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Our company is headquartered in San Francisco, California with development centers in Kyiv and Lviv, Ukraine (Europe). Whether you are looking for designers, programmers or testers, we have great talents on board. Since our inception in 2003, we serve a variety of our long-term customers ranging from start-ups in Silicon Valley to large education institutions, such as Stanford, to public companies, such as Monster Worldwide. We pride ourselves in being very responsive in our customer service, strong on quality and effective at getting the job done. We effectively translate your business requirements into functioning software, have a strong sense of design to support conceptual development, and proven ability to solve problems and communicate effectively. We have proven abilities in various phases of software development lifecycle: Requirement Study, Design, Coding, Testing, Debugging, and Maintenance.

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Svitla systems presentation

  1. 1. Strategic Resource Implementation
  2. 2. The Opportunity n Reduce current development & testing costs n Hedge against cost increases n Offset critical risks with diversified sourcing into Eastern Europe n Tap into significant resources of powerhouse development region – Breadth and depth n Keep up with competitive landscape 2 1-650-917-9544,
  3. 3. About Svitla Systems, Inc. n Headquartered in San Francisco, CA n Software development centers in Kyiv and Lviv, Ukraine Lviv, n Excellent technical talent in Ukraine n All developers have BS or MS equivalent in Computer Science, several PhDs in CS on staff n VP of Engineering is a part time professor at Kyiv Polytechnic Institute - the “MIT” equivalent of Ukraine n Founded in October 2003 n 90% of the business is repeat business n Excellent references 3 1-650-917-9544,
  4. 4. Svitla Advantage n Turn- Turn-key Solutions – Comprehensive management – Seamless interfacing with existing structures – Quick and flexible team organization n Experience – All phases of development – Q&A integrated with development and/or as a stand alone service n Select list of clients include notable organizations from publicly traded companies to start-ups in Silicon Valley start- • Stanford University, Monster Worldwide, SNAP (IdeaLab company), Information Methodologies, Philip Zimmerman & Associates, UM Labs, Eportaro, numerous start-ups start- 4 1-650-917-9544,
  5. 5. Turn-Turn-key Solutions n Proven business model – Specification, requirements, and design management – Accessibility during client’s business hours – On- On-site involvement with technical planning/sizing if needed n Flexible project-driven organization project- – Strong project management – High quality and accelerated project delivery – Implementation and deployment support – “Team Extension” model 5 1-650-917-9544,
  6. 6. Turn-Turn-key Solutions n Integrated base site interactions – Perfect alignment with client management – Regular presence at client’s base site – Close involvement in technical discussions on-site on- n Optimally- Optimally-structured off-site roles off- – Software design – Architectural reviews – Development and testing – Maintenance and integration – Replication of customer environment using secure links to customer systems 6 1-650-917-9544,
  7. 7. Why Ukraine? n Strong technical resources – Soviet education systems created unrivaled depth of technical skill – Accessible education system continues to build the supply of specialists n Large country provides large and diverse talent pool n Low cost n Proximity to Western Europe n World- World-class telecommunications infrastructure n Advantageous time difference with US 7 1-650-917-9544,
  8. 8. Key Services n Custom application development n Quality assurance and testing n Systems and process maintenance and modernization 8 1-650-917-9544,
  9. 9. Custom Application Development n We develop applications for a wide range of business needs n Work to understand your business needs and share your values n Utilize leading world methodologies – Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) – Agile Development – Test Driven Development – V-Model for Testing 9 1-650-917-9544,
  10. 10. Custom Application Development n Application structure, database and user interface design – Multi- Multi-tier net distributed applications can be based on newest design technologies such as UML n Coding for selected target platform – According to client specification n Testing as integral part of developments – Our QA experts ensure success of all aspects, from documentation and reporting to reqs., design, coding and test procedures according to V-model V- n Re- Re-engineering according to new specs specs – Transfer of an application onto different platform and/or different database – Complete redesign of applications applications 10 1-650-917-9544,
  11. 11. Quality Assurance and Testing n Our goal is to improve our clients products through scrupulous testing n Close integration with the core work from its earliest stages n Service Description – Development of a quality assurance process – Independent external review of approach – Development of test methodology – Testing • Both black- and white-box black- white- • Performance testing • Certification/Conformance, functional, optimization, and user interface testing • Reviews • Debugging services 11 1-650-917-9544,
  12. 12. Technologies n Operating systems – Windows XP/Vista, Linux, Unix (Solaris, Free BSD, HP-UX) HP- n Technologies – .NET, COM/DCOM, RMI, OLE, ActiveX, VBA, ODBC, ADO, CORBA, MIDAS, UML, Internet protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, WAP, etc.), VOIP etc.), n Languages – C++, Java, Visual Basic, #, Visual Basic .NET, JavaScript, VBScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, HTML, DHTML, XML, C++ Builder, JBuilder, JDeveloper, Oracle Designer, Oracle Developer, Sun Java Workshop, GNU C++ GCC, ColdFusion, HDML, WML, MS Visual C++, Web DB, OCI, ASP, Cobol, JSP, Flash, TCL, PL/SQL n Databases – Oracle Server, Oracle Express Server, MS SQL, MySQL, Interbase, MS Access, Postgress SQL n Internet/Web Development – J2EE, Java Beans, Java Applets, CGI, ASP, JSP, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Flash/Flex n Platforms – IBM PC, Macintosh 12 1-650-917-9544,
  13. 13. Partner With Us n Realize the opportunities – Reduce current development costs – Hedge against cost increases – Offset critical risks with diversified sourcing – Tap into significant resources of powerhouse development region • Breadth and depth – Keep up with competitive landscape n Spend more time/energy on your core mission We look forward to meeting with you to discuss how we can help you meet your objectives. 13 1-650-917-9544,