Danger signals   your marriage headed for divorce
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Danger signals your marriage headed for divorce






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Danger signals your marriage headed for divorce Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Hi, Praveenben here fromwww.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 2. Have doubts about your marriage? www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 3. Watch this presentation now before it’s too late! www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 4. Answer my questions to knowwhether your marriage headed for divorce? www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 5. Were either of you under 22 when you married? www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 6. Did either of you not get your graduation? www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 7. Do you struggle financially as a couple? www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 8. Are you two of different religions? www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 9. Did either of your parents divorce? www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 10. Are you or your spouse very critical of each other? www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 11. Are you or your spouse very defensive? www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 12. Do you tend to withdraw from each other? www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 13. The more you answered "yes" tothese questions, the higher is your risk for divorce. www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 14. Those who answer “no” generallyhave more realistic expectations of one another and their marriage. www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 15. They tend to communicate better, use moreeffective problem solving skills and are found to have higher compatibility scores. www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 16. What type ofperson is most likely to benefit from marriage counseling? www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 17. Well, everything else beingequal, women seem to learn more from it than their spouses. www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 18. What type of couple benefits themost from marriage counseling? The answer is younger, communicative,educated, egalitarian, still loving and relatively open-minded couples. www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 19. Everything else beingequal, important factors associated with unsuccessful marital therapy include: www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 20. Procrastinating before seekinghelp, spouses who are determined to get a divorce and/or those who is closed to any new suggestions. www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 21. Dr John Gottmans research discovered that all couples experience conflict in their marriages but the happier ones manage their disagreements betterbecause of a foundation of affection and friendship which they previously developed. www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 22. Those without this foundation don’t appear to have thecommitment, motivation or skill to problem- solve effectively under high stress. www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 23. Bottom line - if you really careabout your marriage and think it may be in trouble, don’t wait. www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 24. Seek marriage counseling as soonas you notice the warning signs and make a commitment to be open- minded during the process. www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 25. If you don’t find the councilor and seek other form of guidance toprevent divorce, I have good new for you. www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 26. I have compiled a FREE e-course “Save Marriage Shun Divorce” www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 27. In this e-course you will learn many aspects of your marriage that you might have overlooked including… www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 28. 1. Learning to Love Unconditionally2. Key To A Better Marriage… Must See!3. Don’t Wait Any Longer.4. Stopping Your Spouse From Divorce. www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 29. 5. The 6 Most Common Reasons For Divorce… And How to Stop Them!6. After The Honeymoon…7. Dating And Intimacy.8. Removing Divorce From The Menu. www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 30. 9. Balancing A Marriage And A Career.10. 2nd Chance Secrets11. Don’t Let The Ex Walk Out Of Your Life12. Commitment – More Than Just Lip Service. www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 31. 13. Owning Feelings And Actions…14. End The Cycle Of Trial And Error.15. Got Relationship Recovery Yet?16. Dating Rituals Equals relationship Success.17. Stop Divorce Resources www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 32. You got to download myFREE e-course that I am sure will save your marriage. www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 33. Take the positive step.Download Free Mini E-course “Save Marriage Shun Divorce” Now! www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 34. Download now!www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com
  • 35. like and share this presentation. Thank You www.SaveMarriageShunDivorce.com