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Tapping the Wisdom of Crowds

Innovative technology for Conferences (up to 10000 pax) and big Workshops (Brainstorming with 500 pax parallel) to maximize the results of every event.

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SwarmWorks Presentation

  1. 1. Interactive Learn from Events swarms Collective Intelligence The Wisdom of Crowds Incentives Swarm intelligence Smart Mobs Web 2.0
  2. 2. Tapping the Wisdom of Crowds® Sven Hoffmann
  3. 3. Make Swarm Intelligence Work for You
  4. 4. Swarm Intelligence – Collective Intelligence Anyone who observes a swarm of birds or fish can quickly recognize the characteristics of this form of organisation: a swarm‘s actions are not governed by a central entity, but by the swarm itself.
  5. 5. Tap the Wisdom of the Crowd Using SwarmWorks technology makes it possible for the first time to utilize human swarm behavior in business contexts. The entire and otherwise idle potential of all individual participants attending a large event can be used. Worldwide unique The ability to use the system in real time is decisive in making it to a fascinating instrument. It becomes possible to interact with large groups directly here and now and in real-time without a need for internet/ intranet, paper, etc., thus giving the collective intellect a way to express itself.
  6. 6. Intelligence, Innovation, Interaction These are three challenges each event has to face and deal with today. Inspire your audience by actively embedding/ involving each single one of them. Our new SwarmWorks technology will let you achieve this.  At the base is the SwarmPad – a small, reflective signaler for each participant.  Each individual participant can signal either color A or B.  A network of high-resolution cameras and computers grabs/tracks the transmitted signals in real time and processes them.  A „Swarm Signal“ emerges from the individuals‘ independant signals and can be used to interact with the entire group.
  7. 7. SwarmWorks - Technology Groupsize Groups can range from anywhere between two and a couple thousand participants. The more participants, the easier it is to observe the effects of swarming. Swarming can be observed from sizes of about 50 upwards.
  8. 8. Your Advantages  Interact with a large group as if it were a super organism – your audience is entirely involved instead of merely being present, as their role changes from passive attendants to involved participants.  You will directly receive spontaneous and direct feedback from you audience.  You can use the group's potential and achieve completely new levels of awareness and insight.  You can create fun, action and enthusiasm and a real experience for each individual.  You can utilize a unique format for your event and set yourself apart from other large events providers.  SwarmWorks can be booked as a unique event, as an interactive platform, a platform for interaction for your entire event or as a mere module. Our experienced team will take charge of moderation on location in German, English, French and Spanish and other languages, to meet your requirements.
  9. 9. SwarmWorks Formats und Applications  SwarmPolling: carry out a poll in real time  SwarmGaming: for unique group experiences  SwarmCreating: for modern, creative teamwork  SwarmWare: for a clients‘ individual needs
  10. 10. SwarmPolling – for polling in real-time  Use our technology as a modern tool for voting. The SwarmPad of each individual participant serves as a ballot. The audience can comment on your topics in real-time, or answer questions in next to no time.  Give the collective intellect of your audience a voice and integrate it directly into the events.  Win feedback in real-time and use it to adapt static, content-orientated presentations to your audience by integrating all participating attendees in the room.
  11. 11. SwarmPolling – for polling in real-time Options: Customer specific Applications: packing/implementation: • YES / NO decisions • Moderation • Company events • Multiple choice polling • Graphical adaption of • Conferences your corporation design • Live polling / surveys • Trade show • Special queries • TED-polling • Scenario decisions • Feedback gathering • Gameshow applications • Moderation • Grafische Anpassungen an Ihr Corporate Design • Spezialabfragen
  12. 12. SwarmPolling – for polling in real-time
  13. 13. SwarmGaming – for unique group experiences  Make intelligent swarm actions a collective experience for your audience. Two teams, supplied with SwarmPads, compete with each other – the more participants, the better. Our systems will put the incoming signals of the respective teams into action in real-time. Participants will quickly recognize: the group – or the swarm – acts more efficient than single participants. A crowd in the hundreds will, for instance, steer a flight simulator more successful than only one alone.  Use this effect as a team-building measure/ Use this effect for team-building.  SwarmGaming is entirely customizable – in other words, we can fit any existing games to meet your individual needs and can give the games a suitable skin. If wished, we can also develop new games for you – our programs are in-line with standardized interfaces, so that adjustments and new products can be developed at all times and with manageable effort.
  14. 14. SwarmGaming – for unique group experiences Options: Customer specific Applications: packing/ implementation: • Classical video games • Graphical adaption to • Large group events such as Pong your corporate • As a regenerating/ design • Flight Simulator reactiviting event • Editing of game module, e.g. after • Existing Java-/Flash- rules, figures, levels lunchtime and other games • Development of • As a live demonstration • Both competitive and customer specific of swarm intelligence collaborative types of game modules game • Instantaneous team- bildung/sense of unity • Playful contents convey subject matters • Simple, honest fun for a group SwarmGaming – for unique group experiences
  15. 15. SwarmGaming – for unique group experiences SwarmPONG SwarmPACMAN
  16. 16. SwarmCreating – for modern creative team work  Profit from the collective intelligence of your audience. This format will allow you to collect the group's ideas, answers and contributions, analyse them and to directly utilise them if necessary.  The group can create their own content through the combination of a keyboard and our SwarmWorks technology. In this case, interactions take place on the individual level, in arbitrary teams or on a group level.  This platform brings the Web 2.0, i.e. user-generated content, right into your event.
  17. 17. SwarmCreating – for modern creative team work Options: Customer specific Applications: packing/ implementation: • Brainstorming • Moderation and • Company events creation of individual • Creative problem • Product presentations training concepts solving • Workshops • Configuration of • Idea benchmarking additional modules if • Trainings and selecting necessary • Idea market/ Idea exchange • Decision making • Interactive learning • Interactive networking
  18. 18. SwarmCreating – for modern creative team work
  19. 19. SwarmWare – for individual customer requirements  SwarmWare makes it possible to visually and contextually integrate your requirements with the SwarmWorks technology. SwarmWare is the logical motor. A customer's logo can be embedded into a games skin. In combination with SwarmGaming, the overall goals of a company can also be integrated into a game co-workers have to fight for as a hands-on challenge.  Even more is possible. Transfer a video game into the real world: let your audience conduct an entire orchestra or control a real digger. Your creativity can be applied without limits. This makes SwarmWare to a real enrichment in regard to modern business communications and contemporary training measures.
  20. 20. SwarmWare – for individual customer requirements Options: Customer specific Applications: packing/ implementation: • Live dialogue with the • Substantially possible entire group through flexible interfaces such as • Use of the swarm Java, Flash, etc. signal to control other technical applications • Up-to-date technology • Combination of SwarmPolling, • Process design and SwarmGaming and implementation by SwarmCreating experienced Business Coaches
  21. 21. SwarmWare – for individual customer requirements Screenshot für SwarmWare
  22. 22. Swarm Technology Briefing  Time frame > SwarmWork's formats can be applied in time frames ranging between ten to 20 minutes and up to any number of hours. Even a whole or several days can be organized if SwarmWorks is to be used as an interactive platform for an event • Team presence > A team of technicians and a moderator are always on site when SwarmWorks is put to practice.
  23. 23. Swarm Technology Briefing  Installation time > It takes around four hours to get our system up and running, depending on the size and format of the application.  Lead time adaptation > We recommend forwarding materials two weeks in advance to allow for enough time to coordinate adjustments between us and you.
  24. 24. Swarm Technology Briefing  Lead time development > SwarmWorks utilizes standardized interfaces which make it possible to implement a client's wishes and requirement in a short amount of time, ranging between merely a few weeks or even just a couple of days.  Lighting > SwarmWorks uses the most modern technology available. No special requirements to a locations lighting are thus needed. SwarmWorks formats can also be used outside, in overcast conditions.
  25. 25. Swarm Technology Briefing  Foreign deployment > The technology used is compact and can be transported by air. SwarmWorks can be used anywhere in the world without need for any larger logistical measures.  Data analysis > All answers can naturally be saved in appropriate formats.  Languages > Thanks to our diversified team of moderators we are able to render our services in the world's most globally spoken languages. If given adequate time in advance, we can also train additional, local moderators.
  26. 26. Contact Sven Hoffmann Senior Associate ChangeWorks GmbH&Co KG E-mail: Sven.Hoffmann@ChangeWorks.com Mobile: +49-151-587 557 03
  27. 27. Thank you for your attention