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Accredited by the New E...
4   Castle of Chillon near Glion
 Table of contents
    Welcome to Glion                                                                 ...
The World Travel and Tourism Council estimates
that between now a...
Panait          S I M O NA

     Roumania - Bachelor Degree Program

     Studying in one of the top hospitality
Through its challenging academic programs, structure...
               FA S T E S T - G R O W I N G I N D U S T R Y
                                                    Privileges       ...
     Glion Institute of Higher Education com...
Bulle Campus
                                  BULLE CAMPUS: Dynamic!
                                  Degree students mo...
     Our campuses offer the comfort and ...
All academic facilities are well equipped inclu...
      Hospitality is a “pe...
Our curricula are divided in three ...
The Glion Campus with its view of lake Geneva and “Dents du Midi” Mountains

              France - MBA
      What I really appreciate in Glion is the structure and
                       Broad range
Glion offers a wide range of hospitality, tourism, eve...
                   CRAFT-BASED LEARNING
                INTO THE INDUSTRY
     The reputation of Glion is a...
                         CRYSTAL CAVIN    Lecturer in Entertainment
     Glion creates a strong social enviro...
The Glion campus has a large fitness center with
cardio-vascular equipment and weight machines.
Regular aerob...
          Our graduates
                  Since our founding in 1...
Laureate Hospitality Education conducted         in   A total...
          Taiwan - Bachelor Degree Program

     ‘‘   When I decided...
                    Career opportunities
As a Glion graduate you will have a wide range  ...
                 O F G R E A T VA L U E
     Wherever your career takes yo...

 Spain - Graduated in 1989
 President Relais & Châteaux
 "Glion offers the perfect combinatio...
                Q U A L I F I C AT I O N S
     We offe...
Glion Institute of Higher Education - Brochure
Glion Institute of Higher Education - Brochure
Glion Institute of Higher Education - Brochure
Glion Institute of Higher Education - Brochure
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Glion Institute of Higher Education - Brochure


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Glion Institute of Higher Education, is among the top 3 hospitality management schools in the world for an international career and provides undergraduate, graduate and post graduate studies in the fields of hospitality, hotel and tourism to students from all over the world. Our academic programs are accredited at university level by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges in the USA.

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Glion Institute of Higher Education - Brochure

  1. 1. I N S T I T U T E O F H I G H E R E D U C AT I O N S W I T Z E R L A N D Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges 3 w w w . g l i o n . e d u
  2. 2. 4 Castle of Chillon near Glion
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS Table of contents Welcome to Glion 7 Our Vision and Mission 9 The World's Fastest Growing Industry 10 Switzerland, a Country of Many Privileges 11 Majestic & Dynamic Campuses 12 Student Facilities 14 Academic Facilities 15 A Unique Curriculum Design 16 Curriculum Pathway 17 Broad Range of Academic Programs 21 Know-How & Best Practice 22 Internships 23 Highly Qualified Faculty 24 Social & Sport Activities 26 The Industry Values Glion 28 Skills required by the Industry 29 A World of Career Opportunities 31 Alumni - Worldwide Network 32 Universally Recognized Qualifications 34 Graphic Concept: Diabolo Design - www.diabolo.com Photos courtesy of: J.-F. Gailloud - Tourism Of fice of Montreux & Bulle - Jako Martinet; Kempinski Hotels; ©Golden Pass Services; ©Stephan Enger, Mojoimages. 5
  4. 4. 6
  5. 5. WELCOME TO GLION Glion The World Travel and Tourism Council estimates that between now and the year 2017, the hotel and tourism industry will generate 262 million jobs which will consist of approximately one in every ten jobs worldwide. In light of such encouraging forecasts, education in the hotel, tourism, event, sport and entertainment industries must obviously concentrate on providing management training of the highest quality standards. But it must also provide an essential added value - the subtle combination of expertise, style and confidence that comes with professional and personal development. This is what Glion Institute of Higher Education has been doing since 1962 with all the vigor, excellence, and capacity for hospitality that have characterized Switzerland for generations. Our success has spread the reputation of our institute around the world. To attract the very best students - the top performing professionals of the future - requires flexibility, independence, and a constant focus on innovation in education, as well as the ability to anticipate and adapt to this constantly changing industry. This explains why future leaders and decision-makers are often educated at Glion Institute of Higher Education. By choosing Glion, you will join a team of passionate educators committed to develop future leaders as well as a team of enthusiastic students dedicated to becoming successful managers and entrepreneurs. Years of experience in our field of education combined with working on continual improvement have been rewarded by wonderful successes in our alumni that carry the Glion name and network to the four corners of the world. Christian Beek Directeur Général / CEO 7
  6. 6. Panait S I M O NA Roumania - Bachelor Degree Program ‘‘ Studying in one of the top hospitality management schools in the world provides me the opportunity to discover the wide range of hospitality which goes far beyond my imagination and the confidence that I can achieve my career objectives. 8
  7. 7. VISION OUR VISION & MISSION & Through its challenging academic programs, structured living environment, craft-based learning, and the “Glion spirit”, Glion Institute of Higher Education develops innovative leaders for a broad array of service industries. MISSION The Glion Institute of Higher Education offers management-focused programs for the hospitality and other service industries. With an emphasis on both didactic and craft-based learning, Glion is European in its outlook, Swiss in its work ethos, American in its educational approach and multi- national in its student body. All programs emphasize the development of generic thinking skills, the understanding of contemporary management theory, and the integration of theory and practice. The “Glion spirit” and Glion academic programs prepare for rapid progress to international managerial positions. The values that guide Glion toward our vision are to: ✦ Develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills ✦ Provide educational breadth coupled with optional specializations ✦ Work as reflective practitioners ✦ Respect differences of culture ✦ Act with integrity ✦ Practice and teach the Swiss work ethos ✦ Foster an international perspective ✦ Mentor our students ✦ Guide students to increasing responsibility ✦ Provide students with an American style student services. 9
  8. 8. WELCOME TO THE WORLD’S FA S T E S T - G R O W I N G I N D U S T R Y Welcome WHAT MAKES GLION DIFFERENT? ✦ Hiring managers rank Glion among the top three hospitality schools in the world for an international career. ✦ Over 45 years of successful partnership with the industry resulting in a proven track record of great career placement for our students. ✦ Wide choice of programs fully compatible for transfers in and out as well as professional development. ✦ Unique curriculum design fostering a learning experience that goes beyond the classroom, t h a t WHY CHOOSE THIS INDUSTRY? encourages students’ self-development, that builds leadership abilities and business skills. The hospitality industry consists of a wide range of ✦ Interactive teaching methodology that is centered exciting and growing career opportunities. Business around students while encouraging them to travel and tourism are its driving force and represent develop their own thinking and analytical an important part of the economy in virtually every processes. country. Over the next 10 years, approximately 10% ✦ High inter national quality faculty. of the world’s total employment will be generated ✦ Inter national student body of over 80 by this broad industry. nationalities providing a unique living experience. Outstanding career opportunities await our ✦ Recognition by the industry and the Swiss Cantonal authority. graduates both in traditional sectors such as hotels, restaurants and resorts, and also in tourism, events, ✦ Accredited at university level by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. sport and entertainment management, theme parks, casinos, the areas of health and wellness and, ✦ Two superb campuses, each catering to a specific level of study while providing a privileged, indeed, in literally any service industry. friendly living environment. ✦ Transparency, honesty, and professional ethics in all it does. 600,000 “Senior managerial positions in the industry are estimated at 600,000” Accenture study - 2005 10
  9. 9. SWITZERLAND: THE COUNTRY OF MANY PRIVILEGES Privileges The promenade of Vevey WHY CHOOSE SWITZERLAND? History of Hospitality The concept of hospitality has its roots in Switzerland. Many hotels and other service industries around the world employ Swiss educated managers because of their rigor, strong work ethos, value for service, attention to detail, a genuine culture for hospitality and effectiveness in managing a diverse workforce. At the Heart of Europe Switzerland benefits from an ideal central location in Europe. It means you can easily visit France, Italy, Germany, and even the United Kingdom or Spain during weekends. Public transport and connections to major airports and train stations from both Olympic Museum of Lausanne campuses are easy and convenient. Internationalism Lifestyle and Education Qualities Switzerland is home to an impressive number of Switzerland has a long record of stability and international organizations such as the United security, along with its tradition of hard work and Nations, the World Trade Organization, the integrity. For generations, parents around the International Olympic Committee, and numerous world have trusted the excellence of a Swiss sports federations, as well as over 150 Non education in private boarding schools and colleges Governmental Organizations. of high repute. BASEL ZÜRICH International Airport BIEL LUZERN NEUCHÂTEL BERN CHUR BULLE BULLE CAMPUS LAUSANNE MONTREUX GLION CAMPUS GENEVA SION International Airport LUGANO View of St. Saphorin vineyards and Lake Geneva 11 (Lavaux UNESCO World Heritage)
  10. 10. MAJESTIC & DYNAMIC CAMPUSES Campuses Glion Institute of Higher Education comprises two ✦ Glion campuses. Each provides a distinct study environment and offers a different level of education. Over the last 45 years, our campuses have grown in response to student needs and developed into one of the most astounding educational environments of its kind. Designed around creating the best teaching environment, Glion continues to invest considerably in campus facilities. Recently, Glion Glion Campus completed a multi-million franc renovation of its dining room, student club, library, fitness center and classrooms. Glion owns its campuses and buildings, demonstrating its long-term commitment to students and the industry with more than 60 million francs of investment in real estate and facilities. GLION CAMPUS: MAJESTIC! The Glion campus is the starting point for all undergraduate and postgraduate progams. Personal disipline is emphasized to develop professional rigor through craft-based learning. Glion campus overlooks the magnificent Lake Geneva and faces the Swiss and French Alps. It offers a unique view of the “Swiss Riviera” which remains etched on the mind forever. The area has an unusually mild micro-climate which allows palm trees and other exotic flora to grow in the region. Many people rate it as one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Glion is situated directly above Montreux, the world-famous resort town with its jazz and classical music festivals and many other cultural activities. The area is rich in both summer sports ( soccer, tennis, biking, sailing, volleyball) and winter sports ( skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey). As for the evenings - there is a multitude of choices with clubs, bars, restaurants, cinemas, theaters and concerts. Glion is also just 25 minutes by car or by train from Lausanne, capital of the Canton of Vaud, and only one hour from the international city of Geneva. View from the campus over lake Geneva 12
  11. 11. Bulle Campus BULLE CAMPUS: Dynamic! Degree students move to the Bulle campus typically in their second or third year where they join our graduate students. Bulle is a modern, academic campus, specifically designed for higher education. In this university environment, students are responsible to manage their time, organize their work, develop their analytical and critical thinking through research, group and individual projects. Bulle is located at the heart of Gruyère, a magnificent region famous for its tourism, its cheese and other food specialties. Bulle offers a lively cultural life and entertainment (clubs and bars), plenty of sporting activities including cross-country skiing, mountain biking, canyoning, rafting, climbing, paragliding and horseback riding. Bulle campus is just a few minutes walk from the center of this charming town. Bulle is just a 30 minutes drive from Montreux, and a little more than an hour from Geneva. The Market in Bulle The famous “Glion Spirit” takes its full meaning in this privileged, international and friendly living environment. 13 The medieval town of “Gruyères”
  12. 12. S T U D E N T FA C I L I T I E S Facilities Our campuses offer the comfort and the infrastructure necessary for a balanced, practical life as well as complete professional training and personal fulfillment. ACCOMMODATION We believe that living in an international community, learning about others’ cultures, and respecting Bellevue Restaurant - Glion Campus others' differences are all part of developing your personal skills. That is why Glion provides accommodation to students. Students generally share double rooms, which are included in the fees, but single rooms or studios are available for an additional fee. Rooms are well designed and furnished to cater to your needs. Accommodation is either on campus or close to the campus. Glion Campus ✦ 164 rooms (double and single) ✦ Café Viennois (quick service restaurant) ✦ Bellevue dining room (formal restaurant) ✦ La Résidence (brasserie style restaurant) ✦ The Club: students’ favorite recreation place with bar and snacks ✦ TV and game area, terrace ✦ TV lounges ✦ Fitness center ✦ Gymnasium ✦ Parking facilities ✦ Laundry facilities Bulle Campus Glion Campus - Accommodation ✦ 153 rooms (double and single) ✦ Le Moléson (self-service restaurant) ✦ Lobby bar ✦ TV lounges ✦ Free access to sports center ✦ Free access to indoor tennis courts ✦ Parking facilities ✦ Laundry facilities 14
  13. 13. A C A D E M I C FA C I L I T I E S Academic All academic facilities are well equipped including state-of-the-art projection systems in most classrooms and wireless network access in all of them. Glion Campus ACADEMIC AND RESEARCH SUPPORT ✦ 14 Classrooms Each campus has its own library and students have ✦ Study room access to over 10,000 publications and more ✦ Demonstration kitchen classroom than 1,500 magazines and newspapers, as well as ✦ Auditorium on-line access to major information resources. Our ✦ Library professional librarians will assist you in finding what ✦ Cyberspace room with computers and you need for your dissertation, case study or project. internet access ✦ 2 Computer laboratory classrooms STATE-OF-THE-AR T WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY Bulle Campus As technology has become central to most businesses, ✦ 14 Classrooms computers will be essential to your learning process ✦ 3 study rooms and will be your main tool in developing proficient ✦ Library Information technology skills. You will also benefit from a unique and convenient wireless environment throughout the campuses, with permanent access to the internet and your e-mails. Classroom 15
  14. 14. A UNIQUE CURRICULUM DESIGN Unique Hospitality is a “people business” which combines rigorous business and personal competencies. These clearly define Glion’s priorities: developing your interpersonal skills and your business expertise. REVIEW OF CURRICULUM AND ✦ New England Association of Schools and Colleges - FACULTY DEVELOPMENT USA. NEASC provides a set of standards for quality In the fast-evolving global economy, our priority is to assurance as well as an external review that assures ensure the Glion curriculum is up-to-date and in our students, parents, potential employers, accordance with industry requirements. That is why government agencies and other parties, that Glion courses are reviewed and monitored annually; consistently satisfies the standards of higher faculty development programs require constant education at university level and that its awards updating and personal development. Our library is are of a recognized academic value. managed by professional staff who seek out new ✦ Quality Assurance Agency for higher education publications both in hard copy and in electronic in the UK - it sets benchmarks for graduates and formats. We also keep records of statistics on makes recommendations on the curriculum content. students satisfaction surveys and other key ✦ EdExcel - it is a curriculum design and awards performance indicators that help further improve the provider in the UK for vocational awards; they set teaching and learning environment. standards for the content of the programs up to higher diploma level. They also give guidance on QUALITY ASSURANCE learning outcomes, assessment methods and Glion has chosen to meet high academic graduate common skills. standards and to construct its curriculum on solid ✦ Advisory Board - Composed of professionals of research and industry knowledge. More specifically the industry in key positions, their role is to these are: advise Glion about the evolution and trends of the ✦ State recognition by the Canton of Fribourg - industry. Switzerland. In 2005 Glion underwent an in-depth review that resulted in the recognition of the Canton of Fribourg where we deliver our degrees. 16
  15. 15. C U R R I C U L U M P A T H W AY Pathway Our curricula are divided in three sections, each one developing specific aptitudes in order for graduates to be fully prepared to lead and manage teams in an exciting work environment. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT This strand focuses on industry-specific skills and knowledge. You will start with general introduction courses, then progress towards specialized competencies and technology. Craft-based learning (hands-on) will introduce you to the work environment and help you understand the inter-personal relationships that are involved. Your first steps in the professional world are carefully guided inside the school so you have time to develop your confidence and self-discipline as well as analytical skills. ENTREPRENEURSHIP Here you are introduced to business subjects such as finance, marketing, and human resources management. The focus is on how they are applied in practice, which makes these classes particularly relevant and interesting. You start with basic concepts then progress towards understanding how they all interact, which helps you appreciate some of the complexity that exists in the professional business environment. GENERAL EDUCATION There is a cultural element in all aspects of hospitality, tourism, sports and other service industries. This strand expands your awareness of different cultural subjects and helps you to appreciate their influence on business. It also broadens your perspectives on the world, enriches Our unique curriculum design creates a your general knowledge and perhaps challenges learning experience that goes beyond some preconceived ideas. the classroom, that encourages student’s self development, and builds leadership abilities and business skills. 17
  16. 16. 18
  17. 17. The Glion Campus with its view of lake Geneva and “Dents du Midi” Mountains 19
  18. 18. L O R I C Rousseau ‘‘ France - MBA What I really appreciate in Glion is the structure and organization of the courses as well as the availability of faculty members who are always ready to help and advise us. Glion provides me the opportunity to develop and acquire the necessary skills to become a leader in a global market that is very competitive. 20
  19. 19. BROAD RANGE OF ACADEMIC PROGRAMS Broad range Glion offers a wide range of hospitality, tourism, event, sport and entertainment management programs to undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students. UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS They address all the facets of traditional and contemporary management in their related field as well as the economic, human and cultural issues involved. Students will develop a range of professional and personal competencies that will prepare them to enter the entrepreneurial and corporate world. GRADUATE PROGRAMS Responding to the need for more highly qualified managers in the service industries, Endicott College in the USA offers two of their prominent graduate programs at Glion. By acquiring key managerial skills, students will gain a competitive advantage to face this rapidly evolving global industry. POST GRADUATE PROGRAMS For those who are aspiring to change career and enter the fast growing and international hospitality, event, sport and entertainment industry, we offer tailor-made post graduate programs according to the student’s objective and previous experience. Undergraduate / Post Graduate Programs Hospitality Management Programs Event, Sport and Entertainment Management Programs ✦ Bachelor Degrees (3.5 years) ✦ Bachelor of Arts (3.5 years) • Hospitality Management • Event Management • Tourism • Entertainment Management • Marketing • Sport and Entertainment Marketing • Human Resources • Sport & Event Facility Management • Finance and Revenue Management ✦ Associate Degree in Event, Sport and ✦ Associate Degree in Hospitality Administration (2 years) Entertainment Administration (2 years) ✦ Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Operations (1.5 years) ✦ Post Graduate Diploma in Event, Sport ✦ Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Entertainment* Administration (1.5 years) Administration (1.5 years) ✦ Post Graduate Higher Diploma in Event, ✦ Post Graduate Higher Diploma in Hospitality Sport and Entertainment* Management (2 years) Management (2 years) Graduate Programs ✦ MBA with a concentration in Service Industries (1 year) ✦ Master of Education in Hospitality Organizational Training and Management (1 year) * The qualification students will obtain at the end of their studies can either be in “Event, Sport and Entertainment” or in “Sport” depending on the courses they will select. 21
  20. 20. KNOW-HOW AND BEST PRACTICE IN A PROFESSIONAL ENVIRONMENT Know-how CRAFT-BASED LEARNING Glion builds your management and leadership skills. Part of this equation is the craft-based learning or hands-on learning in hospitality or event, sport and entertainment related skills on campus. Craft-based learning primary objectives: 1.Give the flavor for the industry through short practice times. 2.Help students develop a broad range of skills including communication, working under pressure, organization, leadership and work ethos. All of this is achieved under the direct supervision of highly experienced professional instructors. For students in the hospitality pathway, you will prepare meals in kitchens on the Glion campus, and serve in the three restaurants: the fast and efficient-service Café Viennois, La Résidence a brasserie style restaurant, and the Bellevue, a beautiful authentic 19th century formal dining room with crystal chandeliers. For students in the Event, Sport and Entertainment program, you will be involved in the supervision of the fitness center, sports hall and sports clubs as well as the organization of a range of entertainment, sport and cultural events. The technical aspects will be taught in the specially designed entertainment studies classroom, the fitness center and sports hall. 22
  21. 21. INTERNSHIPS: YOUR FIRST STEPS INTO THE INDUSTRY Internships INTERNSHIPS Craft-based learning is reinforced by one or two internships in the industry depending on the program you follow. The first, probably in Switzerland, is normally an operational position. The second can be anywhere in the world, and is expected to be at a supervisory level. Internships are vital to build: ✦ Professional and entrepreneurial acumen ✦ Foreign language skills that are so important in today’s global economy. Internships also open doors to your future as employers regulary offer permanent positions to our students who have spent an internship in one of their establishments. This combination of acadmic and real-world learning means that when you graduate from Glion you will be ready to step straight into a responsible position and work immediately to professional standards, and the employers of this industry know it ! PLACEMENT OFFICE Students are assisted by our professional placement executives who receive internship offers on a daily basis from hotels, tourism, sport, event & entertainment establishments from around the world. Students learn the art of writing a concise and engaging curriculum vitae, as well as being interviewed through role play. The average number of internship opportunities is 6 per student. 23
  22. 22. H I G H LY Q U A L I F I E D FA C U LT Y Faculty The reputation of Glion is also due to its strong commitment in employing highly qualified and experienced faculty and professional instructors. Glion has 49 full-time faculty and 27 part-time faculty that make-up the Glion and Bulle campuses. The following are just a few examples of our faculty who have excellent credentials and / or professional experience. ACADEMIC FACULTY DR. ZARINA CHARLESWORTH Lecturer in Marketing, Services and Knowledge Management - BBA Qualifications PhD in Educational Sciences / Master of Advanced Studies in Educational Sciences / MBA / BA. Professional Experience Market research consultant for different companies in Switzerland and Australia since 1990 until present. DR. STEPHEN DREW Dean of Glion Graduate School & Director of Research Qualifications PhD, BSc, BA. Professional Experience In addition to his extensive experience in banking, communication and oil, Dr. Drew has held various positions as Professor of Business Strategy, Deputy Dean, Chair and Professor of Management in prestigious English and American Universities. ALAIN GERVAIX Lecturer in Economics and Statistics for the BBA and Managing in the Evolving Workplace for the MBA Qualifications MA International Management (MIM) / BA Economics / Doctoral candidate at the “Haute Ecole de Commerce”, Switzerland. Professional Experience International management experience in service sectors including hospitality, real estate, trading and retailing, in Switzerland, Saudi Arabia & Thailand. CHRISTIAN KAMMER Food & Beverage Operations - Associate Degree and Post Graduate programs Qualifications Master of Education in Hospitality Organizational Training and Management / Brevet de Technicien Supérieur en Hôtellerie et Restauration. Professional Experience 12 years of international experience in the industry, 7 of them with Hilton International. DR. JOHN S. ROWLSON Lecturer in Psycho-sociology, Research Methods, Human Resources - Bachelor Program Qualifications PhD in Education. Professional Experience Extensive experience in mental health related establishments as trainer, therapist, psychology instructor and part-time psychiatric assistant. He was also a self-employed education and training consultant for over 22 years. Dr. Rowlson has also been teaching for over 10 years. Glion has 76 faculty members who are highly qualified and experienced in the industry 24
  23. 23. PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTORS CRYSTAL CAVIN Lecturer in Entertainment and Geopolitical Studies. Qualifications MA in Education Professional Ms. Cavin benefits from a wide Experience experience as assistant manager for a fitness center, gym and fitness instructor as well as assistant producer for the TV KQED in San Fransisco - USA. She has also managed several restaurants in the USA. ROBERT LAMMER Executive Chef Qualifications Diplôme de la Société Suisse des Hôteliers / Food & Beverage Diploma Professional Director of Food & Beverage, Experience Mövenpick Hotel, Switzerland and 30 years of experience around the world as Executive Chef at the Mövenpick Hotel, Switzerland / Schipol Hilton International, Holland / Abidjan Hilton International, Ivory Coast. LAURENT MERGUI Senior Professional Service Instructor - Associate Degree and Post Graduate programs Qualifications Brevet de Technicien Hôtelier Interactive teaching Professional 10 years experience as methodology centered Experience Restaurant Manager in around students while prestigious hotels around encouraging them Europe & USA such as: to develop their Keswick Hotel & Golf Club, own thinking and Virginia, USA / Lutetia Hotel, analytical processes. Paris, France / Noga Hilton, Geneva, Switzerland. 25
  24. 24. SOCIAL AND SPOR T ACTIVITIES Activities SOCIAL ACTIVITIES Glion creates a strong social environment on and off campus, which encourages life-long friendships. You will have a broad range of social activities to choose from. Each campus has a dedicated social coordinator who assists students with all sorts of day-to-day needs and organizes many events, such as: •✦Theme dinners Theme dinners •✦Ottings (Kart racing, labyrinth, water park) Outings •✦Competitions (photography) Competitions •✦Parties (disco evening) Parties •✦Travel (famous cities and resorts in Switzerland Travel as well as in Europe) SPOR T ACTIVITIES - ON CAMPUS Team sports play an important part in our students’ life as they develop valuable team skills. Each semester students may choose to join sports teams such as: ✦ Soccer ✦ Volleyball ✦ Basketball ✦ Rowing ✦ Table Tennis SPOR T ACTIVITIES - OFF CAMPUS Switzerland is a great place for outdoor activities. Outdoor Summer Activities ✦ Tennis, swimming, golf, walking, hiking, water skiing, sailing, horseback riding, canyoning, windsurfing, paragliding, fishing, soccer, rock climbing and mountain biking. Outdoor Winter Activities ✦ Down hill skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, ice skating and ice hockey. 26
  25. 25. GLION CAMPUS The Glion campus has a large fitness center with cardio-vascular equipment and weight machines. Regular aerobic classes are held there. The gym is also very lively with indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball and table tennis. BULLE CAMPUS At Bulle, you will have free access to a fitness club, indoor tennis courts and many other local sporting facilities. There is something for everyone at Glion. 27
  26. 26. T H E I N D U S T R Y VA L U E S O U R G R A D U A T E S Our graduates Since our founding in 1962, our reputation as a school for future leaders and managers has become well established among major hospitality companies. Each semester the leading international hotel chains and other hospitality related companies come to interview and recruit students who are preparing to graduate. Most of them have been coming to Glion for many years and the testimonial below demonstrates the industry’s commitment to Glion. ALAIN SCHAUDER Vice President Human Resources, Hyatt International (Europe, Africa, Middle East) LLC Hyatt International Corporation has a very long-term philosophy to recruit Alumni from the best hospitality management schools in the world in view of developing them as the future key executives of the company. Over the past 20 years our company has recruited over 400 hundred graduates from Glion, either as direct entry position in one of our hotels around the world, or as corporate trainee, our development program specially designed to train and develop our future general managers. Our experience with Glion is always very positive, due to the high level of theoretical knowledge students gain during the program at school and excellent attitude they bring to the industry. Hyatt International Corporation will continue to foster its long-term relationship with the school, not only in recruiting alumni, but as well in allowing faculty members to visit our hotels and spend time with their colleagues in the operation. We will also continue to teach students when invited on campus, to bring them insights into the industry. INDUSTRY RANKING In March 2007, TNS was commissioned by Laureate Hospitality Education to conduct a survey among international hospitality establishments which regularly recruit graduates from Hospitality Management Schools and were asked to select what they considered to be the top hospitality management schools for an international career. RESEARCH FINDINGS Hiring managers rank Glion among the top three hospitality schools in the world for an international career. Taylor Nelson Sofres Plc. (TNS) is a leading market research and information group. TNS Hospitality and Tourism delivers worldwide research solutions to the world's leading hospitality companies. For more than ten years they have been advising hotel and restaurant groups, food service operators, health and fitness operators, airlines, cruise-lines and tour operators. For further details on this research, please visit our website: www.glion.edu 28
  27. 27. SKILLS REQUIRED BY THE INDUSTRY Skills Laureate Hospitality Education conducted in A total of 11 characteristics were identified as very August 2005, a survey to ascertain the most important or extremely important by more than important characteristics required by the industry. 80% of the respondants. These characteristics were The sample included 136 professionals (mainly then rated by order of importance and against our General Managers and Human Resources Directors) graduates' performance. from 80 different companies and from 39 countries. % of hiring managers rating % of respondents who rate Most important the characteristic as very Glion Graduates as good, Characteristics important or extremely excellent or exceptional important ✦ Professional attitude 97% 100% ✦ Respectful of others 97% 99% ✦ Customer oriented 96% 97% ✦ Motivated 96% 99% ✦ Team oriented 95% 100% ✦ Hardworking 92% 99% ✦ Flexible 92% 99% ✦ Professional appearance 88% 100% ✦ Pro active 88% 99% ✦ Organized 84% 99% ✦ Self confidence 84% 100% CAREER PERSPECTIVES FOR GLION GRADUATES 9 out of 10 hiring managers who responded to the above survey rated career prospects for Glion graduates to be very good or excellent and are likely to be in the top 20% of industry positions in 5 to 10 years. 29
  28. 28. Yeh Taiwan - Bachelor Degree Program CHIA ‘‘ When I decided to join Glion, it was the best decision I ever took! Through its unique international environment, I have discovered very different and interesting cultures and it has opened my mind to my future career. 30
  29. 29. A WORLD OF CAREER OPPOR TUNITIES Career opportunities As a Glion graduate you will have a wide range HOSPITALITY AND FOOD SERVICES of fields from which to choose. The advantage of International Hotel Chains Corporate Offices - regional responsibilities for hotel companies such an education is that it broadens your employment Business or Resort Hotels opportunities because although hospitality, tourism, Holiday and Sports Clubs Food and Beverage Management event, sport and entertainment are specialized in Catering - airline, operational site, institutional, events and fairs, etc. some areas, you will have acquired global business and entrepreneurial competencies that are applicable FOOD INDUSTRY Production facilities in literally any service industry. Distribution and Trade Processing Plants MARKETING & COMMUNICATION Marketing, Distribution and Retailing Companies Public Relations Firms and Communication Agencies Event Management Companies TOURISM Ministry of Tourism - government planning agencies Travel Agencies Tour Operator Railway, Maritime, Airline Companies Convention and Congresses ENTER TAINMENT AND LEISURE Theme Parks, Amusement and Attraction Parks Concert, Shows Venues Resorts Casinos MEDIA Professional and Specialized Press Publishing Houses 94% of our graduating students have a job or job offer on graduation day. CONSULTING Project - development of feasibility studies Average of 3 job offers per student. Quality Control Staff Development Audit and Financial Planning OTHER SECTORS AND SERVICES Banking - industry financing, etc. Insurance Services for Hospitality Equipment Supplier Real Estate and Development EDUCATION Hotel, Tourism and Sport Management Schools Professional and Vocational Establishments Research HEALTH AND WELLNESS Health and Fitness Centers, Wellness and Spas Clinics and Hospitals Specialized Establishments - retirement, diet, aesthetic SPOR T INDUSTRY Sport Federations Professional Team Management Sport Centers and Clubs Sport Stadiums 31
  30. 30. ALUMNI: A WORLDWIDE NETWORK O F G R E A T VA L U E Network Wherever your career takes you around the world, you will be almost certain of finding yourself close to some fellow alumni. They are all around the globe in major cities. More than 4,000 alumni are registered in the Glion Alumni Association which organizes regular meetings, dinners on a regional basis as well as a yearly weekend reunion. This is a great way to keep in touch with the many life-long friends and to maintain or establish new personal and professional contacts. ALUMNI TESTIMONIALS KARINE HYON - FRANCE - HOSPITALITY BACHELOR DEGREE 1999 Brand Performance Manager EMEA - InterContinental, International Headquarters, Windsor, United Kingdom In addition to operational and specialized analytical skills, Glion gave me the opportunity to develop a taste for team work through study cases and at the same time, be able to work independently, to enjoy challenges and to know how to manage my time. Above all, Glion gave me friends and a wonderful international network. The family atmosphere, the care of the faculty, the living environment and the spirit of true friendship all contributed to a unique and fulfilling experience. OTMAN YSSEF - MOROCCO - BBA - 2003 General Manager - ACCOR Group - Ibis Hotel - Tetouan, Morocco Glion is much more than a school, it’s a life path, a human size group of international students and world-class academic teachers living together, sharing much more than theoretical knowledge. At Glion, I experienced tolerance and respect for others; I gained a new family and friends and hope that after gathering enough experience and maturity, I can join Glion again, but this time to give back to a new generation of students, all that was given to me throughout the amazing moments I spent in Glion. LISA TANG - CHINA - EVENT, SPORT & ENTERTAINMENT POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA (2003) Managing Director – ENTEOS (sport marketing company) Studying at Glion has changed my life as I learned a lot from the books but also from the students and professors. I became more confident and open minded, was introduced to new ideas and concepts. During the 2004 Athens Olympics, I was given the opportunity to work there and it was the greatest professional experience as it provided me with the skills and professional expertise to then create my own company. Glion has prepared me for the career path that I am on today and which entails working for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Like the Olympic Slogan, "One World, One Dream", Glion made my dreams come true! 32
  31. 31. J A U M E Tapiès ‘‘ Spain - Graduated in 1989 President Relais & Châteaux "Glion offers the perfect combination of theory and hands-on learning which takes place in an exciting multicultural environment. In today's world, strong managerial skills and a clear understanding of customer needs are key to succeed in the world of hospitality". 33
  32. 32. U N I V E R S A L LY R E C O G N I Z E D Q U A L I F I C AT I O N S Qualifications We offer a range of qualifications that are readily accepted worldwide. ACCREDITATION Glion Institute of Higher Education is accredited at university level by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) in the USA through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education (CIHE). It is one of the six regional accreditation associations for quality assurance recognized by the US government. NEASC peer reviews occur periodically, helping assume the ongoing quality of a Glion education. SWISS CANTONAL RECOGNITION In addition to being highly recognized by the industry, Glion has achieved university-level state recognition from the Canton of Fribourg in Switzerland. This recognition is the result of a complete appraisal conducted by an external team of experts with vast The following list shows some of the professional professional experience and academic proficiency. associations of which the management of Glion, This evaluation looks at the following aspects: academic faculty or staff are members: programs, internships, faculty, teaching, academic ✦ AEIST International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism research, students and management. ✦ ARFORE Association Romande de Formateurs en Entreprise ✦ Association des maîtres en hôtellerie et restauration LAUREATE ✦ CHRIE (EUROCHRIE) Council on Hotel Restaurant and Institutional Education In 2002, Glion became part of Laureate International ✦ EUHOFA International Association of Hotel Schools Universities, a division of Laureate Education, Inc. ✦ ECIS European Council of International Schools Laureate operates universities in 15 countries world- ✦ FSCRH Fédération Suisse des Cafetiers Restaurateurs et Hôteliers wide and serves around 300,000 students each year ✦ HCIMA Hotel Catering International Management Association following degree and other higher education ✦ IHRA International Hotel & Restaurant Association programs. It is the largest international network of ✦ II QEST International Institute for Quality and Ethics in Service and Tourism universities in the world. ✦ OSEC Office Suisse d’Expansion Commerciale ✦ Swiss Learning Alliance to promote the “Excellence of Swiss Education” ✦ SSH Société Suisse des Hôteliers (Swiss Hotel Association) - member ✦ Swiss Tourism ✦ WAHTT World Association of Tourism Education and Training Institutions 34