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SirsiDynix Enterprise/Portfolio & the Discovery Layer Experience in the Swift Consortium

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Wot’s in a name

  1. 1. Wot’s in a Name?Enterprise/Portfolio & the Discovery Layer Experience in the SwiftConsortiumLloyd Brady – Swift Systems Administrator
  2. 2. Prologue: Naming (un-)conventions of SirsiDynix• Unicorn – Symphony• iLink – iBlink – iBistro – e-Library• Hyperion – Enterprise - Portfolio
  3. 3. The Swift Environment• Two database instances – VIC & NSW• 22 library services (20 have purchased the Discovery Layer, but only 6 are live)
  4. 4. Naming Conventions• Profile for each library service (at least one)• Unique domain names for each profile (swft.xxxx.ent.sirsidynix.net.au). EG: – http://swft.cprl.ent.sirsidynix.net.au – http://swft.cobb.ent.sirsidynix.net.au – http://swft.gvrl.ent.sirsidynix.net.au – http://swft.hclc.ent.sirsidynix.net.au – http://swft.chrl.ent.sirsidynix.net.au – http://swft.wrlc.ent.sirsidynix.net.au
  5. 5. Initial Implementation• “Global” policies: – Hit List and Detail Display fields – Naming conventions for profiles, images and other files – Custom content directories• Harvesting schedules• “Federated” searching – NOT• Configuring Display Codes
  6. 6. Implementation (cont.)• HCLC migration from EPS Rooms• CPRL launch October 2010 - Enterprise 3.1• 6 Profiles currently live• Other libraries wait for features/bug fixes promised in future release
  7. 7. To Share or not to Share• Creating and sharing Rooms?• Search limits – where are the search groups?• Custom content files and directories: – /custom/web/content/xxxx
  8. 8. E-Library Integration• Moving between interfaces – Mirror the look & feel? – Separate My Account logins – Possible confusion for users• Online User Registration – Different URLs for each library needed
  9. 9. Version 4.1 – The Good• Simple content management system• Fuzzy Logic Searching & Facets• Federated targets (sort of)• Web Services & My Account Display• Static URLs for results and RSS feeds• Gutenberg e-books• Syndetics display and Google Books (“accordion” panels)• Custom Roles (almost)
  10. 10. Asset Stuff (Portfolio)• Asset Administration• Metadata standards• Searching for Assets (Asset search limits)• Asset (in)security• Harvesting other databases• Hyperion data import
  11. 11. Statistics• Google Analytics – E-Library v Enterprise/Portfolio – Counting Searches (sort of)• Syndetics Statistics – Inflated content hits due to “pre-polling” of Syndetics data
  12. 12. Version 4.1 – The Bad• My Account Hold Dates• Custom roles not quite there• New Titles display• Volume Holds not working• Library Favourites• Databases tab/icon• No security for Assets (without Accountability)• Pickup Libraries – a MESS
  13. 13. New Titles Lists• Display nice – Function poor• Does not use pre-existing Information Desk policies/Bulletin Lists• “Custom” lists very limited options• “Library group” limit does not seem to work
  14. 14. Volume Holds• Unable to select Volume in most instances• Where you can select Volume, the hold doesn’t necessarily get filled by that volume• Cannot place more than one hold on a title, even if volume is selected
  15. 15. Asset Security• All assets are searchable, whether they have a security level assigned or not• No easy way of assigning assets to a particular profile• If you have the URL to a particular asset, you can access it no matter the security level assigned
  16. 16. Pickup Libraries• Libraries display as policy codes, not descriptions• No order to the list of Pickup libraries• No way of re-ordering the list• No “blank” field at the top of the list (i.e. “Choose a Library”
  17. 17. What’s Needed• Pickup Library fixes• My Account hold dates• Email alerts when System Tasks fail• Requests integration (display in My Account)• More Language label sets
  18. 18. What’s Needed (cont.)• Change the way Syndetics content if pulled• Rooms management – make only available to the Profile the room is created for• Reconfigure the New Titles lists to work with the Information Desk policies• Asset improvements – Real security – Assigning particular assets to particular Profiles
  19. 19. Spin over Substance?• Good product, with many excellent features• Some basic functionality missing or mismanaged• Marketing and promotion seems to have taken precedence over care functionality
  20. 20. Epilogue: Enterprise or Portfolio? – Why the name change?• Enterprise – To boldly go... – Too Trekky?• Portfolio – “Arty” for the cultured UK/European market? – Bureaucratic?
  21. 21. What they should have called it...• Temporal• Archival• Repository for• Digital• Images &• Stuff