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Valentines' day gifts for males



Discover What Are The Top 25 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Females In 2011 Free E-Book. 100% FREE!….Just Enter Your Name & Email Below And Click The “Get Instant Access” Button Now!

Discover What Are The Top 25 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Females In 2011 Free E-Book. 100% FREE!….Just Enter Your Name & Email Below And Click The “Get Instant Access” Button Now!



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    Valentines' day gifts for males Valentines' day gifts for males Document Transcript

    • NOTICE: You DO Have the Right to Resell this Report! You Also MAY Give Away, Sell or Share the Content HereinALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You may sell or give away this report as long as it is not altered in any way, falsely misrepresentedor distributed in any illegal or immoral manner.DISCLAIMER AND/OR LEGAL NOTICES:The information presented herein represents the view of the author as of the date of publication. Because of the rate withwhich conditions change, the author reserves the right to alter and update his opinion based on the new conditions. Thereport is for informational purposes only. While every attempt has been made to verify the information provided in thisreport, neither the author nor his affiliates/partners assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies or omissions. Anyslights of people or organizations are unintentional. If advice concerning legal or related matters is needed, the services of afully qualified professional should be sought. This report is not intended for use as a source of legal or accounting advice.You should be aware of any laws which govern business transactions or other business practices in your country and state.Any reference to any person or business whether living or dead is purely coincidental.© Copyright 2011 Page 2
    • ContentsIntroduction ............................................................................................................................................ 41. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood ....................................................................................................... 52. BOSS SOUL For Men By HUGO BOSS Eau De Toilette Spray ........................................................... 63. 101 Things Every Man Should Know How to Do [Paperback] ........................................................ 74. Blue Working Level Builder Const. Cufflinks ................................................................................... 85. I Love You Gift Basket ..................................................................................................................... 96. Perfect Solutions Fog-Free Shower Shaving Mirror/Gel Dispenser .............................................. 107. Anthon Berg Chocolate Liquers with Original Spirits 64 Piece Gift Box........................................ 118. Sony DPF-D70 7-inch Digital Photo Frame .................................................................................... 129. Bormioli Rocco Selecta 7-Piece Whiskey Gift Set ......................................................................... 1310. Audio Technica Active Noise-Cancelling Closed-Back Headphones ......................................... 1411. Mens Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket .................................................................................. 1512. Char-Griller 2222 Pro Deluxe Charcoal Grill & Smoker ............................................................. 1613. Stanley 92-809 MaxDrive 60-Piece Standard and Metric Socket Set With Case ...................... 1714. Clarks Originals Mens Wallabee Boot ...................................................................................... 1815. Philips Norelco 7310XL Mens Shaving System ......................................................................... 1916. Manhattan Portage Large Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag ....................................................... 2017. Armani Exchange A|X Jacquard Dress Shirt .............................................................................. 2118. 8 MM Mens Titanium Ring Wedding Band .............................................................................. 2219. Garmin nüvi 205W 4.3-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator ........................................... 2320. Fossil Mens FS4159 Black Stainless Steel Bracelet Black Analog Dial Watch .......................... 2421. The White Album (Remastered) ............................................................................................... 2522. Apple iPhone 4 Black Smartphone 32GB .................................................................................. 2623. Momo Leather Steering Wheel ................................................................................................. 2724. Deluxe Acrylic Football Display ................................................................................................. 2825. Golf Gifts and Gallery 5pc Fireplace Set.................................................................................... 29Conclusion ............................................................................................................................................. 30© Copyright 2011 Page 3
    • IntroductionValentine’s Day is one of the most popular occasions celebrated by all. It happens every year in themonth of February and is a time when love is celebrated – love between lovers, love between familymembers and friends. And it presents a great opportunity for people to say “I Love You” to othersand also to show thanks for the different kinds of love they experience in their lives.The main message to be communicated on Valentine’s Day is “I Love You”. Of course, you mighthave the intention to convey to the person that he/she is the most important person in the world toyou. Whatever your message is, you need to sit down and think about what you want to tell yoursweet valentine.Then next, how on earth do you get this message from your heart to the one you love?There is of course the straightforward way of just saying “I Love You” to the person straight.But one of the best ways to start is by picking out a Valentine’s present. Your Valentine’s present canbe just a card that says “I Love You” or a beautiful bouquet of flowers. But whatever the gift youchoose, it has to express the message that you want to convey to the person.However, a card and flowers are just some of the common gift ideas that people have. What else canyou give to warm the heart and please the mind of your love?That’s the purpose of this book and the following information is intended for those of you who mayor may not have a clue what to get for your Valentine when the month of amore rolls around.You are about to discover the top 25 gift ideas for your valentine. These gift ideas have beencarefully researched and are hugely popular with males. This list of gifts will be useful to the youngand inexperienced as well as those who just need some more ideas to spark off their imagination.The best thing is each of these ideas is intended to help you convey your message of love to yourvalentine.If you are only reading this book in the eleventh hour, you’ll be happy to know that you have quicklinks within the book to help you order the gifts as soon as possible, in time for the occasion.Keep in mind that it’s the thought that counts and is the key to having a wonderful Valentine’s Day.When you are able to give a thoughtful gift to the person you hold most dear to your heart, itconveys a lot more and most importantly, your message of love you have for the person.Let’s dive straight into the 25 gift ideas now!© Copyright 2011 Page 4
    • 1. Assassins Creed: BrotherhoodThe third installation to the Assassin’s Creed series, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, is an action gamefor Xbox 360 which is set in both present and ancient time period. While one may think that this ismerely an expansion pack to its predecessors, it has proven itself to more than that. In this thirdinstallation, the story plot of the game has been further developed, making this more than just anordinary action game where there is unnecessary violence. Furthermore, players will find that thegraphics in this game have been improved from its predecessors’. Players may also find it easy toimmerse themselves in this game as controls of the game have mostly remained the same. Thesefactors have contributed to a better gaming experience.Players will be able to choose between two modes of playing. Firstly, they can choose to play as asingle player and take up the role of Ezio, a legendary Master Assassin who is on a mission toprevent the extinction of his order by working together with other assassins to defeat their enemies.Players can also choose to instead compete with other players around the world in multiplayermode, where they are able to create their own characters, choose their unique weapons and pick upspecial assassination techniques. This ability to play against other players was not available prior tothe release of this game in this series.This will definitely be a wonderful gift for those who have loved the other games in this Assassin’sCreed franchise.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 5
    • 2. BOSS SOUL For Men By HUGO BOSS Eau De Toilette SprayIf you are still wondering what would be the perfect present for him this Valentines’ Day, why notconsider this scent? BOSS SOUL For Men is one of the many scents HUGO BOSS offers. This eau detoilette has a masculine scent that is befitting of a man who prefers to have a mysteriousappearance. It is also inspired by the South African tamboti wood, as such it is very suitable for menwho like woody and warm scents. While the scent is not extremely strong, it can last for a longperiod of time. This discreet and attractive scent is very versatile and can be worn for variousoccasions, be it for business or pleasure.Besides the scent, the packaging of the scent is also very attractive. The bottle of this eau de toiletteis constructed with glass that has unusual curves. The transparent glass also transitions into a darksmoky purple shade from the base to the top of the bottle with a gentle gradient. It will make astylish ornament on shelves in bathrooms even when it is not in use. The scent is also available invarious quantities; hence it will be a great present even for those who do not use scents often. Withthis scent, he will be receiving countless compliments on it.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 6
    • 3. 101 Things Every Man Should Know How to Do [Paperback]Is he clueless about most things? Perhaps this book which claims to contain 101 things every manshould know how to do will help to change this fact. With a mix of useful facts and random tips ontasks such as looking good in a Speedo and escaping from an alien abduction, this book will definitelymake a humorous read. The book is put together with anecdotes and short stories by 28 differentauthors from WeBook, an online community consisting of aspiring writers and also establishedliterary agents. The contents of the book were selected through a poll done among the communitybefore being published. As such, the entertainment value of the book can be guaranteed.The contents of the book come in short segments, making this a perfect book for people those withshort attention spans or get distracted easily. It will also be a good book to leave lying on the coffeetable in your dining room. As it is a paperback, bringing the book around will be very convenient,hence it can also be a quick read which can make your daily commutes on public transport a littlemore comfortable and interesting. This humorous book will definitely be a pick-me-up when heneeds some laughter in his day or even to boost his manliness factor with these masculine storiesand half-truths.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 7
    • 4. Blue Working Level Builder Const. CufflinksThese cufflinks will definitely make an interesting addition to any wardrobe. These cufflinks have aquirky twist added to the classic design and are inspired by levels which are used in constructionprojects. The liquid in the cufflinks will also move when the cufflinks are in motion, just like reallevels do when they are used to determine if the surface of an object is level. When they are worn,they will help the wearer to make a subdue fashion statement, allowing some personal style to shinethrough an outfit. They will definitely help to complement and accessorise any shirts. These cufflinksare fully plated with enamel and silver to ensure their durability and also to help prevent scratches.They are sturdy and suitable for everyday wear to the office. They can also be worn to events orparties, where they will certainly catch the eyes of many and become the star of conversations.This item will come in a jewellery box, making it a gift that is ready to be presented. This will make awonderful gift for those who are style-conscious and have a penchant for unusual accessories. It willalso be suitable for anyone working in the construction industry.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 8
    • 5. I Love You Gift BasketLooking for a fun present for him Valentines’ Day? Well, as the saying goes, the way to a man’s heartis through his stomach. This gift basket full of delicious comfort food, which is aptly named “I LoveYou”, will not only brighten up his day, but also win you his affections. This gift basket is filled withan assortment of crunchy popcorn, freshly roasted nuts, cheese straws, delicious cookies and othersavoury snacks. These snacks will be able to fill his stomachs and warm his heart. The box is alsobrightly-coloured and decorated with ribbons. This will definitely help to bring a cheer to any gloomydays. In addition, the packets of food are decorated with pink and red cards adorned with heartshapes which help to further express your affections. Furthermore, everything in this gift basket ishand packed so as to achieve the best presentation, hence it will also be an optical fest for the eyes.As one of the most popular products from this store, you can be assured that the product will live upto your expectations. It will make the perfect love package for Valentines’ Day, especially for lovedones who are miles away from you.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 9
    • 6. Perfect Solutions Fog-Free Shower Shaving Mirror/Gel DispenserAre you looking for a practical gift this Valentines’ Day? Well, this Fog-Free Shower Shaving MirrorGel Dispenser from Perfect Solutions may just be the answer. This 2-in-1 device is the perfectbathroom accessory which will help to save space. Even after a hot bath, the mirror will not fog upand continues to produce a crystal clear reflection, allowing the user to have a smooth and closeshave unlike regular mirrors. This device will make grooming much easier. The mirror is also resistantto shattering, as such it is durable and will last for time to come even if it were to be dropped.This bathroom accessory also comes with two compartments which can be filled up with variousliquids such as shampoo or liquid soaps so that they can be dispensed just by pressing a button. Assuch, this gel dispensing gadget will be something useful to have in the bathroom. Furthermore, itcomes with suction-cup shower-surround mounts which promise a secure attachment to the wallseven without the use of tools. Thus, it will be very easy and convenient to install in any bathroom.This gadget is also compact and does not take up too much space.This will definitely be a great present, especially for those who are pragmatic and prefer functionalitems.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 10
    • 7. Anthon Berg Chocolate Liquers with Original Spirits 64 Piece Gift BoxTroubled over what to purchase as a Valentine’s Day gift for him? Why not consider this chocolateliquers with original spirits gift box from Anthon Berg? With more than 100 years of experience increating quality chocolates, this product from Anthon Berg will surely not fail to disappoint. The giftbox contains 64 chocolate bottles filled with finest liqueurs from around the world with 8 differentflavours such as Jack Daniel’s Tenessee Whiskey and Borghetti Caffe Espresso. Each chocolate bottleis also covered with vibrantly coloured aluminium foil which is made to resemble the bottle ofliqueur it is named after. Once in your mouth, the chocolate melts and combines with the complexflavour of the liqueur to create a gourmet experience that will certainly be unforgettable, leavingyou to reach your hand into the box for more.With the great assortment of chocolate liqueurs in just one gift box, there will definitely besomething for everyone. Even those without a sweet tooth will find themselves indulging in this asthese exquisite chocolates are no longer treats for children. These chocolate liqueurs would also bewonderful for entertaining guests or as a dessert after a nice meal. This gift box will definitely be ahit, especially with lovers of fine liqueur or gourmet chocolates.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 11
    • 8. Sony DPF-D70 7-inch Digital Photo FrameThis digital photo frame from Sony will make a wonderful present especially for those who enjoylooking at photographs of their loved ones often. Why use traditional photo frames when you canenjoy so much more with a digital photo frame that is just as convenient? While the photo framecomes with 256MB of internal memory, multiple card readers are also built in to accommodate andsupport most memory card formats, allowing more photographs to be shown on the photo frame.The screen has a crystal clear display which will allow sharp and vivid photographs to be shown.Also, there are various display modes which allow the user to change transition styles. Even whenthe user is not interested in looking at photographs, the photo frame can be set to show a clock orcalendar. As such, the photo frame is highly versatile and is not merely a frivolous ornament to bedisplayed in the house.The photo frame comes with a remote, allowing the user to change its settings from a distance. Italso has an automatic image orientation function. As such, the photo frame can be placed eitherhorizontally or vertically. Besides its technical capabilities, this photo frame also has a solid glossyblack frame which gives it a sophisticated look that is different from many of the other photo framesavailable in the market. It is also compact and portable, making it a breeze to bring the photo framearound.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 12
    • 9. Bormioli Rocco Selecta 7-Piece Whiskey Gift SetThis 7-piece whiskey gift set from Bormioli Rocco will be a great gift for wine lovers. The setcontaining of 6 9-1/2-ounce rock glasses and 1 33-1/2-ounce decanter with a stopper is made out ofsturdy and heavy glass, proving once again that Bormioli Rocco has perfected its craftsmanship withexperience associated with being established since 1825. Throughout its long history, the companyhas shown constant innovation and improvement in its production methods as well as materials,hence you can be assured that the quality of Bormioli Rocco’s products will be good.Besides the quality of the glassware, the gorgeous starburst pattern of the decanter and classical cutof the glasses also create an art-deco design on these pieces, making them a wonderful addition tobars in any homes. The decanter would be a great way of serving wine, especially when you arehaving guests over. The intrinsic details on the glassware will certainly catch the guests’ eyes andbecome the star of any conversation. The glasses included in the set will also be suitable for mixingdrinks, such as amaretto sours.Also, these glasses can be used in dishwashers as well as microwaves, hence they are very user-friendly and there would be no need to worry about breakage. This quality gift set made in Italy willbe an affordable present for wine lovers seeking to adorn their bars at home.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 13
    • 10. Audio Technica Active Noise-Cancelling Closed-Back HeadphonesLooking for the perfect present for a music lover? These Active Noise-Cancelling Closed-BackHeadphones from Audio Technica may just be the answer. As one of the leaders in the electro-acoustic technology industry worldwide, Audio Technica has presented yet another quality product.With wonderful background noise cancelling abilities and a balanced sound, it will enhance yourauditory experience. Rediscover the sounds in your music collection with the clear and high qualitysound delivered by these headphones. Distractions can be removed simply by switching on thenoise-cancelling function and you will immediately find yourself immersed in your favourite albumor movie.These headphones are also very comfortable and fit nicely over all ears. Even after prolonged use,the padding on these headphones will cushion your ears and protect them from any aches.These headphones have a battery life of up to 40 hours, making them wonderful for long hauljourneys. Their portability is further made possible by the fact that each pair of these headphonescomes in a durable and hard case to hold and protect them. The headphones also come withadapter plugs for use with home stereo systems and also on in-flight entertainment systems.Another factor which contributed to how travel-friendly these headphones are is because of thelightweight and compact design of these headphones. Travelling with these headphones willdefinitely make any trip enjoyable.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 14
    • 11. Mens Classic Leather Motorcycle JacketLooking for a heavy jacket with style? This classic leather motorcycle jacket may just be what you arelooking for. This jacket has a solid construction with a zip-out lining made out of insulation material.The bottom of the jacket is also tapered and allows for a snug fit, helping to further insulate thewearer from cold. As such, this jacket will be perfect for a warm ride on your motorcycle when thetemperatures are falling. The zip-out lining will also allow easy removal and replacement when thereis a need to do so.While the price of the jacket may seem too good to be true for a heavy jacket, it cannot be deniedthat the quality of the leather used is really exceptional and softens with continual use, yet does notsuccumb to wear and tear easily. Hence, this jacket will be good for everyday usage. There are alsomany pockets in the jacket to keep small articles with you while you are on the move.The details on this jacket are what set it apart from the usual motorcycle jackets. Lacing panels canbe found on both sides of the jacket and there is also a belt attached to the jacket, injecting somefun factor into these jackets.These jackets come in a large range of sizes which will suit anyone. As such, this may be just theright present for him with a perfect fit.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 15
    • 12. Char-Griller 2222 Pro Deluxe Charcoal Grill & SmokerThis Pro Deluxe Charcoal Grill and Smoker will be a lovely addition to any kitchen or backyard. With agrill and smoker all in one device, it is versatile and can be used to prepare various dishes. Moreover,the real cast iron grate is huge enough to accommodate large amounts of cooking space. There arealso two levels of grill for cooking. As such, this will be perfect for cooking during gatherings for alarge number of guests or even simple meals on a regular basis.Furthermore, this charcoal grill and smoker provides utmost convenience, from assembling the itemto cleaning up after usage. Building a fire with charcoal in this device is also easy, and with just a bitof practice, you will be able to maintain the ideal temperature to create perfect dishes to share withyour loved ones.There is also no need for worries regarding the quality of this device, as everything is made out ofexcellent material aimed to make this device durable so that it can last for a long time even if it isused frequently.Using this grill and smoker will definitely help to enhance the flavours in your cooking. This gift willcertainly make the day of anyone who loves to cook and share their love for food with others.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 16
    • 13. Stanley 92-809 MaxDrive 60-Piece Standard and Metric Socket Set With CaseThis Socket Set form Stanley is a great and practical gift for those who are apt at fixing things. With adriver handler with various bit sizes as well as multiple sockets and tools, this is a handy set forsolving many emergencies. Its compact size also makes it suitable to be brought around just in casethere are any problems which you encounter with your vehicle. As the sockets and ratchets havebeen approved by ANSI, the American National Standards Institute, there is no need for concernsregarding the quality of these tools. Furthermore, Stanley’s unique Max-Drive design helps to create15% more moment than usual tools. As such, these tools will certainly perform up to expectations byreducing wear on fasteners and hence allowing fasteners to last longer. Stanley also has confidencein the performance of its tools which are created out of high-alloy steel then treated with heat,hence it offers limited lifetime warranty for this product.The case is also an effective way of organising these tools, as all the parts are able to fit well in thecompartments. As such, your tools will never be in a disorder even when you are on the move. Withthe variety of tools and sockets included in this set, it is a good starter set even for novice handymen.While the price is comparably much lower than a regular craftsman set, the quality is very good.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 17
    • 14. Clarks Originals Mens Wallabee BootThese Wallabee boots from Clarks will be perfect for anyone who is looking for comfortablefootwear with classic style. With minimal changes to the original design made in 1965, the Wallabeehas a timeless and stylish moccasin design. These boots can be made dressy or casual with differentcoordinates, hence they are exceptionally versatile.Besides the fact that it looks great, when one thinks of Wallabee, the comfort it brings will come tomind instantly. With soft leather that allows your feet to breathe and at the same time keeping themdry, the Wallabee makes walking long distances enjoyable. Moreover, the rubber outsoles of theseboots are able to absorb shock. As such, they truly cushion your feet and make little noise when theyare used on hard surfaces. Besides that, the rubber is also slip-resistant; hence these shoes are verysuitable for walking on wet surfaces. The crepe soles of the boots also help to add some spring toyour steps. In addition, these boots are formed on nature-formed last, allowing toes to spreadnaturally in the shoe, further enhancing your comfort.These original Clarks shoes are definitely worth the investment, seeing the amount of comfort theybring especially when they are worn in everyday lives. These will definitely make wonderful gifts.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 18
    • 15. Philips Norelco 7310XL Mens Shaving SystemThis Philips Norelco 7310XL Mens Shaving System will definitely exceed all expectations you havefor the price it costs. With the Super Lift and Cut Technology, it allows for an exceptionally close andhassle-free shave without causing irritation to the skin. Phillips’ patented Reflex Action System alsoallows the individually moving heads to align shaving blades close to your skin and adjustautomatically to the contours of your face. The design of the shaving system allows for acomfortable grip, making your shaving experience a good one. This is especially since the actual timetaken to shave is very short since the blades work very quickly. With this shaving system, there isalso no fear that shaving in the morning would wake anybody up as the motor is very quiet.Besides the actual shave that this system provides, another advantage of it is the ease of cleaning. Asthe shaver is resistant to water, it can simply be washed under a tap, getting rid of messes instantly.Not only is the shaving system easy on the pocket, but it helps to save time. With its functionality, itis definitely value for money. As such, this shaving system from Phillips will be an affordable gift forhim which he will enjoy using.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 19
    • 16. Manhattan Portage Large Waxed Canvas Messenger BagThis large waxed canvas messenger bag will make a great present which is functional and alsocomplements individual styles. While the material of the bag is soft, it is also waterproofed toprotect its contents. The bag closes with a Velcro strap which can be adjusted to achieve the desiredsize of the bag that best fits its contents. The construction is also top notch and allows this sturdybag to last for years to come. Manhattan Portage is also confident of this fact, hence it offers limitedlifetime warrantee for its products. Expandable gussets also allow the bag to hold larger items. Assuch, the messenger bag is able to fit heavy books and laptops. There are a few zippered pouches onthe front flap as well as in the interior compartment of the bag to hold smaller items so that they canbe found easily in this large bag. With its versatility and durability, it is no surprise that ManhattanPortage bags have been consistently sought after by its loyal following.While there are many imitators of Manhattan Portage’s style, nothing will come close to itsauthentic products. With its ability to hold anything, it will definitely suit anyone’s needs. Just likethe philosophy which Manhattan Portage had aimed to achieve when it was started in 1983, this istruly “A Bag For Everyone”.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 20
    • 17. Armani Exchange A|X Jacquard Dress ShirtThis Jacquard Dress Shirt from A|X is certainly a keeper in any man’s wardrobe. This classic shirt is alovely basic piece. It is very versatile and can be incorporated into a variety of outfits, whetherformal or casual, with different articles of clothing and accessories. As such, it can be worn not onlyto the office, but also on days where you just need a bit of elegance in a casual outfit. It is availablein black and white, both with discrete tonal A|X logos scattered on the shirt to provide a slightlymore textured appearance, distinguishing it from the other generic dress shirts. Besides that, thematerial of this shirt is soft and allows your skin to breathe underneath it, making it suitable even foreveryday use. The good quality fabric will also allow this shirt to be durable and last even afternumerous runs of washing.It is also tailored to provide such a wonderful fit which is complementary for many types of bodystructure. This dress shirt comes in 6 sizes to fit men of all builds. As such, you will not have to worryabout the shirt not being able to fit him. If you are still troubled about what to buy for him, this willbe a wonderful present that is practical.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 21
    • 18. 8 MM Mens Titanium Ring Wedding BandLooking for an affordable present for him this Valentines’ Day? Why not consider purchasing thisring? 9 pieces of cubic zirconia, which is a type of synthetic gemstone that has shares a visuallikeness with diamonds, is used. These gemstones are durable and optically flawless, offering a shinethat costs significantly less than real diamonds. These durable gemstones are also set well onto theband through channel setting, allowing them to stay on the ring securely. This makes the ringsuitable for everyday wear without any worries of the gemstones falling off. The titanium used tomake the ring is also highly resistant to corrosion and scratches. The metal also has a low density. Assuch, the ring is not excessively heavy. The details of the ring will also make it value for money. Withits high quality that surpasses its low price, it will definitely exceed all expectations.The simple design of the ring is also very suitable for men and would make a great substitute for lostwedding bands or just as a regular ring to inject a bit of elegance into looks. Moreover, the ring ishypoallergenic and is less likely to trigger allergic reaction. Hence, this ring is exceptionally suitablefor men with sensitive skin as it is unlikely to cause any discomfort when it is worn. The ring also fitswell and comfortably.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 22
    • 19. Garmin nüvi 205W 4.3-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS NavigatorThis nüvi 205W 4.3inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator from Garmin is a gadget which, despitehaving no bells and whistles, does its basic job of sending you from one point to another safe andsound. Perhaps it is because of its lack of fancy functions which makes it suitable for even the mosttechnologically challenged drivers to use. Its user friendly interface is also great for first-time userswho have just taken to driving and needs help with planning routes to get to their destination. Thisgadget will help to save time and gas with its ability to find you the routes which take the least timeto reach your destination and also covers the least number of miles.From the moment you receive it, you will notice that setting up the GPS navigator takes little effort.This small and compact navigator is not only able to detect the speed of the vehicle as well as themaximum speeds of major streets and highways with incredible accuracy, but it also calculates themileage travelled by the vehicle and average number of miles per trip. The wide screen also has aclear display with colours that change throughout the day to make reading the GPS screen easy onthe eyes even at night. Besides these functions, the detector is also able to tell you telephonenumbers and addresses of certain places of interest. For the more those who are more tech savvy,various add-ons are also available to customise the GPS detector. This gadget will definitely be awonderful and practical present.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 23
    • 20. Fossil Mens FS4159 Black Stainless Steel Bracelet Black Analog Dial WatchLooking for a gift that is not only sleek, but also functional this Valentines’ Day? This black stainlesssteel analogue dial watch from Fossil may just be the gift you are looking for. With its light weight, itis a must-have accessory for those who are constantly on the move and also style-conscious. This isespecially because the stainless steel used is durable and will last for years to come. The watch alsocomes with a sturdy mineral glass dial window that is scratch-resistant. As such, even the clumsiesthands will be able to take care of this watch. Also, the bracelet is able to follow the contours of thewrists of individuals, providing a comfortable and contemporary fit.Next, the design of the watch is also attractive and offers a sophisticated touch to the wearer, withsparkles added by a diamond encrusted on the zenith of the black dial. This can definitely be anaccessory which compliments personal style and adds individuality to even the simplest outfits.Moreover, each analogue watch comes in a tin which is a trademark of Fossil, whose designers areable to incorporate a sense of humour into their creative designs.With its practical use and sleek style, this analogue dial watch is definitely value for money.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 24
    • 21. The White Album (Remastered)The Beatles is, no doubt, one of the biggest musical phenomenons the world has ever seen. Havingreleased records which have been proven to be largely influential on pop culture, The White Album,is no exception. Consisting of various genres such as reggae and experimental electronic, The Beatlesshowed how they had evolved from the previously pop and cheerful band to establishing theirsongwriting skills. While it may be said to be an incoherent record with songs written by differentmembers of the band, each with different composing styles, The White Album is still a record that isstrangely compelling. There is also something for everyone in this diversity of styles and moods setby the songs. It showcases the individual band member’s progress in their musical career.This remastered version of The White Album seeks to bring back The Beatles, the memories of theirheydays and also to offer a better auditory experience with better sound quality as compared tooriginal releases, whilst keeping the sounds authentic so that fans can still enjoy the good old songs.In addition, this remastered edition also includes detailed notes regarding the history of The Beatlesand also the recording process of this album. Limited copies of the record will also contain shortdocumentaries which consist of rare photographs, studio chat by the band which has never beenheard and also old footage.As a record that is touted as one of the greatest of all time, this will certainly be the perfect gift forlovers of 20th century pop music.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 25
    • 22. Apple iPhone 4 Black Smartphone 32GBAs the fourth version of the iPhone to be put out in the markets by Apple, vast improvements on theoperations and performance of this iPhone are very apparent. Apple’s latest technologicalinnovations has allowed them to offer sharp display, along with an improved processing speed tohelp you keep in pace with the busy world. The iPhone comes with various default applications andfunctions such as alarm clock, GPS, Safari browser, and voice memo recording. Even moreapplications can be downloaded from the iPhone application store if you wish to customise yourphone. Hence, it is no wonder that many choose the iPhone has their mobile phone with theconvenience it brings due to the fact that you can accomplish so much with a mere phone. You caneven switch between applications and multitask.For those who are constantly on the move and depend on their phone for various tasks, you will beglad to hear that the battery life of this iPhone is significantly longer than the previous model. Assuch, you can be constantly entertained by the various applications as well as keep in contact withanybody you want for hours without the fear of running out of battery.The iPhone also comes with two cameras, one of which is able to take high quality pictures, and theother allows you to hold video conferences with business partners. With its functionality andentertainment value, this gadget is definitely the perfect present for those who enjoy a work-leisurebalance in their life.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 26
    • 23. Momo Leather Steering WheelFancy driving just like the professionals? Well, now you can with this Nero 350mm leather steeringwheel from Momo. Momo’s steering wheels have always been popular due to several reasons. Forone, Momo is always dedicated to creating the best steering wheels by only using the best materialssuch as lightweight, yet strong aluminum which is used in aircrafts, leather of top quality andAlcantara fabric which offers not only functionality in the form of its ability to withstand wear andtear, but also sleek elegance to any ordinary car. Secondly, these steering wheels are wellengineered and designed so as to make your ride as smooth as possible, regardless of the speed ofyour car. This product will help to improve the steering ability of the driver. The chrome accents onthis particular wheel also make interesting details which creates a steering wheel that is morevisually appealing.For many years, the steering wheels produced by Momo have always been favored by well-knownchampions from the likes of Formula 1 racing, GRAND-AM road racing and many more competitions.This will certainly be a great gift to those who enjoy watching or taking part in such adrenaline-pumping car racing competitions personally and also those who enjoy driving and take pride intaking good care of their car. It can also be used to customize any car to make it one that is trulyunique. With this leather steering wheel, one will be able to enjoy the experience of driving just likethe professionals.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 27
    • 24. Deluxe Acrylic Football DisplayIs he a football fan? Well, here is a deluxe acrylic football display from BCW which would be a greatway to keep and display his most treasured football. It can be used to commemorate first touch-downs, first games won or even a football which was signed by his favourite football player from theNational Football League. Not only is the acrylic used durable, it is also a material which can absorbultraviolet radiation so as to prevent the memorabilia in the case from yellowing caused byprolonged exposure to ultraviolet light. This will help to keep the football in a pristine condition formany years to come and keep intact all of the precious memories associated with the football,making that special day seem just like yesterday. As the acrylic display is made of qualityconstruction, it will definitely be durable. The case also crystal clear, making it every detail of thefootball visible when it is seen through the display.Moreover, the back of the football display is covered with a mirror to further showcase thetreasured football. Gold risers are also placed at the base to allow for optical presentation of thefootball. As such, this is an elegant way of displaying important collectibles that is just aboutmuseum worthy.This will certainly be a great display case to store, display as well as protect any memorabilia that isclose to his heart. It will also become the attention-grabbing centrepiece of any room it is placed in.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 28
    • 25. Golf Gifts and Gallery 5pc Fireplace SetGolf is one of the most popular sports globally. This is probably due to the fact that it can be anextreme competitive sport, but at the same time it allows for interactions with other people on thegolf course, promoting friendships. Moreover, players enjoy a variety of health benefits, such asburning calories and also mental benefits. Hence, there are many avid golfers. If you are wonderingwhat would make the perfect gift for a loved one who is crazy about the game, this may just be theone. This set will help a golfer to bring the atmosphere of the golf course back into the house so thathe can enjoy the game even after it has ended when fond memories of golf are lingering in his mind.This Golf Gifts and Gallery fireplace set consists of broom, shovel, poker, and clamps which will helpto keep fireplaces spick and span. These equipments are modelled after golf clubs, with solid brassheads polished off to a smooth finish and jet black poles.Not only does this set serve a practical function, it will also make an elegant addition to any avidgolfer’s home. This fireplace set will make a great ornament in the house with these beautiful golfclubs being displayed next to a fireplace even when the equipments in the set are not in use. It willdefinitely be a conversation starter when you have guests over, especially those who appreciate andlove this game as well.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon!© Copyright 2011 Page 29
    • ConclusionLove, whether it’s your first time or you’ve been together forever, is something that is precious anddefinitely needs to be kept alive. Because of our hectic lifestyles, we tend to take for granted thelove that is shown to us and the person we love for granted.But so long as you pay attention to the ones you love and make an effort to show them you love andcare for them, it will help to keep the love alive. And one of the best ways is to get them a gift onValentine’s Day to show them you care.By loving and caring this Valentine’s Day, you can make sure that your Valentine’s Day will be amemorable day for you and your loved ones in a year of memorable moments.Good luck with finding the perfect gift!Happy Valentines’ Day!© Copyright 2011 Page 30