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Unlocking the synergies between the financial power behind the "Kyoto Protocol/CO2-certificates", the 100 € laptop/One-Laptop-per-Child education project and the Millennium Development Goals... Looking forward to your feedback on : http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User_talk:SvenAERTS

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  1. 1. Welcome to todays workshop on : How to bring prosperity, create local jobs, attract financiers, redynamize communities, develop business and make money thanks to the 100€ Millennium Laptop the Kyoto Development Education Protocol Goals Project UNLOCKING THE SYNERGIES SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 1 Goodmorning ... Welcome to todays workshop on ...
  2. 2. After this presentation you’ll know: • How to create welfare, local jobs, attract financiers, develop business and make money thanks to the Kyoto Protocol • the Millennium Development Goals • the OLPC Initiative • How they are linked ... & unlock their synergies • Q&R after 30' • Speeddating/Next workshops/ Expression of Interest OK ? SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 2
  3. 3. What is the overall aim of our project ? • ChannelInvestors” forstrength of “Kyoto the financial Millennium Goals : • via an education project • reaching out, via the children • to the schools, transforming the school in a tool where several CO2 reducing = money saving techniques are implemented =demonstrated • and the parents • to increase the welfare of communities, (= transfer of technologies & money from rich to developing regions) • accellerate achieving the goals of the 3 initiatives by unlocking their synergies • some observations • Then: How to start the ball rolling ? SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 3 So ... via the children, we can reach the parents and the schools... and bring/transer all that money and knowledge to the community.
  4. 4. we’ll only give a brief intro on the 3 projects, for more in depth info, we refer to their respective websites: The “Kyoto Protocol” for more info, google: UNFCCC United Nations Framework on Climate Change Controll The UN Millennium Development Goals http://www.un.org/millenniumgoals/ The OLPC education spill-over project http://laptop.media.mit.edu/ SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 4
  5. 5. The Kyoto Protocol SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 5
  6. 6. Trailer More info: Google & Youtube: The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See by Wonderingmind42 SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 6 I guess you know we’re going towards a Global Climate Destabilisation ... more info : the trailer and movie of “An inconvenient Truth by Nobel Price winner Al Gore and the Teams of Climatologists.
  7. 7. The Kyoto Protocol What happened ..... • We’re burning a lot more fossile fuels than our planet can absorb ... thus causing a Global Climate Destabilisation ... • Kyoto Protocol since 2005,completely changed the world’s economy: we now live in a Carbon Friendly economy, CO2=money ! NEW FOR EVERYBODY ! • Projects reducing Greenhouse Gases get “CO2-certificates” / CO2eq • Carbon Emission Reduction certificates=CER’s • 1 CER = 5-15-25 € and rising, penalty: 100€ ! • First world governments and polluting compagnies HAVE to buy these CO2- certificates to compensate their emissions! To Flash Animation SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 7
  8. 8. How can you attract money in our Carbon Restrained Economy, thanks to the Kyoto Protocol ? • Projects that reduce “CO2”/ Greenhouse gases, generate “CO2- certificates” = CER’s (Carbon Emission Reduction certificates) • Polluters HAVE to buy these CER’s, e.g. an electricity company burning coal in a first world country, to compensate its pollution • Planting forests • Changing all light-bulbs in all public buildings (1 million eco-lamps) • Rural development kits (100.000 kits) • 100€ laptop, eco-school/eco-hospital/... • all these projects reduce CO2 • 90% financed by financiers that need the CO2-certificates • Difficult ? Then why don’t we do it? SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 8
  9. 9. The Millennium Development Goals the year 2000 ... the mythical year ... to many SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 9
  10. 10. 1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger 2. Achieve universal primary education 3. Promote gender equality and empower woman 4. Reduce child mortality 5. Improve maternal health 6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases 7. Ensure environmental sustainability 8. Develop a global partnership for development SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 10 These are 8 goals our World Leaders have set themselves in 2000, when we entered the new Millennium ... to be achieved by 2015 We’re going to focus on 7 and 8, and go via 1 and 3 to the rest of them...
  11. 11. 9. The Computer / Open Source community also wanted to contribute ... but how ? 100 € laptop Kofi ANAN, the UN-Secretary General, thought a sustainable, internet capable laptop of less than 100€, etc. would be cool ... • The MIT-won this contest ... • Asia won the production ... • Pro’s and con’s / take part... cf. www SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 11
  12. 12. = Smallest School... ... teacher in a box ... • very strong • open-source • top-color screen • surf internet wireless • computers find each other automatically • web-phone • hand-powered or solar powered • light source for the house • 100 €/computer SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 12
  13. 13. The “Kyoto Protocol” mobilizes 100’s of billions of € and transfers sustainable technology from developed to developing countries, to combate the Global Climate Destabilization The UN Millennium Development Goals 8 goals from Nation’s Leaders to develop humanity The OLPC education spill-over project reaching out - via the youngsters & schools - to the adults & community thus dynamizing a whole society SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 13
  14. 14. The “Kyoto Protocol” there are investors that are ready to exchange money for implementing renewable energy technologies in schools (PhotoVoltaics,Windpower, Biogas, Solar,...) for the CO2-reduction certificates and a pay-back system based on sharing in the profits of the reduction of the costs of the utility-bill of the schools. The UN Millennium Development Goals there are financial techniques that take over the risk of a project that benefactors may run by investing in projects necessary to obtain the Millennium Goals (e.g. building schools, hospitals,...). So the risc is separated from the the return of the project. The OLPC education spill-over project 100 €/computer challenge by the UN, won by the MIT- USA, production contest won by Taiwan, ... SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 14
  15. 15. Summary: Overall strategy to reach out - via youngsters and schools - to the parents, the adults and society thus to accellerate a redynamization process from the ground-up and achieve the goals of the 3 projects faster & more efficiently SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 15
  16. 16. Via the kids ... Formal and non-formal education Formal education = school teacher talks -students shut-up non-formal education = what youngsters learn by participating in a youth organisation, skills they learn there (leadership, collaboration, experiment, train themselves, ..., learn from mistakes, brainstorming, open space techniques, travel, language training, ... ) SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 16 Formal Education is the typical Teacher-versus-Children approach... Non-Formal education is a bit older youngster or a friend teaching another youngster... often the best teacher of the kid is a slightly older kid ... and it seems like the fastest way of teaching kids/youngsters it to use a combination of both ...
  17. 17. and the school becomes a paedagogical tool from which lessons start & demonstration center for sustainable technologies for parents and spill-over to the whole community the school is made from local materials: e.g. bales of straw/rice/ sugar cane/papercrete & showcases e.g. biogas, solar power, wind-power, efficient stoves, ... investors that need the CO2-certificates are willing to invest in such projects... Who can mobilise e.g. 10.000 schools ? SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 17 This is such a school, made from local materials (adobe, bales from rice/straw/sugar cane, ...), solar panels for heating (meals) and electricity, ... These investors don’t invest 1 million € ... they need to invest .... 10 million €/projects ... so we have to gather enough schools and of course offer guarantees that the technologies will be paid back: e.g. via a reduction of the utility bill... or because the school will be a demo-project for villages ... and the schools create the “spill-over” effect to the community/families and thus we can get maybe 100.000 families involved ... and we have a 10 million € project so we can interest an investor.
  18. 18. and the school demonstration center for sustainable technologies for parents and spill-over to the whole community photo-voltaics for electricity, little scrap-built windturbine, solar collector for warm water, biogas from organic wastes ... explain the parents what it is, how it can improve their life, how to build it, install it, ... SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 18 This is such a school, made from local materials (adobe, bales from rice/straw/sugar cane, ...), solar panels for heating (meals) and electricity, ... These investors don’t invest 1 million € ... they need to invest .... 10 million €/projects ... so we have to gather enough schools and of course offer guarantees that the technologies will be paid back: e.g. via a reduction of the utility bill... or because the school will be a demo-project for villages ... and the schools create the “spill-over” effect to the community/families and thus we can get maybe 100.000 families involved ... and we have a 10 million € project so we can interest an investor.
  19. 19. reach out via the kids and the school to the parents... kids to parents, school to parents not only to learn what a computer can do, but also what solar power, renewable energy can do for them SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 19 The spill-over effect is happening... via the 1 laptop per child education project.
  20. 20. SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 20 All these kids participated in an international virtual-world and real-world writing and interactive language learning project over the internet about the UN Millennium Development Goals ... and Human Rights ... a second project was dealing about “water” ... another one about “climate” ...
  21. 21. and reach out to the whole society demonstration center for sustainable technologies for parents and spill-over to the whole community SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 21 LeftTop: Kids in exchange programm between eco-villages & eco-schools in eco-village network ... RightTop: Wifi-postal services: the new service of the postal service ... a linux equipped computer is powered by the battery of the scooter/bus and when passing a stop ... the in & out-going emails are exchanged via wifi ... thus ensuring a minimum internet service for free. LeftBottem: Biogas used at bio-farm where now farmers grow ALSO biofuel-crops and are linked in a cooperative bringing them additional revenues from CO2e-certificates RightBottem: Fair where all the CO2e-certificates and projects are traded ...
  22. 22. Tell me why it won’t work ... Projets MDP à Petite Echelle Emissions évitées N° Intitulé Organisme Statut du projet (KT ECO²/an) Projets de gestion de déchets #$%%&'(&quot;&(quot;($)'*+,&quot;-.quot;/0(*+1&quot;-+12quot;%+quot;-0'*+),&quot;-&quot;%+quot;34%%&quot; !quot; #+422&quot;-&quot;90:;(quot;&(quot;-&quot;A&2(4$1quot; !>BCquot; 61quot;'$.)2quot;-&quot;/$1(+,&quot; -56%quot;7+-4-+8quot;90:;(2quot;/$<&12quot;+11.&%2quot;-&quot;==8>??quot;(@+1quot; E,&1'&quot;-LE/01+,&/&1(quot;-&quot;%+quot;O+%%0&quot;-&quot; R)$N&(quot;+::)$.30quot;:+)quot;%LES9quot;D9Rquot; Iquot; J0'.:0)+(4$1quot;&(quot;($)'*+,&quot;-.quot;G4$,+Kquot;-+12quot;%+quot;-0'*+),&quot;-LM.%N+quot; !=BQquot; P$.)&,)&,quot; D+)$'quot; Projets d’Energie Renouvelable R)$-.'(4$1quot;-50%&'()4'4(0quot;:+)quot;%&2quot;V4(2quot;:*$($3$%(+WX.&2quot;Y!?!quot;Z??quot;V4(2quot; R)$N&(quot;&1)&,42()0quot;:+)quot;%&quot;#$12&4%quot; =quot; M]]4'&quot;S+(4$1+%quot;-&quot;%L6%&'()4'4(0quot; =^BZquot; -&quot;>Zquot;['quot; 6_0'.(4]quot;%&quot;IQquot;+3)4%quot;I??Cquot; R)$N&(quot;&1)&,42()0quot;:+)quot;%&quot;#$12&4%quot; aquot; R+)'quot;0$%4&1quot;bquot;!?quot;D[quot;bquot;`0($.+1quot; cEdEJA6quot;equot;D+)$'quot; IQBCquot; 6_0'.(4]quot;%&quot;I=quot;2&:(&/G)&quot;I??Zquot; Zquot; R+)'quot;0$%4&1quot;!?quot;D[quot; F`quot;D4')$&%&'()$14'2quot;quot; =Iquot; quot; R)$N&(quot;0$%4&1quot;:$.)quot;%+quot;2(+(4$1quot;-&quot;-&22+%&/&1(quot;-&quot;`+1quot;`+1quot; R)$N&(quot;+::)$.30quot;:+)quot;%LES9quot;D9Rquot; Cquot; M]]4'&quot;S+(4$1+%quot;-&quot;%L6+.quot;R$(+G%&quot; !>BIquot; T12(+%%+(4$1quot;-&quot;!?D[quot; D+)$'quot; 903&%$::&/&1(quot;-&quot;%L.(4%42+(4$1quot;-&2quot;'*+.]]&2quot;&+.quot;2$%+4)&2quot;-+12quot;%&2quot; #&1()&quot;-&quot;903&%$::&/&1(quot;-&2quot;61&),4&2quot; >quot; aquot; 61quot;'$.)2quot;-&quot;/$1(+,&quot; '&1()&2quot;*$2:4(+%4&)2YZquot;???quot;/Iquot;-&quot;'*+.]]&2quot;&+.quot;2$%+4)&2quot; J&1$.3&%+G%&2quot; #$/:+,14&quot; T1-.2()4&%%&quot; -&2quot; d4G)&2quot; ZBaquot; 61quot;'$.)2quot;-&quot;/$1(+,&quot; Qquot; R+)'quot;6$%4&1quot;Iquot;D[quot;&1()&:)42&quot;R%+2(4X.&quot;`+1,&)quot; `+1,&)quot; Projets d’efficacité énergétique 6'%+4)+,&quot;:.G%4'quot;:+)quot;c+/:&2quot;bquot;P+22&quot;#$12$//+(4$1quot;YcP#Bquot;&(quot; STRquot;+::)$.30&quot;:+)quot;%LES9quot;D9Rquot; ^quot; M]]4'&quot;S+(4$1+%quot;-&quot;%L6%&'()4'4(0quot; IBCquot; /$-.%+(&.)2quot;-&quot;:.422+1'&8quot;Y!Zquot;???quot;%+/:&2quot; D+)$'quot; E22$'4+(4$1quot;-&quot;%+quot;h$1&quot;T1-.2()4&%%&quot;-&quot; ?BQquot; !?quot; 6]]4'+'4(0quot;-&quot;%L0'%+4)+,&quot;-+12quot;a?quot;41-.2()4&2quot;`&_(4%&quot; STRquot;&1quot;'$.)2quot; `+1,&)quot;EhT`quot; !!quot; aquot;quot;R)$N&(2quot;-L0'%+4)+,&quot;:.G%4'quot;iquot;J+G+(Bquot;S$.+22&.)Bquot;D+))+V&'*quot; #$//.1&2quot;f)G+41&2 quot; !B?Zquot; 61quot;'$.)2quot;-&quot;/$1(+,&quot; E22$'4+(4$1quot;-&quot;%LT1-.2()4&quot;g;(&%4j)& !Iquot; R&(4(&quot;'$,010)+(4$1quot;41]0)4&.)&quot;bquot;=??quot;V[quot;:$.)quot;I?quot;*;(&%2quot; 18-8quot; #$1'&:(4$1quot; #$,010)+(4$1quot;G4$/+22&quot;iquot;0%&'()4'4(0quot;2.)quot;)02&+.quot;&(quot;&+.quot;'*+.-&quot; E22$'4+(4$1quot;-&quot;%LT1-.2()4&quot;g;(&%4j)& !=quot; 18-8quot; #$1'&:(4$1quot; 2+14(+4)&quot;iquot;a?quot;*;(&%2quot;D+))+V&'*8quot; O+)4+(&.)2quot;-&quot;34(&22&quot;+.quot;143&+.quot;&_().24$1iquot;I?quot;T1-.2()4&2quot;2&'(&.)quot; E22$'4+(4$1quot;-&quot;%+quot;h$1&quot;T1-.2()4&%%&quot;-&quot; !aquot; QBI>quot; STRquot;&1quot;'$.)2quot; R%+2(.),4&quot; `+1,&)quot;EhT`quot; O+)4+(&.)2quot;-&quot;34(&22&quot;+.quot;143&+.quot;+4)quot;'$/:)4/0quot;iquot;I?quot;T1-.2()4&2quot; E22$'4+(4$1quot;-&quot;%+quot;h$1&quot;T1-.2()4&%%&quot;-&quot; !Zquot; !Iquot; STRquot;&1quot;'$.)2quot; 2&'(&.)quot;R%+2(.),4&quot; `+1,&)quot;EhT`quot; D$14($)41,quot;(&/:2quot;)0&%quot;-&2quot;'$12$//+(4$12quot;0%&'()4X.&2quot;iquot;I?quot; E22$'4+(4$1quot;-&quot;%+quot;h$1&quot;T1-.2()4&%%&quot;-&quot; !Cquot; QBaquot; #$1'&:(4$1quot; 41-.2()4&2quot; `+1,&)quot;EhT`quot; in the mean time these are some projects in Morocco SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 22
  23. 23. e.g.:1 million eco-lamps • Multidisciplinary & international team • University: Calculate how much CO2 • Mayor: Ok & where + list public buildings & number of lamps • Local N.G.O.: explain and monitor • Verificator: lamps still there after 15 yrs? • Feasibility study: • benefits - costs = + ? • You can make money via: a Salary + Shares + CERs Feasibility study is worth = 5.000 € SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 23
  24. 24. 1 million eco-lamps • Intention Declaration Mayor • Me, Mr. X, mayor of the town Y, will collaborera te by making a list with all public buildings and listing all lamps +types+watts and will make sure there is personnel to exchange the lamps on the condition there is a financier who will finance the lamps, a paty that takes care of the CO2-certificates and ... • + identity card & proof the Mayor is the Mayor • Time to make a feasibility study: = f (partners;3-9 month) Feasibility study is worth = 5.000 € SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 24
  25. 25. Who do we need around the table ? • Ministry of Education, support demo project • Ministry of Economics, support demo project • Technical teams that know about Electricity, Team that knows about Building, team that knows about Plumbing, • large NGO that has contact with local groups and can follow-up the project, and all these teams and projects in every village/city • Universities that can assist with the peadagogical implementation • Kyoto Consultants that calculate the CO2 certificates • Organisation of a meeting where all meet and sit together to develop a financial plan: What is realistic and how quick can a family pay back a “Solar Power Kit” ? A Solar Power Kit of 700€ or 7.000 € ? • Grant writing team to obtain funds for these meetings to take place SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 25 Ns offrons 5.000 € pour une étude de faisabilité qui démontre qu’il y a des certificats CO2 généré ...
  26. 26. What next ? • Make a multidisciplinary & international team • Sign a Collaboration Agreement/Intention Declaration/Remuneration Formula • Define the role of everyon, how you will contribute + signatures + la proof ! • Feasibility study = avantages - coûts = + • How much will you earn ? = How much will the financier make ? • You don’t risk anything ?=The financier won’t finance anyting Feasibility study is worth = 5.000 € SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 26 Ns offrons 5.000 € pour une étude de faisabilité qui démontre qu’il y a des certificats CO2 généré ...
  27. 27. How to team up ? • Sign an agreement with the lecturer • Ask a copy of this workshop • Make a team • Give the workshop yourself • Ask a little entrance fee to make yourself a work-budget • Sign up other people, make a feasibility study and send it in... if you can proove it will get CO2 certificates, it’s worth 5.000 € (decided upon =2 months max) • Train others ... SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 27
  28. 28. This is how a school looks like for most children and youngsters ... = 40% of your world’s population Goal 2 of the UN Millennium Development Goals Sending kids to school - Universal primary education SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 28
  29. 29. This is an mobile-school • to recuperate street kids • this is what happens when it’s deployed by a good ngo ... • ... whilst at the same time at the eco-school ... SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 29
  30. 30. Be part of the change ... ... inspire others ! SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 30
  31. 31. Thank you • • After this presentaion, you’ll know: what is happening, the link between the Kyoto Protocol, the Millennium In nature, everything is connected Development Goals and the 100€ Olpc-education project • how to create jobs, attract financiers and develop business thanks to the Kyoto Protocol • in your region • who you need to bring around the table the land, the water & the air, north & south, east & west Worth your time ? and maybe even more... Q&R after 30’ Speeddating/Next workshops Other Workshops: the CMD/JI “Kyoto” Certification mechanism the CDM/JI preferred country list the CO2 calculator for waste Waste 2 Energy - Cer Parks SvenAERTS228@gmail.com 31