 - 85.00 2.9 courses must be repeated. 84.99 - 83.75 2.8 B- 83.74 - 82.50 2.7 Undergraduate students must maintain at 82.49 - 81.25 2.6 least 2.0 cumulative GPA throughout their 81.24 - 80.00 2.5 C+ enrollment at City University of Seattle. 79.99 - 78.75 2.4 An undergraduate student will be placed 78.74 - 77.50 2.3 C on academic “Probation” at the end of any 77.49 - 76.25 2.2 quarter in which the cumulative GPA falls 76.24 - 75.00 2.1 below 2.0. If a student’s cumulative GPA 74.99 - 73.75 2.0 remains below a 2.0 for three consecutive 73.74 - 72.50 1.9 terms, the transcript will indicate 72.49 - 71.25 1.8 C- “Suspended” at the end of the third term, 71.24 - 70.00 1.7 and the student will be blocked from further 69.99 - 68.75 1.6 enrollment. 68.74 - 67.50 1.5 D+ 67.49 - 66.25 1.4 Degree Completion Requirements 66.24 - 65.00 1.3 D Students are eligible to receive the BAM 64.99 - 63.75 1.2 degree from City University of Seattle if they 63.74 - 62.50 1.1 have satisfactorily met the following general 62.49 - 61.25 1.0 requirements: 61.24 - 60.00 0.9 1. All admissions requirements. 59.99 - 58.75 0.8 D- 2. All degree requirements. 58.74 - 57.50 0.7 3. Achieved the minimum cumulative grade 57.49 - 56.25 0.6 -Minimum passing point average for all coursework completed 56.24 - 55.00 0.5 grade undergrad. at City University of Seattle, which is 2.0 for 54.99 - 53.75 0.4 undergraduate programs. 53.74 - 52.50 0.3 4. Fulfilled all financial obligations to 52.49 - 51.25 0.2 City University of Seattle, in Switzerland. 51.24 - 50.00 0.1
  8. 8. PAYMENT SCHEDULE CHF 1. Year of BAM Degree Program (All-in-Fee**) 22’000 -Down-payment payable before starting the visa application process. 2’500 (In case the visa authorization is refused by the Swiss authorities, the down-payment will be refunded.) -Balance Amount payable after visa authorization, in order to get the visa released 19’500 2. Year of BAM Degree Program payable before course start 6’000 Total Cost of BAM or ABAM Program 28’000 **All-in-Fee includes Accommodation, Tuitions, lending charges for all Textbooks, Internet access, half fare public transportation, compulsory health-insurance (self-deductible CHF 100), liability insurance. (Accommodation fee includes rental of furnished room at CityU, single or double occupancy per room, 4 students per apartment, including side costs (water, electricity, insurance, etc). Additional charges, not included: Tuition fee for additional terms (extensions, repetitions etc.) per Term CHF 6000 Additional health insurance premium if older than 30 ** per Term CHF 400 Local Agency Fee for processing application CHF 150 All payments must be made trough Bank transfer to the following Bank account: UBS, Badstrasse 12, 5400 Baden, Switzerland IBAN: CH330023223256766701V SWIFT/BIC Code: UBSWCHZH80A Clearing No: 0232 Account No: 0232-567667.01V Beneficary: CityU of Seattle, Zurich, Bahnhofstrasse 52, 8001 Zurich CityU’s Switzerland General Terms and Conditions are part of this offer. All other University related topics are regulated under CityU’s Catalogue.
  9. 9. A PPLICATION FORM INT E R N AT I O N A L ST U D E N T S Please complete this application form in BLOCK LETTERS and return it with the following: Original or certified photocopies of school and work certificates, transcripts, diplomas or degrees, personal résumé / CV, letter of recommendation, proof of English proficiency, 8 recent passport-sized photographs in color with your name and birth date written on the back of them, photocopy of your passport, and the proof of a non-refundable CHF 150 registration fee. Applicants are herewith advised that local agents and representatives are authorized to accept only the Registration Feeof CHF 150. All other payments must be made directly to the bank account of CityU Switzerland. Personal Information Family Name: Middle Name: First Name Date of Birth: Year: Month: Day: Gender: Male Female Marital Status: Nationality: Place of Birth: Home Tel: Mobile Phone: Fax: E-mail: Street: City: Postal Code: State: Country: Permanent Address: If same as mailing address, please check here For non-Swiss residing in Switzerland: Permit L Permit B Permit C other Expiration date of your Swiss residence permit: Year: Month: Day: Family Information Name of Parents or Legal Guardian(s) Father: Mother: Home Tel: Mobile Phone: Street: City: Post Code: StateCountry: If same as permanent address, please check here
  10. 10. A PPLICATION FORM INT E R N AT I O N A L ST U D E N T S Academic Programs I wish to apply for the following full time academic program(s): Bachelor of Arts in Management (BAM) in ** MBA in ** Only Courses in: ** Please specify Emphasis Areas. Entrance Date: January April July October Education School | University | College Attended | Diploma - Degree Awarded | Transcripts Date Credit for previous Studies: Do you wish to apply for credit for previous studies? Yes No If yes, please attach the transcripts and the course syllabus for each of the subjects you wish to seek credit for. Proficiency Language TOEFL Score Date of Test: IELTS Score Date of Test: Other Score Date of Test: Declaration I hereby certify that all information I provided in this application form and accompanying documentation is complete, true and accurate. I understand failure to provide my consent, or any misrepresentation; will result in cancellation of my admission or registration status and forfeiture of payments made. I am fully aware of and accept the rules and regulations governing fees, withdrawal and dismissal from the university. Signature: Date: Agent Stamp
  11. 11. United States Canada Bulgaria Pravetz and Sofia Campus Hawai’i Vancouver International Business School Honolulu 789 W Pender Street, Suite 310 2161 Pravetz, Bulgaria Department of Education Vancouver, BC +35.97.1332.511 680 Iwilei Road, Suite 400 V6C 1H2 Canada Email: Honolulu, HI 96817 604.689.2489 808.587.5580 800.663.7466 Email: Email: Greece Athens Washington Victoria City University of Seattle. Bellevue – Headquarters 305 - 877 Goldstream Ave. 105 61, Athens, Greece 11900 NE First Street Langford, BC +30.210.3243.222 Bellevue, WA 98005 V9B 2X8 Canada Email: 425.637.1010 Alberta 800.426.5596 Calgary 425.709.5361 (Fax) 1300 8th Street SW, Suite 630 Czech Republic Email: Calgary, AB Prague T2R 1B2 Canada Vysoka Skola Financni a Spravni Campuses: Edmonton 101 00 Prague 10, Czech Republic Bellingham-BTC 10328 81st Ave., Suite 308 +42.02.1008.8800 Bellingham Technical College Edmonton, AB Email: 425.353.0727 T6E 1X3 Canada Centralia Romania 600 Centralia College Boulevard Mexico Bucharest Centralia, WA 98531-4099 Mexicali IntercollegeIBS - Everett CETYS Universidad Bucharest, Romania 1000 SE Everett Mall Way, Calzada CETYS s/n +40.21.3112.096 Suite 101 Colonia Rivera, 21259 Email: Everett, WA 98208 Apartado Postal 3-797 North Seattle Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico Switzerland 2150 N. 107th Street, Suite 300 +52.68.6567.3701 Zurich and Wettingen Campus Seattle, WA 98133 +52.68.6565.0241 (Fax) City University of Seattle Port Angeles Bahnhofstrasse 52 502 E. Lauridsen Blvd CH 8001 Zurich Port Angeles, WA 98362 Slovakia + Port Hadlock Bratislava and Trencin Campus Email: 219B W Patison Street VysokaÅL Škola Manažmentu (VSM) Port Hadlock, WA 98339 Panonska cesta 17 Redmond - LWT C 851 04 Bratislava, Slovakia China Lake Washington Technical College +42.12.6381.0601 Beijing Corporate Learning Center +42.12.6381.0611 (Fax) CIBT School of Business 6505 176th Avenue NE Email: 120 Shuanglong Nanli Redmond, WA 98052 Beijing, PRC 100021, China
  12. 12. LOCATIONS WORLDWIDE and online CityUniversity of Seattle CityUniversity of Seattle CityUniversity of Seattle in Switzerland in Switzerland (home location) Site Zurich: Site Wettingen: 11900 NE First Street Bahnhofstrasse 52 Landstrasse 176 Bellevue, WA 98005 CH-8001 Zurich CH-5430 Wettingen USA +41 44 214 64 64 +41 56 430 27 27 888.422.4898 +41 44 214 65 19 +41 56 430 27 49 888.42.CITYU