The Future of Mobile SEO - SMX Munich 2015


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This presentation is about how advanced mobile SEO tactics for driving rankings and web traffic from Google. It talks about things you need to know for Single Page Web Apps, App SEO, Deep Linking, Google Cards and Google Now, and the future of mobile SEO for predictive search and wearables - The future is about Feeds, Schema, and getting into Universals, Google Card Results and Google Now.

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  • Wed. 11:30, 15min
  • Branded search results – especially if they are designated ‘Mobile-Friendly can beat-out the map results. That could be good or bad, depending on your goals.
    Single Page App: A web site that fits on a single web page for a more fluid user experience. Either all necessary code – HTML, JavaScript, and CSS – is retrieved with a single page load, or the appropriate resources are dynamically loaded and added to the page as necessary. Interaction with the single page application often involves dynamic communication with the web server behind the scenes.
    Infinite Scroll: A web design technique that prevents the browser scroll bar from scrolling to the bottom of the page, causing the page to grow with additional content instead.
    PushState: Part of the HTML 5 History API — a set of tools for managing state on the browser. So, the address bar is updated to match the specified URL without re-loading the page.
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  • Google Partners with Hotel 77 – Google+ Hotel listings in Web look a lot like Google Now Cards – may merge or cross pollinate. Room 77 has an app you can test. Similar experience with airline booking. Hotel/flight booking by voice search in GoogleNow soon. Resemples Price comparison engines like Expedia and Kayak, but directly in the search results.
  • Google Scrapes Menus – as long as they are not in PDFs. If menus are not scrapable, Google will just show the Location card instead.
  • The Future of Mobile SEO - SMX Munich 2015

    1. 1. The Future of Mobile SEO By: Cindy Krum MobileMoxie SMX Munich, 2015
    2. 2. • Google’s Mobile- Friendly Tool • Unblocking CSS & JavaScript Getting the ‘Mobile- Friendly’ Designation in Mobile SERPS
    3. 3. Optimizing UX
    4. 4. Google Prefers Faster Websites – Especially for Mobile: (Currently Testing a New ‘Slow Tag’ in Mobile the SERP)
    5. 5. Optimizing Branded Queries for Mobile SEO • Check Branded and [Brand+Location] Results • Links • Sub-links • Sub-sub Links
    6. 6. Deep Links are a Positive Mobile Web Ranking Signal & Drive Traffic (Deep Links Look Just Like Other Links) Add App Deep Links 1:1 for Web Mobile SEO Boost in Rankings
    7. 7. Android Apps are Now a Universal Result (Mobile App Pack) • Descriptive App Names Help • Exact Match is Even Better • Exact Match Keywords in the App Description May Also Help
    8. 8. Advanced Mobile Site Development Techniques
    9. 9. Understanding the Advanced Architecture Lingo: Becoming a Common Solution for Big Database Driven Websites Going Responsive Headless Browser PushState Infinite Scrolling Single Page Web App
    10. 10. Warnings About Deferred/Async/Lazy Loading: • Google Does not Crawl Links that are Lazy-Loaded & Probably Devalues Text that is Lazy Loaded • Google Does Not Click Links to Get Content – Need JavaScript OnLoad Event • Google About to Retire their AJAX Development Guidelines
    11. 11. Warnings About Infinite Scroll • Infinite Scroll Still Should break down to Pagination with Rel=“Next” Rel=“Prev” • End Pagination with the Last Piece of Content (No un-ending Pagination with Repeating Content) • Paginated Pages Should be Included in Sitemaps
    12. 12. Searching is Changing – Especially on Mobile
    13. 13. Google Now = Your Personal Knowledge Graph • Adding Your Personal Information to their Big Data Mix = More Processing • Increasing Amount of Info to Crawl & Index • Feeds & Schema More Efficient than Crawling
    14. 14. Google Now Cards • Stocks • Weather • Reminders • Sports • TV Shows • Traffic & Flights • Boarding Pass • Shipping Info • Public Transit Info • Friends Birthdays • Public Alerts • Hotel & Restaurant
    15. 15. The New Ideal Result Format for Google is….
    16. 16. Wearables
    17. 17. Google Search Google Maps Google Now Google Play Mobile SEO:
    18. 18. Google Search Google Maps Google Now Google Play Mobile SEO:
    19. 19. Google As a Presentation Layer for the Internet?
    20. 20. Mobile Results That Have Gone Full-Screen- Google (See All the Examples in the Appendix of this Deck!) • Knowledge Graph • Definitions & Concepts • Videos – Play from SERP • Location/Business Cards • Restaurants & Menus • Map Queries • Weather • Hotel Booking Search • Flight Booking Search • Flight Number Search • TV Info Cards (With Season/Episode) • Music Info Cards (Tour Dates & Songs/Albums) • Song Lyrics • Food Nutrition Info • Health Condition & Drugs • Car Insurance Search • How to Boil an Egg ( So Ranking Is Not The Goal #1
    21. 21. Google is Preventing Blue Links from Showing Above the Fold on Mobile • In the US, Only 3% of Searches Return Simple List of Blue Links (Dr. Pete) • Info Card/Answer Boxes/Knowledge Graph Results & Other Cards are More Likely to Get Included & Likely to Float to the Top • Lots of Google’s Results are Monetized Feeds & Schema
    22. 22. ”Google is essentially competing against us with our own information, and I think that’s a turning point in the relationship between Google and webmasters.” -Dr. Peet to-the-changing-google-serps
    23. 23. Getting into the Presentation Layer
    24. 24. Optimizing Universals for Mobile Search & Google Now: • Optimize Apps, Images & Videos for Premium Placement at the Top of Mobile • Optimize Google+ for Business: Local Cards & Local Schema/Reviews for Map Results, Local Images • Deep Link with Apps & Leverage the Google Now API & Google Now Web & Email Schema, Especially with Event/Ticket/Product Schema in Web & Email
    25. 25. Optimizing Gmail For Crawling, Ranking & Google Now (With Email Schema)
    26. 26. Optimize Apps for Google Now Push Notifications
    27. 27. When All Else Fails…
    28. 28. PPC Ad Extensions Way More Persuasive on Mobile
    29. 29. Thanks!! Cindy Krum CEO & Founder, MobileMoxie @Suzzicks
    30. 30. Thanks!! Cindy Krum CEO & Founder, MobileMoxie @Suzzicks APPENDIX Examples of Full-Page-Google Mobile Results
    31. 31. Google Keeps Hotel Searchers in a Google – Controlled Experience
    32. 32. Searching for Flights Gets You 2 Potential Kinds of Full Screen Results
    33. 33. See this on Android Phones (Results Different From Android to iPhone)
    34. 34. Full Page Location Results & Map + Image Results
    35. 35. Google+ For Business = Google Local for Mobile Location Cards in Search Results Save Favorites Directly to Google Maps
    36. 36. Wikipedia + Image Results + Knowledge Graph = Your Website is WAY Below the Fold!
    37. 37. Medical Questions About Conditions & Drugs Take The Full Page
    38. 38. Deeper Integration with Entertainment: TV Show Info Boxes, Reminders & Inline Video
    39. 39. Restaurants & ‘Menu’ Searches
    40. 40. Google is Trying to Answer the Most Important Questions In- Line Too