Prepositions flashcards 4


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Prepositions flashcards 4

  1. 1. Prepositions Series 4 Prepositions Series Prepositions Series 4 Prepositions Series Prepositions Series 4 Prepositions Series Prepositions Series 4 Prepositions Series Prepositions Series 4 Prepositions Series 4
  2. 2. The game starts 9:30 I like to stayin Paris. That’s 4:30 in home night. New York. We’re going to We got back Florida Easter. home four theThe wedding is 6 pm. morning.We go to the movies once I often buy a magazine or or twice a month a book to read an average. the train. Nobody can stand beingHe got promoted the laughed __. 4th of July 9 a.m. Elton John The store on the insisted being corner opens eight called ‘Sir’. o’clock weekdays.
  3. 3. There’s not a lot of I went fishing Lake work Lapland. Saimaa last summer. I normally watch the They went to news night. mass Christmas Eve. Venus is our SolarDo you live Sweden? System.I left home the age I’ve got € 2000 of 19. my wallet. I hope to go to The meeting was the skateboard June 21. championships the Hartwall Arena.
  4. 4. the party everybody I filled up my gas had fun all through tank the gas station. the night. If I don’t wake up the It was too hot the morning, I will get fired house last night. from my job. I like to write It’s nice to go out and music my own time. have fun the weekend. I will do the work thatThe timer my TV shuts is assigned to me the off the TV midnight. computer.There was nothing the Scandinavia is very jewellery box. cold winter.
  5. 5. I’m playing Nick is a doctor tennis Sunday the hospital. morning. the park the kids ran There are twelve around and played. eggs a dozen. There was a horse I go to work the standing the middle of afternoon. the street. She keeps a cool I’ll meet you the bus head an emergency. stop Hope Street.The tickets will be and The bus stopped the envelope my desk. traffic light.
  6. 6. Anna has returned Are the children still her hometown. swimming the pool? The plane landed theThomas fell the floor. runway in Oslo. The teacher taught I paid ten Euros for a day the children the pass the exhibition. classroom. My alarm clock started My family and I go to theto buzz seven the beach and relax the morning. sun the afternoon! I went to eat lunch There were two birds twelve thesitting a tree branch. afternoon.