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Screen capturing tools

  1. 1. Screencapturing tools prepared by Svetlana Dubyk 27-10-2011
  2. 2. AgendaScreenshots vs screencastsUse of the screen capturingtoolsChoosing screen capturingtoolsScreen capturing toolsoverview
  3. 3. Screenshot vs screencast A screenshot - A digital image or file containing all or part of what is seen on a computer display.A screencast is a digital recording of computer screen output,also known as a video screen capture, often containingaudio narration.Video capture is the process of converting an analog video signal to digital video.
  4. 4. Use of screen capturing tools
  5. 5. Choosing a screen capture toolsRange of image capturing (selective areas, free handcapturing, etc.)Screen capturing process (set resolution, number of colors,use time delay, etc.)Post-processing (editing actions, effects, etc.) Later modification of images (update the screen captures) Handling of the application (documantation, ease of use)Additional functions (send the image through email, upload via FTP)Supported platforms (OSs, browsers, mobile devices)Pricing
  6. 6. Snipping Tool Included: Windows 7, Windows Vista, and the Experience Pack for Windows XP Tablet EditionEditing options: Pen, HighlighterOutput: HTML, PNG, GIF, JPEGOther options: Send via Email
  7. 7. SnagitCompany: TechSmithLatest version: 10.0.1Pricing: 50 per year; 30-days trialSupported platforms: Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7; Mac OSDownload link:
  8. 8. Snagit (continue)Image captures Text captures: - full screen, active window, region, fixed region; - scrolling areas (scrolling active window, scrolling region); - clipboard, full-screen dos, rich text formatting, etc. Web captures: - all files from a Web page or Web site; - files off Web pages linked to original page. Video captures: - full screen, active window, region, fixed region, etc.
  9. 9. Snagit (continue) Editing tools
  10. 10. JingCompany: TechSmithLatest version: 2.4.10231Pricing: Free, Pro version exists ($14.95)Download link:
  11. 11. WebKutCompany: by Quentin T - Toki WokiLatest version: 1.2.2Pricing: FreeDownload link: Limitations: On Microsoft Windows, PDF document and some Flash animations in web pages will be replaced by blank spaces. The maximum dimension: 2880 pixels.
  12. 12. Ashampoo SnapCompany: AshampooLatest version: 5Pricing: €20Download link:
  13. 13. Ashampoo Snap (continue)
  14. 14. FireShotCompany: ScreenShot CompanyPricing: Free, Pro version exist ($34.95)Supported browsers: Firefox, IE, ChromeDownload link:
  15. 15. FireShot (continue)Editing options:Text tool; Text and Line tool; Text and Freeform Drawingtool; Text and Shape toolOutput formats: PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PDFAdditional options: Print, E-mail, Export, Upload (Easycaptures,Flickr, Picasa, ImageShack, HTTP / FTP server).
  16. 16. Other screen capturing tools for Windows MadCap Capture Price: approx. $39FastStone Capture http://www.madcapsoftware.comPrice: approx. $20 FullShot Price: approx. $90 (PE) and $50 (SE) CaptureXT H@rdcopy Price: approx. $30 Price: approx. $15, free for non-commercial use PicPick Price: approx. $20; free for personal use Screenshot Captor Price: up to you (Donation Ware) WinSnap Price: approx. $25 SPX Instant Screen Capture Bundle HyperSnap Price: approx. $23 Price: approx. $40
  17. 17. Other screen capturing tools for Windows (continue) EasyCapture Price: free (Freeware) Screenpresso Price: free (Freeware)Scenegrabber.NET http://www.screenpresso.comPrice: free (Freeware) GIMP Price: free (Open Source) Greenshot Price: free (Open Source) TNT Screen Capture PrtScr Price: free (Freeware) Price: free (Freeware) SnapDraw SiteShoter Price: free (Freeware) Price: free (Freeware)
  18. 18. Screen capturing tools for Linux Shutter KSnapshot Price: free (Open Source) Price: free (Open Source) http://kde.orgGIMPPrice: free (Open Source) Clip2Net Price: free (Open Source) scrot Price: free (Open Source)
  19. 19. Screen capturing tools for the Mac Voila Price: approx. $30 LayersLittleSnapper Price: approx. $25Price: approx. $39 http://the.layersapp.com SnagIt Paparazzi! Price: approx. $50 Price: free (Freeware) InstantShot! Price: free (Freeware) Skitch Price: free; note terms of service http://www.skitch.comCapture MePrice: free (Freeware) SnapNDrag Price: approx. €5
  20. 20.
  21. 21. Questions?