10 Warning Signs Of Legitimate Work At Home Job Scams
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10 Warning Signs Of Legitimate Work At Home Job Scams






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10 Warning Signs Of Legitimate Work At Home Job Scams 10 Warning Signs Of Legitimate Work At Home Job Scams Document Transcript

  • Women who are given up of their careers to look after their children, seriously searching forwork at home job opportunities. When the children are young, they are fully preoccupied withbringing up their children. However, once the children grown up, they want to get back to theircareers.Do legitimate work at home jobs exist?All the women who are exploring online job opportunities have a common question in their mind.Do legitimate work at home jobs exist? The answer to the above question is yes. Thanks to theInternet, there are number of work at home job opportunities readily available for you.Virtual work force growing @ 800%It is estimated that the number of women working from home in the US are steadily increasingyear by year. According to New York City technical adviser firm Nemertes research the virtualforce is being grown at the rate of 800%.Scams do existAs online job opportunities for stay at-home moms are steadily increasing, at the same time,some of them are being trapped by fraudulent people who wants to exploit their weakness.Annie Fischer a columnist on careers for Fortune in her recent article has summarized 10warning signs of possible scams. Here is the extract from her article titled “yes, legitimate workat home jobs to exist.”10 warning signs of a possible scam. Beware of “employers” who:• Don’t clearly describe the work you would do. 1/2
  • • Require advance payment for a “starter kit” or “handbook” • Won’t allow you to speak with an actual person • Promise high earnings for little work • Rely on testimonials depicting attractive, happy people or families • Depict lavish homes, cars, and boats • Feature large quantities of money in their ads • Have a record of complaints for fraud • Promise to eliminate your financial problems • Where the owners or principals can’t be identified If you want to avoid such scams and find legitimate online jobs, you need highly a trusted system that not only filters possible scams but also helps you equip with tools and strategies to take up on-line jobs efficiently. Legit on-line jobs.com is aimed to help people like you. Here you can find not only legitimate online jobs of your choice, but also you’ll be trained giving you everything necessary for you. You can read my full review of legit online jobs.com here. photo credit: Marco Bellucci via photopin cc Views: (0) Check Out The Full Indepth Details Here: 10 Warning Signs Of Legitimate Work At Home Job Scams 2/2Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)