Affiliate Marketing a Hope for Graduates to Make a Living
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Affiliate Marketing a Hope for Graduates to Make a Living






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Affiliate Marketing a Hope for Graduates to Make a Living Affiliate Marketing a Hope for Graduates to Make a Living Document Transcript

  • The promise of riches reaped from your armchair are generally to be found on dodgy-lookingflyers taped to lampposts. However, a number of websites are offering the chance to make ahealthy living without stirring over the doorstep, and record numbers of students defeated by amoribund jobs market, are turning to them for income. And for those who put the hours in, therewards are enticingly real.The key is affiliated marketing, an industry born in the late 90s. A third party, or affiliate, acts aspart of a virtual sales team by placing ads and links on their website, which will direct visitors tothe home page of an established retailer. Every time that visitor goes on to make a purchase, oranother specified transaction, the third party receives a commissionRobert Parker, 25, from Leeds joined MoreNiche in 2004 after failing to find work as a fitnessinstructor. He began by placing ads on his blog and now makes £40,000 for a 20-hour weekpromoting health and beauty products across his 15 websites. “The first six months is hard – Ididn’t know what I was doing and was making about £200 a month,” he says. “But you have toregard it as a business and, in a year, once you’ve put in the time marketing your website,mastering search engine rankings and adapting your content, you can give up the day job.”Click here to see the full article…..Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners:Graduates after completing the graduation haunt for the jobs in the competitive job market. Inthese days of economic recession, when the people arelosing their jobs, it is very difficult to find new jobs. Even you find a job the remuneration theyoffer is never commensurate with hard-work you render and thereby leave you frustrated. If youthink that you have no alternative but working in these debilitating conditions, you are mistaken.Now with the advent of Internet technology, new avenues of entrepreneurial opportunities areavailable for each one of you, provided if we are passionate and committed to working hard.Affiliate marketing is the hope for anyone who wants to be independent and make a livingworking from the home. Your responsibility as an affiliate marketer is to promote the bestproducts available in the market to the prospective customers. You do this by designing anddeveloping a website and creating a regular content based on your interest or passion, andthat’s it. It is easier said than done. While doing so you come across with shiny objects, andyou’ll be tempted to jump from one model to another in the pursuit of get rich schemes. 1/3
  • Beginners generally tend to follow shiny objects in pursuit of overnight riches. You have torealize that all such get rich schemes are intended to trap you and sell their products andservices. You have to be cautious in choosing the products and services rather than fallingthrough the trap of marketers. Here are the six steps for the beginners to jumpstart with affiliatemarketing.Six Steps to Affiliate marketing for beginners:Select the Niche based on your passion: this step is very crucial and determines your success.Generally, we tend to lay hands with all the niches and burnt our hands. Affiliate marketingentails consistent content creation to be successful. If you choose niches in which if we have nointerest, it becomes very difficult for you to create the content on a regular basis. In the absenceof quality content, your customers tend to ignore your website and the chance of succeeding inaffiliate marketing reduces drastically. In view of this, it is always better to choose the Nichebased on your interest or passion.Consistent content creation: once you decide the Niche and create the website you need to postthe content on a regular basis. It is also very important to note that the topics you choose mustbe based on customer problems and their needs. If you know the pulse of the customer andcraft the content based on their problems, there is every possibility that your website will attractthe customers.List building: Good-quality content will automatically attract the customers to your website, andyour customers will go through your content and leave the website. The hardest part of affiliatemarketing is attracting the customers, and unless you make a mechanism wherein you collecttheir emails it would be very difficult to sustain in the process. Generally, we use autoresponders like aweber to make this possible.Relationship building: this step is the heart of the affiliate marketing. Internet marketing is allabout relationship marketing. You have to maintain a relationship with your customers by 2/3
  • providing consistent content, addressing their problems one by one. In this process, customer will develop trust on you and listen to your product recommendations. Becoming an authority in your niche: there is a saying in marketing that “people will buy from you if they know like and trust you.” This can be achieved only by becoming an authority in your niche. Internet technology has thrown umpteen numbers of opportunities, and people are already capitalizing this huge opportunity and make a decent living working from their home. Working from home is a kind of freedom, and you deserve to exercise this. photo credit: LibAmanda via photopin cc Views: (0) Check Out The Full Indepth Details Here: Affiliate Marketing a Hope for Graduates to Make a Living 3/3Powered by TCPDF (