20 infallible publicity traffic copy formulas
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20 infallible publicity traffic copy formulas



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20 infallible publicity traffic copy formulas that you can use immediately:
This is the nuts and bolts of mastering the skill of publicity copy writing. A specific 20 formulas are given here along with real examples so that you can understand and structure the headlines.



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20 infallible publicity traffic copy formulas 20 infallible publicity traffic copy formulas Presentation Transcript

  •  1. Great Gaffe: PTCF#1: Great people / Great work + Mistakes People always admire great persons for their accomplishments. Any story that is relating to them automatically attracts people attention….
  •  2. Illegal Immoral: PTCF#2: Sin/Crime/Illegality of Something Parents, society and religion always tell us to abide by the laws. However, our ego always wishes to violate laws….
  •  3. Hidden hush-hush: PTCF#3: Hidden + Gain or Loss Our curiosity always propels us to know each and everything that is around us. This curiosity leads us to discover many unknown things…..
  •  4. Sexy Seduction: PTCF# 4: About Something + Reference with Sex The emotion of sex and romance has highest place in the minds of creative article writers. The emotion of sex is an insatiable desire that every human being craves for….
  •  5. Relationship Remonstration: PTCF#5: Conflict between 2 individuals / genders / groups + Solve / Reveal / Inflame Any thought or emotion about that is based on human relationships, including wife and husband relationship attracts more eyeballs onto the piece of your content….
  •  6. Super-duper Superlative: PTCF#6: Best / Ultimate / Top + Benefit Any piece of content that uses “great” “greatest” “powerful” “highest paid” “top” etc., instantly attracts people attention….
  •  7. Shocking Secrets: PTCF#7: About something or someone + you don’t know + revealed Anything that is unknown brings terrific feelings to the human beings. If a child is exposed to unknown environment child feels discomfort….
  •  8. Ignorance Inquiry: PTCF#8: Something + Gain/Loss + You don’t know Any article that says “You don’t know anything” attracts people attention. Again this principle is also intended to tap the two powerful emotions of the curiosity and fear….
  •  9. Bizarre Beliefs: PTCF#9: About something + your myth / wrong beliefs Right from our childhood our mind is deeply conditioned based on fear belief system. We are not even consciously known that we have deeply embedded such a wrong belief systems in our deepest mind….
  •  10. Dying Desires: PTCF#10: Something + Reference to death Any reference that is tied to “death” “dying” attracts people attention automatically. Take a look at the following article titles in which the article creators skillfully triggering the emotions like fear of death and loss of life by using the above words….
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