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Active in Paradise

  1. 1. Adventures in Asia Sea & Sky and Wheels in between Taking a break is not always about taking a break from everything that requires effort. Taking a break can be stepping away from what happens regularly and doing something different. Adventures in Paradise is about not just holidaying in fantastic places across Asia but in ticking the box on action as well. What type of activity you say? Positive, active, healthy & FUN; like cycling, kayaking, canoeing and airborne activities across beautiful and intriguing parts of Asia. By Jessica McGrath & Elaine Seath
  2. 2. Watersports Asia SLCO100 Learning & Communicating Online Assessment 2A: Producing an online informational resource
  3. 3. Thailand This remarkable trip has been developed by Sea Canoe's award winning quality brand of fun and adventure with the assistance of the National Park rangers and local guides Cheow Lan Lake Mini Expedition 3 Days 2 Nights Sea Canoe 3days.html
  4. 4. Vietnam Kim Tours offers an array of kayaking tours ranging form 1 to 7 days in length. Night accommodation in tents HA LONG KAYAKING (7 days/ 5nights) Kim Tours aking_Vietnam_tours.htm
  5. 5. Cambodia An amazing and must do BLUE SKY activity Enjoy a helicopter ride over the Angkor Temple Complex and Tonle Sap Lake. We know this isn‟t kayaking but thought it an amazing “Adventure” activity to do so we included it! Angkor from the sky - Siem Reap Scenic Flight Code: SR48 Helistar
  6. 6. Thailand Our Khao Sok National Park kayaking tour is aptly labeled a "soft jungle adventure". This easy small group wildlife eco tour is the perfect vacation in Thailand. Khao Sok National Park Kayaking tour Paddle Asia ao_sok.htm
  7. 7. Cambodia See Ancient Angkor and Tonle-Sap from the freedom of the sky... A "must do" experience if you have come to Cambodia to see the temples and appreciate the magnificence of ancient Angkor. Trips from 15minutes Sky Venture rmation-price-list.html
  8. 8. Laos This adventure has mountain biking, scenic trekking, swimming and kayaking, optional elephant and zip-line riding, and the seasonal Tad Se waterfall. Luang Prabang 3 Day Scenic Biking, Trekking, and Kayaking: Optional elephants, zip-lines; seasonal waterfall White Elephant Adventures http://www.white-elephant-adventures-
  9. 9. Vietnam Kayak through limestone karsts in Halong Bay, trek in the hills of Mai Chau, cycle through the countryside, enjoy the frenetic energy of Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Hike, Bike & Kayak (10 days) G Adventures nam-hike-bike-kayak/AVHB/2013/
  10. 10. Thailand Hong by Starlight Not only can you canoe and kayak by day but you can take a twilight canoe. Hong by Starlight John Gray – Sea Canoe http://johngray- ga.htm
  11. 11. Cambodia Kampot Province is quintessentially Cambodia - verdant, shimmering rice paddies punctuated with sugar palm trees, with a backdrop of karst limestone hills and the infamous Bokor Tabletop mountain... from where the Kampot River flows down to the French Colonial era river port town of Kampot itself and out to the Gulf of Thailand. Symbiosis Custom Travel offers a complete holiday & expedition planning service for people looking for something beyond the normal package tour - See more at: http://www.symbiosis- Symbiosis Travel http://www.symbiosis- kayaking/188/kayaking- kampot/#sthash.3CbYNgG7.dpuf
  12. 12. Vietnam Approximately 230 kilometres to the North-East of Hanoi, Ba Be National Park is home to a magnificent lake ringed by lush, green mountains. Hire a Kayak and spend an afternoon exploring peaceful river, beautiful lake, daily life, local market.. EAsia Adventures http://www.easia-
  13. 13. Cycling Asia SLCO100 Learning & Communicating Online Assessment 2A: Producing an online informational resource
  14. 14. Bike Tours Vietnam Cycle Tour of Northwest Vietnam (7 days) Riding Profile: As stated by Bike Tours Vietnam; „We ride just over 350 kilometers on a mixture of trails that range form dirt tracks to asphalt. This is a mountain tour with some tough climbs and participants should be fit and experienced riders. The reward for riding in remote areas is empty roads and incomparable views.‟ T
  15. 15. Spice Roads Cycle Tours See the world by bicycle Mountain Biking Vietnam's Northwest Mountains (6 days) Riding Profile: As told by Spicy Road Cycle Tours „This cycle-journey is through Southeast Asia's most spectacular mountain range is for cyclists seeking a biking challenge, enjoy climbing and mixing it up with some off road trails. This website for „Spicy Road Cycle Tours‟ is very informative. The business is family run (established in 1990‟s).
  16. 16. Cambodia Motorbike Tours For the extreme rider there is Motorbike tours…not for the faint hearted, (10 days) Riding Profile: As declared by Cambodia Motorbike Tours; We are „a dedicated motorcycle tour operator in Cambodia, with tours designed for Adventure motorcyclist from around the globe. Cambodia offers the best Adventure trail riding in South East Asia We venture deep into the more remote parts of this truly incredible Kingdom . Ride remote jungle trails, Visit lost temples, Cross rivers in dugout canoe's . http://www.cambodiamotorbiket A great holiday for the extremist.
  17. 17. Mr Pumpy Across mysterious Loas & Vietnam (3 days) Riding Profile: As stated by My Pumpy; „Wanna cycle Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Mal aysia, Indonesia, India and Nepal? Worried about Asian traffic? Want some reliable road information? Then take off with Mr Pumpy and his pal Felix! It's almost as good as being there...‟
  18. 18. Green Riders Southeast Asia (6 week expedition June 2012) Riding Profile: Green Riders Southeast Asia founded by Kenny & Jamie who decided to embark on a journey from Thailand to Bali by bike. This is a blog, this is their story. „Six weeks. Two bamboo bikes. A camera. A continent of environmental stories, struggles and successes. Plus, several thousand kilometers of twisted little roads stringing it all together. (Kenny & Jamie – Green Riders)„
  19. 19. Biking Laos – The Tiger Trail (3 days) Riding Profile: Biking Laos et active, get out there and explore the Luang Prabang secrets and Lao nature... A reviving three day adventure trip into the beautiful natural highlights around Luang Prabang. Soft mountain bike ride to the Elephant Village and hikes to small villages in great nature setting expect you on this...
  20. 20. Cycling Tour Routes (3 year expedition ) Riding Profile: Married couple Amanda and Richard have embarked on a riding journey of the world for 3 years. This is a fantastic blog for any biking enthusiast to get an idea of what is involved. There is lots of handy information and breathtaking stories. A must-read.
  21. 21. Intrepid Tours Active Chiang Mai (4 days) Riding Profile: Travel to Thailand and experience an intoxicating blend of ancient temples, steamy rainforest trails and raucous markets in Chiang Mai. This is a full-throttle short break that features the best Thailand‟s northern region has to offer. Tackle the world-famous Mae Taeng River rapids on a rafting excursion, hike through local villages and temperate rainforests, cycle through the fruit orchards and temple ruins dotted around the countryside and climb the ancient staircase to the hilltop of Doi Suthep in time for sunset. chiang-mai-51703
  22. 22. Backroads – Thailand Biking (8 days) Riding Profile: Language barrier, embrace it. Travel guide book, dump it. Fear of street food, chuck it. Liberate yourself from all that. Wake up expecting anything. Mai pen rai (no worries). Because "hey, you're in Thailand." Bike an uncharted oxcart path among lush rice paddies and garlic fields. Be startled by an ornate Buddhist temple quietly sitting in the middle of a jungle-filled valley. Relish a truly homemade curry and stare at the jagged limestone hills that have not changed for thousands of years. Say to yourself, "Is it Tuesday?" Even that doesn't matter because you're in Thailand. So mai pen rai.
  23. 23. Biking Cambodia (7 days) Riding Profile: Biking is an ideal way to discover Cambodia and get an accurate impression of the Khmer culture. We show you the real world of daily life and take you off the beaten track into the heart of the country. Come with us, you can experience places of visual, natural and historical interest. Our cycling programs allow you to see the facets of the Khmer empire with experienced guides but also a glimpse into rural Cambodian life.
  24. 24. Conclusion:  Adventures in Asia has been a fun and interesting topic. I have thoroughly enjoyed researching and analyzing websites, I believe this information would be of value to anyone with interest in this topic.  This resource has been developed with a specific team focus, as our team of two broke this assignment into two topics: covering adventure travel though Asia – both cycling (Elaine Seath) and water sports; including canoeing, kayaking & airborne activities (Jessica McGrath). Now lets go and travel Southeast Asia!
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