Infopack ukraine, 2013 11-21 October 2013


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Infopack ukraine, 2013 11-21 October 2013

  1. 1. Participants' guide Art as a tool against discrimination
  2. 2. Information for participants of the training course Summary We welcome you to the training course“Art as a tool against discrimination” organized under the Youth in Action Programme supported by the European Commission. This training on intercultural dialogue through the subject of art will take place in Lviv, from 11th to 21st October 2013, with participants from 6 European and Caucasus countries: France, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, in the frame of the Eastern Partnership Youth Window. The objective is to train youth workers and youth artists to conduct intercultural projects promoting intercultural dialogue and inclusion through art. The method will be non-formal education, by creating interactive spaces, propitious for exchange. The 30 participants will share ideas and experiences on the theme of art as a lever of dialogue within the European and Caucasian areas. Workshops of artistic creation with intercultural dimension, meetings with local associations/institutions, and elaborating proposals for the development of new partnerships and multilateral projects, will be implemented during the training. An interactive teaching method Working methods will be based on the approach and tools of non-formal education, facilitating intercultural learning in the European and Caucasian context. These methods, participatory and experiential, will foster the valorization of participants and their active involvement, considered as resources for learning and development of the group. Particular attention will be paid to the analysis of the experience of each pax, identification of problems, their causes, and the implementation of cooperation activities. - Artistic workshops, Energizers Expert inputs Talking, exchanging and confronting experiences Pedagogical activities and simulation role plays Individual and group exercises Workshops on project creation Workshops on development practices Reflection groups Meetings with local civil society and institutional actors Objectives To develop and improve the skills of young leaders/artists who will become relays in their local realities. The project promotes awareness of young people and their involvement in the fight against discrimination and marginalization in order to establish a more inclusive society. Also, it fosters initiatives, creativity and entrepreneurship among young people, through their involvement in all phases of the project.
  3. 3. Specific Objectives - Explore and analyze intercultural cooperation, integration and social cohesion through the participation and inclusion of disadvantaged youth - Stimulate reflection by sharing ideas and encourage participants to learn about art as a tool for tolerance, social inclusion and fight against discrimination - Provide the participants with new knowledge, skills and tools for the implementation of youth projects - Encourage solidarity of participants towards others - Allow project's leaders to share their experiences and expertise in order to familiarize themselves with socio-cultural and administrative contexts - Improve the knowledge of the YiAP and promote the realization of projects according to its priorities/objectives In preparation for the training course, each participant needs to: - Fill out and send back the questionnaire attached before 1st of October to . This will allow the pedagogical team to identify your expectations and your needs. - Do research and collect pedagogical materials and case studies (problems and/or good practices) on the theme of " art as a tool to fight against discrimination and exclusion of marginalized children and young people” in your respective countries in order to make the most of the exchanges during the various training workshops. - Prepare, using your own creativity and innovation (but no Powerpoint, please), a presentation of your country, region and a typical traditional food speciality from your community for sharing with the other participants and the local population during the intercultural night. Be aware that it will not be possible to cook in the hostel. - Be ready to participate in workshops and concert, where you will have to demonstrate your talent on an amateur or professional level (traditional or modern dances, playing the instruments, theatrical performance, singing etc.). Artistic workshops will be held for orphans and young people with disabilities in boarding schools. Gala concert will consist of performances of participants, as well as local artists. Please don’t forget to take traditional or contemporary costumes, music, instruments etc. or anything that will help you to showcase your talent (type of art you are engaged in). - Prepare in advance a creative and interactive presentation of your sending organisation, explaining the domains in which it works as well as its objectives and activities. You need to be able to find a creative way of presenting it that will allow other participants to grasp the basic ideas in no more than 5 minutes. - Bring good mood, positive energy, humour and dynamism .
  4. 4. Conditions for participation (The ones who receive this e-mail have been selected for the TC and fulfill these conditions) - - Be over 18 years of age and be willing to participate in all training sessions (punctuality, respect for the program, active involvement...) Be a beginner to the Youth in Action Programme Carry a youth project which will be structured and developed during the training, and then send it to your National Agency for funding Assume 30% of the cost of your ticket. The remaining 70% will be reimbursed by Human World in two installments (35% during the training course and 35% upon submission of the boarding pass and the others costs); Accept to pay 50 € of participation during the training ; Accept the refund policy Refund policy    the accommodation and food costs will be support by Human World 70% of the ticket from your country to Ukraine on the dates of the project (arriving in Lviv on October 11, and departing on October 21 after 1.00 pm if possible), provided that they do not exceed the maximum rate (cf. table), according to the refund policy below 50 € of participation fees in the training will be to pay REIMBURSEMENT CONDITIONS & RESTRICTIONS: 1. How will be reimbursed? 35% of the travel expenses and visa expenses, by cash, during the TC, upon receiving: (1) filled documents of travel and the copies of expenses by e-mail to before 5 of October; (2) having with you the ORIGINALS of boarding pass(es) / train ticket(s) / bus ticket(s); (3) having with you original of invoices ( flight ticket, other handling charges) 35% of the travel expenses by money transfer (bank transfer, Western Union....)upon receiving by Post Office in Human World the ORIGINALS RETURN of the boarding pass and others transportations costs. The recipient (you) will pay half of the transfer fees, and Human World will pay the remaining half.
  5. 5. 2. What expenses will not be reimbursed? Passport renewal; Insurance; Flight change penalty fees; Travelling outside of itinerary of your country to Lviv and back; Travelling expenses outside of training dates; Price difference between granted amount and real price of trip. From 5th of October, please purchase tickets according to price lists indicated below. If you have any questions, PLEASE CONTACT US. After purchasing the tickets, please fill out the document in attachment "OUTIL DE VOYAGE" and send it back to us. Each person must purchase a ticket within the following budget costs in order to get the full 70% reimbursement from Human World. Travelling costs not to be exceeded Country of residence Maximum ticket price (100%) per person in Euros. Transportation tickets to Lviv (round trip) Ukraine France Turkey Romania Georgia Azerbaijan 0 euro 477. 14 € 296. 16 € 470 € 442. 4 € 413. 6 € - Please make sure that you arrange to arrive in Lviv on the 11th of October and leave on the 21st of October from 1 pm and onwards (13.00). - You can buy your ticket as of now, but make sure to stay within the limit of the rates listed above. If in doubt, please contact us before buying the tickets. Once your have bought your ticket, please fill in the document attached for this purpose and return it with the copy of the invoice and the electronic ticket to us by mail to
  6. 6. Location The training course will take place at The Hotel “Hostel” 38 Pulyuya Str. Lviv, Ukraine The hotel is a 15 minute bus ride from the city centre. All activities will be held here, and this is also where participants will sleep and have all their meals. Rooms are double or triple (2 or 3 persons) with a separate bathroom and toilet in the hallway. Two rooms (five people at the most) will share one bathroom and one toilet. Please note the following: - Smoking is not allowed inside the hotel - Refrain from making noises that may disturb others at night from midnight to 8am - The hotel is equipped with WIFI, Internet - Payphones are available at the hotel Do not forget to bring - Towels - Your personal toiletries (shampoo, soap …) - Rain gear, as it frequently rains in Ukraine at this time of the year
  7. 7. Entering Ukraine ! On the Ukrainian border / airport Border Guard Service can ask you: - Information about the place of stay in Ukraine: Hotel “Hostel”, 38, Ivana Pulyuya street, Lviv - Purpose of the trip: Cultural Exchange - part in the international project “Art as a tool against discrimination” - Name and address of the organization who invited you in Ukraine: Youth Pablic Organisation “Human World”, identification code is 38008116 Address: 16, Kulykivska street, Lviv, Ukraine, 79044 Phones: 0038 0980403336, 0038 0633076883, fax: 0032 2388223 e-mail: Director – Lesya SAVARYN Phones: 0038 0980403336, 0038 0633076883 Before coming to Ukraine you will receive by email the scanned invitation Instructions to get to the Hotel “Hostel” 1. From Airport “Lviv” Danylo Halytkyj Detailed description of the route Walking to the bus stop Airport (New Terminal) 0 min Bus number 48 The interval of motion: 10-15 min. Depart: bus stop Airport (New Terminal) On the road: 8 min. Price: 2.00 UAH Arrive: bus stop Pivdennyj Bazaar (Ринок «Південний»)
  8. 8. Chang the bus № 25 or 23 from the same bus stop: Pivdennyj Bazaar (Ринок «Південний») Bus number 48 Bus number 25 or 23 From the stop: Pivdennyj Bazaar To stop: Pivdennyj Bazaar 0 m (0 min.) Bus number 25 or 23 The interval of motion: 10 min. Depart: bus stop: Pivdennyj Bazaar (Ринок «Південний») On the road: 8 min. Price: 2.00 UAH Arrive: the bus stop: Ivana Pulyuya street ( Івана Пулюя вулиця) Walking from the bus stop Ivana Pulyuya street to Ivana Pulyuya, 38: mins.) 527 m (6 2. From Central Railway Station Detailed description of the route Walk to the bus stop: Central Railway Station 1 min 1 Bus number 32 or 10 Range of motion: 10-15 min. Depart: bus stop Central Railway Station On the road: 20 min. Price: 2.00 UAN Arrive: the bus stop: Ivana Pulyuya street ( Пулюя ) Walking from the bus stop Ivana Pulyuya street to Ivana Pulyuya, 38: mins.) 527 m (6
  9. 9. 3. From Kiev From Boryspil airport / Kyiv goes the bus to the main railway station of Kyiv Please note that to get from the airport to the railway station, you may need 1.5 or 2 hours. On this web address you can book or buy a ticket for the train to Lviv: Trains schedule to Lviv: Train Number Train Route year-round daily Departure time from Kyiv Arrival time to Lviv 43 Kyiv - Ivano-Frankivsk 18:49 02:52 49 Kyiv-Truskavec 20:18 05:27 81 Kyiv - Uzhhorod 18:37 03:47 91 Kyiv - Lviv 22:40 06:26 99 Kyiv - Uzhhorod 15:22 00:23 141 Kyiv - Lviv 15:52 04:37 143 Kyiv - Ivano-Frankivsk 21:00 06:42 169 Darnytsya / Kyiv - Lviv INTERSITY+ 17:01 22:20 Information about Ukraine Lviv is the cultural capital of Ukraine thanks to the more than 150 festivals annually, 60 museums, 100 churches of various denominations. The city is known as a center of painters, literature, music, dance and theater arts. Lviv is the largest city in western Ukraine. The architectural ensemble of the old city of Lviv is listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO. Lviv is located about 70 km from the Polish border and 469 km west of Kiev. Ukraine shares its borders with seven 7 countries: Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, Romania and Moldova to the south-west, Russia to the east and the north-east, and Belarus to the north. The country measures 1,316 kilometers from east to west and 893 kilometers from north to south, covering a total area of 603,550 sq. km. This is a relatively flat country, with fertile land in the interior, creating favorable conditions for agriculture. The mountains of Ukraine are in fact the terminal parts of reliefs in Central Europe and the Mediterranean.
  10. 10. The climate of most of Ukraine is continental with cold winters and hot summers (Mediterranean only on the southern coast of Crimea). The official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian. The most Ukrainians can speak russian fluently, in part because 17% of the population is Russian. Ukraine was the home of the first East Slavic state: the Kievan Rus' that during the tenth and eleventh centuries was the largest and most powerful state in Europe. Useful tips for travellers The Ukrainian currency is the hryvnia. We recommend that you exchange money at the airport as it is can be problem to exchange foreign currencies anywhere in the centre. You may be charged a fee for withdrawing money with a foreign card in Ukraine. Check with your bank. Useful contact information ! YO ”Human World” Phone: 0038 0980403336, 0038 0633076883 Lesya SAVARYN: 0038 0633076883 Natalya BABYAK: 0038 0631024877