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Finnish food flashcards, English

  1. 1. English English Four grain porridge Pineapple quark English English Bacon Burger Orange fool and French fries English English Sweet potato Banana quark puré soup English English Spaghetti withBolognaise sauce Borsch soup
  2. 2. English EnglishBrie cheese and Broccoli and pear salad bean casserole English English Chicken in tandoor sauce Chicken soupwith jasmine rice English English Chicken Chicken and casserole pasta salad English English Chicken and Chicken pastavegetable sauce casserole with dark rice
  3. 3. English English Chicken balls Caesar turkey in chili sauce salad with dark rice English English Curry flavouredCheddar salad fish soup English EnglishFennel and rootvegetable puré Graham porridge soup English English Fruity chickenGoulash soup sauce with dark rice
  4. 4. English English Fruity chicken salad Fruit soup English English Fruit mousse Fruit salad English English Finnish peaMushroom soup soup English English Minced meat Minced meatsauce with boiled soup potatoes
  5. 5. English English Meatloaf with Minced meat andcream sauce and sliced potato boiled potatoes casserole English English Finnish Cheesy mincedChristmas pastry meat soup English English Oven sausage Grainy rollwith cheese crust with ham andand potato puré cheese filling English English Ice cream with jam Fish soup
  6. 6. English English Fish bakedCabbage pirogue inside a rye bread English English Fish sticks with dill and Near-beersourcream sauce English English Turkey in Turkey saucesweet&sour sauce with dark rice with dark rice English English Turkey and Turkey soup melon salad
  7. 7. English English Karelian Vegetablepirogue with egg goulash soup butter English English VegetarianVegetable soup lasagnette English English Vegetable and Vegetarianminestrone soup moussaca English EnglishVegetable and Vegetable puré soy risotto soup
  8. 8. English English Vegetable andtofu ragout with Shrimp soup dark rice English English Shrimp pasta Oatmeal English English Creamy beef Milk puddingstew with boiled with berry fool potatoes English EnglishMilky vegetable Zucchini and soup cheese soup
  9. 9. English English Chickpea stew and rice with Ham casserole vegetables English English Ham and pasta Rainbow troutsauce and whole casserole grain spagetti English English Coconut and Cottage cheese chicken soup salad English English Greek cheese Greek cheese salad and vegetable quiche
  10. 10. English English Cauliflower Cauliflower andcurry and rice broccoli soup with lentils English EnglishRooster in wine with rice Cucumber salad English English French toastPumpkin soup with jam and whipped cream English English Turnip casserole Lasagne
  11. 11. English English Meat and Meat soup macaroni casserole English English Meat pirogue Lime tuna salad English English Salmon in lime sauce and rice Plum pudding with parsley English English Warm focaccia Warm grahamwith smoked ham toast with smoked filling reindeer filling
  12. 12. English English Warm salmon Warm Panini salad with ham and mango filling English EnglishWarm rye Panini Warm toast with with chicken smoked reindeer filling filling English EnglishWarm toast with Warm chicken goat cheese salad filling English English Warm goat Macaroni cheese salad casserole
  13. 13. English EnglishSausage saucewith potato puré Sausage soup English English Liver and rice casserole Liver sausage English English Liver and Semolinacarrot sauce with porridge boiled potatoes English English StrawberryStrawberry fool quark
  14. 14. English English Berry pie with Wild mushroom vanilla sauce soup English EnglishMinestrone soup Moussaca English EnglishMozzarella and Mozzarella olive salad tomato salad English English Black salsify Blueberry puré soup Seminole
  15. 15. English EnglishBlueberry piewith custard Rye pudding English English Crisp breadSalad Nicoise with ham and cheese English English Apple andBarley porridge broccoli soup English English Apple and Apple pie withcinnemon fool vanilla sauce
  16. 16. English English Fried liver Fried cod withwith cream sauce egg sauce and and potato puré dill potatoes English English Fried cod, Parsnip purétartar sauce and soup fried potatoes English EnglishFinnish pancake Pasta and with jam turkey soup English English Baguette with tuna filling Peach mousse
  17. 17. English English Potatoe Spinach and pancakes vegetarian risotto English EnglishSpinach soup with eggs Ginger bread English English Pepper beef Pepper beef andstew with rice bacon stew with baked potatoes English English Carrot Carrot puré and casserole sweet corn soup
  18. 18. English English Pork Kassler, Beetroot andtomato sauce and lentil soup cream potatoes English EnglishLeek and potato Chicken salad puré soup with nuts English English French onion Quark pie soup English English Rhubarb and Rhubarb pie strawberry fool with vanilla sauce
  19. 19. English English Rice porridge,cheese, cucumber Game soup and apple juice English EnglishGame casserole Game stew withwith lingonberry potato puré and jam lingonberry sauce English EnglishHam and cheese roll Rye porridge English English Rye bread with Smoked fish smoked fish salad filling
  20. 20. English English Smoked ham andSmoked ham soup peach salad English English Smoked salmon Smoked roast salad salad English English Mushroom and Herring vegetable casserole eggrolls English English Mead Citrus jelly
  21. 21. English EnglishStroganoff withboiled potatoes Chocolate fool English English Chocolate Tofu and root porridge vegetable soup English English Tomato and Tomatomozzarella salad flavoured bean soup English EnglishTuna lasagnette Tuna pasta
  22. 22. English English Waldorf salad with smoked White bean soup turkey English English Whipped Whipped apple strawberry pudding pudding English English Whipped lingonberry Wheat porridge pudding English EnglishBlood pancakes Wienerwith lingonberry schnitzel with jam potato puré
  23. 23. English English Wrap with Curdled milk shrimp filling EnglishSea food salad