Experience working with the young guns


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Personal Experience working with the nascent , free and flourishing, innovatators,inventors and the creators of the future...The Children ,The Youth.........
The Young Guns !

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Experience working with the young guns

  1. 1. Experience Working with the Campus Young Guns Got Featured in the Relevant Article Published Online Link Supporting my Candidature: http://www.coolage.in/2011/11/24/the-golden-lotus/The requirement of the Youth Connect Factor and the need for Passion Driven Endeavorsmentioned in the prerequisites in fact motivated me to apply as a suitable candidate.Out of passion, for enterprising initiatives, I have been proactively involved in organizing National LevelSymposiums & Campaigns performing the duty of the Student Leader at the EntrepreneurshipDevelopment Cell of my institute.+ [Experience with Youth of 8-16 Years of Age]+ [Experience with Youth of 17-22 Years of Age]+ [Student Curriculum/Background]  Engineering,  Business Studies,  Hotel - Hospitality Management and other  Vocational Studies I shall discuss the highlight events of my 4 Year Stint at the Ecell involving Youth of the two categories mentioned.
  2. 2. [Age Group 8-16 Years] Eweek@School Initiative Student Outreach Statistics  Eweek @ Schools 2012 "15901" Students in 30 Schools  Eweek @ Schools 2011 " 9442" Students in 14 Schools The aim of Eweek@Schools in association with NEN-Atharva EWeek campaign was to introduce young minds to the world of innovation and Entrepreneurship.Developed content and Interactive activities like Rs 50 Venture, Product Designing, Role Play,Extempore competitions for School Students belonging to different age groups and Mediums of Instruction (English, Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati) in Mumbai. SuperPreneur ProjectDeveloped the SuperPreneur Concept for School Students during Eweek@Schools 2012campaign to introduce young minds to the world of innovation and the upcoming career avenuecalled Entrepreneurship .The Eweek@School initiative included number of activities for differentage group of students which involved confidence building, idea generation product designingand Role Play and had an outreach of "15901" School Students(8 years 16 years of age) in30 Schools (studying English, Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati Mediums of Instruction) in Mumbai.
  3. 3. [Age group 17-22 Years] 1) NEN Atharva Entrepreneurship Week ( Eweek )2012Acted as the Senior Eleader Student Advisor for the 7 day college festival, supervised theeffective functioning of the team of around 100+ college students to conduct activities forparticipants from home campus and other universities, ultimately winning national accolades. 2) NEN Atharva Entrepreneurship Week ( Eweek )2011As the EWeek Organizer, planned and executed the events & activities working with a team ofaround 70 college students and winning a national award for the institute ,recognizingsincere efforts towards creating a entrepreneurial environment at campus. 3) NEN Atharva Entrepreneurship Week ( Eweek )2010Performing the duty of the Eweek Event Coordinator scheduled and documented the events forthe week , took care of the delegate & dignitary hospitality arrangements and allied groundwork with a team of around 40 college students . 4) S.E.W.A. Social Campaign 2011-Permanent Annual EventCame up with the campaign to mobilize the Student Fraternity to spread awareness and makeefforts to collect Toys, Books, and Cloths etc. from the neighborhood to be shared with theunderprivileged.Owning to the fact that The Entrepreneurship Cell Activities were open to students belonging toall sorts of different educational backgrounds, I interacted, worked with and conducted activitiesfor variety of students coming from neighboring campuses and other Partner Institutions. The 4 years of Exciting Endeavors at Campus gave me great insight into the corporate world and the prevalent professional practices. With high level of exposure in terms of working with young people, I have developed in depthunderstanding of the student needs, expectations and their way of thinking, which has come in handy in many scenarios.
  4. 4. Experience at Setting up Student Centric Campus UnitsWorked with the Institutes Infrastructure and Maintenance Contractor to build 2 iconic studentdevelopment centers●Ember Incubation Room The incubation center which has produced a number of Successful Student Start-Ups●Atharva Satellite Ground StationThe control room setup to track satellite has given me the opportunity develop skills relating toinfrastructural planning , procurement of equipment from local and global vendors and integrating differentsubsystems to make them work in unison.** NOTE**MOST Importantly always kept it as a priority that the projects dont slack down after the founding batch of students graduate out of college . Both Projects have Team Leaders in pipeline to take care of the SUSTENANCE with ever increasing standards of Quality. Inclination towards Content Creation with a hobby of writing Poetry●SBL Series: Story Based LearningLink: http://www.slideshare.net/SwarnkamalSingh/sbl-series-1-the-story-of-supply-demandCreated the SBL Series on Supply & Demand to be used by teachers or volunteers to make young schoolchildren understand why certain things are expensive and other things cheap ,why prices keep changingwith seasons and what factors affect these prices and how.Children take up the roles of the characters and read out their respective dialogues thus getting involvedand learning while having fun.● Poetry featured OnlineLink: http://eweek.nenonline.org/userstory/future-they-got-invent
  5. 5. Forging Strong Network Good Written and Oral Expression due to regular report/article writing along with experience of organizing Campus Events & Symposiums has been pivotal in overall development of my personalityAnd the acquired knowledge of the dynamics of Corporate World makes me even moreconfident to create a strong Professional Network in the industry and forge long lasting industry relationships Final Word Technical Expertise of an Engineer ,Inclination towards Content Creation, coupled withEntrepreneurial Aptitude Equips me well to Connect with the Student Community ,thusspotting their Hidden Individual Talents which ultimately would help us guide students better as Proficient Job Seekers or Passionate Job Creating Entrepreneurs. Regards Swarnkamal Singh Parmar (swarnkamal.singh@gmail.com)