Battle of wison’s creek


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Battle of wison’s creek

  1. 1. By Megan Trantham Mrs. Kelly Milkowich History 150 12/9/2013
  2. 2. Who was leading?? Confederates • General Benjamin McCulloch • General Sterling Price Un ion • General Franz Sigel • General Nathaniel Lyon
  3. 3. When/Where did Battle take place? • A little after dawn on August 10th 1861, General Lyon ordered an attack on the Confederates who were holding camp west of the Mississippi River. • General Lyon new that the Confederates had more men than he did but they were poorly trained and had little ammunition so he thought by taking them by surprise he would gain the advantage. • After 5 am Lyon caught the Confederates off guard and it seamed as though the Union was going to win.
  4. 4. • The Union wanted to make sure they kept the land in Why Fight? Missouri under their Union leaders control. wanted to • The Confederates were just preserve the trying to hold their post. land and after • Lyon over looked the fact they had lost the they had less men than the rebels and ordered 1,200 south gained men to attack the rear as 272 acres when they caught them by they retreated. surprise. (
  5. 5. What changed?? Lyon lost his life in the battle due to mistaking a group of troops as Iowa regiments but were actually Louisiana troops. He was the first Union general to die in the war. He was replaced with Maj. Samuel D. Due to the exhaustion and low ammunition he pulled his troops back loosing their position on the hill. The Confederates attacked three more times but failed to gain more land.
  6. 6. After Effects • It was the turning point for the south. • They had won one of the biggest battles in the war. • Being sorely trained and ran on little ammunition is the surprising factor of this battle. • Winning Wilson’s Creek gave them confidence so that they would prepare better for the next battle.
  7. 7. How did this impact the war? • The Union soldiers were now faced with a different leader since Lyon had been killed. • He was one of the best Generals in the Union who had won many battles. • The Confederates were becoming aware of what they had to do to win more battles. • Both sides lost a good amount of soldiers that day and would have to allow the survivors to rest before another battle.
  8. 8. Work Cited • • National Park Service: U.S. Department of the interior. • Saving America’s Civil War Battlefields • Legends of America