Prepositions flashcards 1


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Prepositions flashcards 1

  1. 1. Prepositions Series 3 Prepositions Series Prepositions Series 3 Prepositions Series Prepositions Series 3 Prepositions Series Prepositions Series 3 Prepositions Series Prepositions Series 3 Prepositions Series 3
  2. 2. He has lunch noon I bought a snowboard for every day. my son the mall. I went for a job We always have croissants interview Nokia with jam the morning. this week. She loves going toI was so tired that I Thailand January towas bed by 8:00. escape the snow.The audience threw Movies aren’t real, those rotten eggs the actors the movies are terrible comedian. just pretending.Thomas works the field of network The car stalled and gotadministration, while stuck the street. Steven works web design.
  3. 3. The author’s name It was a hectic is the cover day work yesterday. of the book.The cat ran the house I saved my file the when it started to rain. computer. Suddenly it Michael was thedawned me why she phone for ages last night. was so angry. Charles is The store had very good always trouble sales shoes. with his boss. I watched a movie the__ the mall I saw an old movie theatre with a friend of mine. friend.
  4. 4. I bought three I asked a girl for her tickets thephone number work. ticket office. The children played There are nogames the computer. prices this menu. You are standing Peter lives my foot. Moss Street. Robbie Williams If William doesn’t make arrived Finland any money his book, yesterday to promote hishe’ll be out the street. new record.We arrived the airport We usually go out two hours before the my birthday. flight was due to leave.
  5. 5. I spent a week Paris Don’t worry. April. I’m your side. I’ll use my mobile phonePamela is very reliable. when I’m the bus, She always arrives but never while exactly time. I’m the car. We can meet upI will ride your car. the hotel. He has to go Gilbert lives home midnight. that street. California and Florida the fall leaves turnare states the Unites many different colours. States.
  6. 6. Helen lives Harley I watch television Street London. the evening. Lawrence is Help! The house Stockholm is fire! business. He did it I will have a beer. deliberately, other No, second thoughts, words, purpose. give me a whisky.I go the gym Tuesdays We started the and Thursdays. class January 9th. I have an appointment My brother is jail. with Mr Davidoff 3 p.m.