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презентация по английскому
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презентация по английскому


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. India Everything Useful and Interesting
  • 2. Location and geographic features • India is a state in Southern Asia. India occupies the second place in the world (the area) and the seventh (population). • India has borders with many countries:Pakistan, China, Nepal, Butane, Bangladesh and many others.
  • 3. Map of India • New-Deli is the capital of India. • The most important and the biggest cities are Agra, Mumbai, Calcutta, Varanaci and many others. map_india1.jpg
  • 4. Climate • India is a huge country, therefore it is difficult to define type of the climate of this country. The climate of India depends on the place where you will go. Perhaps when in Goa it is hot in the Himalaya it already snows. It is recommended to go to the Central and Southern India from July till September. The worst time for trips is the time from March till June (very hot and dry).
  • 5. Tourist attractions • In India there are a lot of beautiful sights, most known of which is Taj – Mahal, a symbol of India. It was constructed as a symbol of love of the Indian king to his wife, after her death. Tadg-Maxal was constructed during twenty two years. In front of it there is a wonderful park with beautiful trees and paths. big165.jpg
  • 6. City-phantom • The city-phantom is near the city of Agra. Earlier it was densely populated, but it has become empty in the absence of water. In the city-phantom there are a lot of sites which conserved very well. In this city there is the most beautiful mosque in all India where the emperor came to pray for a birth of the son Fatehpur‑Sikri‑India.jpg
  • 7. Red fort in Agra • In ancient times the fort served as a residence for governors. The part of a fort is used today for military purposes. It has been included into the UNESCO list of the world heritage. big165.jpg
  • 8. Transport • In India there are all kind of transport: air transport, sailing charter, motor transport and railway transportation. • Motorcycles are one of the most popular transport in India, but for beginners it can be difficult. In India there are four big airports two of them are in Dehli and in Mumbai. Railway transport is the most useful in India.
  • 9. Other information • India is well-known for cinema. All films are made in Bollywood. Annually in Bollywood more than 200 films are produced. • The most famous actors are Achvaria Rail, Abxichek Batchan, Radg Kapur.
  • 10. Religion • More than 85% of population in India profess Hinduism. In India there are a great number of Gods the most important of which are Shiva and Krishna. Hindus are very religious. They believe in traditions, follow customs and spend rituals. Many years ago • In India casts were formed which became a very important part of the life of each Indian. Sacred animal in India are cows, which Indians name mother of all live.
  • 11. Indian food • India is the native land of vegetarian kitchen and a science about healthy way of life. In India people should eat in the same time and in good, quite condition. In India it is very important to always observe cleanliness when people prepare food. Basics of Indian food are various spices, like curry. The most popular drink is tea with milk.
  • 12. Indian national clothes • In India as well as in any other country there are national clothes. For women it is a beautiful sari. Sari is always very bright and multi-colored. Indian clothes are very elegant, chic and expensive.