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Camilla and Louise
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Camilla and Louise


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Published in: Education, Sports
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  • 1. My name is Louise. I am 17 years old and live on an island in Denmark called ”Tåsinge”. I live with my mother, father and youngerbrother called Mads. I am at my first year at our High school in my class 1.z.
  • 2. My day starts at 06.50 a.m. I eat breakfast, which could be bread, cereal or yogurt. Afterwards I get ready forschool.
    I have about 3 km. I take my bike to school. We have to be in class at 08.00 a.m. It takes 15 min. to bike to school. To gofrom the island of “Tåsinge” to SG I have to cross a bridge. You can see the bridge inthe picture.
  • 3. Everyone at our high school owns a computer. We use it almost all the time. We take notes and make our homework. We also read stories in books, but often the stories are on the internet and we read a lot on the computer too.
  • 4. In my spare time I practice handball. I have been doing it for 7½ years.
  • 5. I also have two jobs: I work at a baker where I assist the customers two times aweek. I also havemy own team, which I teach to swim also two times a week.
    It is very interesting and I learn much fromboth things.
  • 6. When it is winter me and my family are onvacation. We go to Sweden or Norway to go skiing. We havesnow in Denmark duringwinter, but we do not have big mountains. We have to go to other countries to go skiing.
    But this year I am not able to go to Norway togo skiing with my family. It is sad, because iIreally like it. Also snowboarding.
  • 7. My name is Camilla . I am 17 ½ yearsold. I have a littlesistercalled Nanna. She is soon 14 yearsold. My mum is a nurse, and mydad is a truckdriver. In the picture, youseeme and ourdog, Balder.
  • 8. Camilla’s morning in the weekdays
    5.45 a.m. My alarm clockrings.
    6.00 a.m I get out of bed.
    6.00-6.15 a.mI shower
    6.15-6.30 a.mI makemypacked lunch for the schoolday and makecoffee for mymum. AfterwardsI eatmybreakfast. My dadleaves for work.
    6.30-7.00 a.m I am in myroom. Here I getready to go. (Put onmymake-up, etc.)
    7.00-7.10 a.m. I takemybicycle to the bus.
    7.10-7.50 a.m. I sit in the bus onmyway to the school. My mumleavesforwork.
    8 .00 a.m The firstmodule is starting in school.
  • 9. My sparetime – afterschool
    8 a.m – 1.30 or 3.15 p.m. I am at school
    1.45 or 3.25 p.m. I take the bus home.
    4 p.m. Home, sweethome.
    4 p.m to 5 p.m. I do myhomework.
    My parentscomehome.
    7 p.m. There is dinner at my house.
    10-11 p.m. Time for bed.
  • 10. The weekends
    I love the weekends.
    I spendat leastone
    daywithmy boyfriend.
    I work in a grocery 5-10
    hours pr. weekend.
    ( 5 hours pr. day.)
    Sometimes I go for
    parties withmyfriends
    or boyfriend.
    Of coursethereare
    essays, projects etc. to do!
  • 11. Sparetime activities
    OnmondaysI play the piano orsing for 20 minutes. Afterwards I take the bus to Svendborg, where I do gymnastics for 2 hours. My momormydadpicksme up in Svendborg at 8 p.m. When I comehomeat 8.30 p.m. I mayhave somehomework to do, otherwise I chat withmy boyfriend orwatch television. Everyevening, beforebedtime, I do 20 minutesphysicalexercises.
    OnTuesdays I sing in the schoolchoir. Weare 70 students, and we do concerts in February
    Wednesday to Friday I do differentthingsafterschool. Sometimes I am togetherwithmy boyfriend, sometimes I go to the city for shopping. I also do running in my sparetime. A yearago I ran 24 kilometers in 2 ours. Thatwas a niceexperience!
  • 12. Camilla – an active person!
    I am a girlwho loves to beactiveand to do sports. It is important to befit, and it gives me a break from the school.
    I have playedfootball for 5 years. Right nowI am takinga break, becausesincethis summer I am a HighSchool student , and to beginwith I didn’tknowhowmuch spare time thatyouleaveme. I want to start trainingagain! 
    I did horse riding for 4 ½ years – I stoppedwhen I
    was 14 yearsold.
    I have beendoinggymnastics for 13 yearsor so.
    The last twoyearsI have had myown team with 15 girlson.
    Badminton (1½ year), handball (1 season), Gymnastics(13 years) running (5 years), guitar (1 year), piano (5 years), horsebackriding(4½ years).
  • 13. Louise lives here, in a city called Vindeby
    Svendborg Highschool
    Camilla lives here, in a city calledTulleboelle