Froiky Bazadais Stud


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Photos of our crossbred Bazadais Cattle and a few calves from our new Bazadais Bull.

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Froiky Bazadais Stud

  1. 1. Froiky Bazadais Stud 60 Lilybrook Road Coulson QLD 4310 Ph: 07) 5463 5231 Mob: 0410 47 57 13 Email: GARBROOK BRODYWe had two seasons with Garbrook Brody. (48 calves) He is now with a friend covering 17 Santa Gertrudis cows. SAINT DOMINION Saint Dominion is standing at our stud now. Any calves from now on will be by Saint Dominion
  2. 2. OUR FARMWe run a farm that is 100 acres. We make our own hay and to do so we do not put poisons over our crops.Our cattle are fed hay that we make ourselves.We have had a set back recently with being flooded over a couple of months. We lost most of our grazing land andhad to have the cattle above the house. The only way to feed was handrolling grassy round bales. Our Lucernedrowned and we are starting again. The cattle have taken a step back, but we will survive.Our herd have only been supplemented with grassy roundbales - no grain or pellets at all.The biggest reason for us choosing a Bazadais bull was that one woman running the farm and I had absolutely nowish to be pulling out calves. So far, touchwood, 48 live calves with no assistance whatsoever over 2 seasons. WHY CROSSBREED? We crossbreed because of Hybrid Vigour WHAT IS HYBRID VIGOUR? Basically speaking what it comes down to is that Hybrid Vigour equals 2 + 2 = 5.Crossbreeding beef cattle offers two primary advantages relative to the use of only one breed: 1)crossbred animals exhibit heterosis (hybrid vigor), and 2) crossbred animals combine the strengths of the
  3. 3. various breeds used to form the cross. The goal of a well-designed, systematic crossbreeding program isto simultaneously optimize these advantages of heterosis and breed complementarity.Heterosis or hybrid vigor refers to the superiority in performance of the crossbred animal compared to theaverage of the straightbred parents. Heterosis may be calculated using the formula: % Heterosis = [(crossbred average - straightbred average) ÷ straightbred average] x 100For example, if the average weaning weight of the straightbred calves was 470 pounds for Breed A and 530pounds for Breed B, the average of the straightbred parents would be 500 pounds. If Breed A and Breed Bwere crossed and the resulting calves had an average weaning weight of 520 pounds, heterosis would becalculated as: [(520 - 500) ÷ 500] x 100 = 4 %This 4% increase, or 20 pounds in this example, is defined as heterosis or hybrid vigor. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS?Crossbred cows are great mums - Increased growth rate of progeny is often considered the main benefit ofcrossbreeding, however the real long-term benefit comes from the increased productivity of the crossbredfemale :–* greater fertility ,* a longer producing life,* better maternal traits* and increased survival rate of calves.Add the superior growth and carcase characteristics of specialist sire breeds and you have a real win-winsituation. WHAT IS THE BEST CROSS?The best cross is a 3 way cross. A 4 way cross is not as good as a 3 way cross as by then there are toomany genetics in play to know what you are going to get. GELBVIEH X Diamond was sold to me as a Gelbvieh cow. Looking at her she must have another cross in her. Zirconia (Bazaveih)
  4. 4. Diamond has excelled in our herd. Going into calf with a calf. The only cow who calved 3 calves from GarbrookBrody and all were heifers. All are keepers and her first calf, Hope, is now running with Saint Dominion. Cubiclooked exactly like Hope when she was born. Zirconia looks like Mum with marks on her forehead. Hope (Bazaveih) now running with Saint Dominion GELBVIEH Pearl was bought with Diamond, who does look like a Gelbvieh.
  5. 5. We have kept most of Pearl’s heifers from a Droughtmaster bull.Here are some of their progeny-there is at least one running with Saint Dominion (not in these photos) (Bazaveihs) GREYMANNext is Maxine, (named after Mad Max, as she was wild when we bought her). Maxine is a Greyman. Murray Greycrossed with a Brahman. Here she is with Blackie (Bazadais x Greyman)
  6. 6. …and I bet you can guess the name of her next calf. Magipie’s ( Bazadais x Greyman) full older sister Blackie (from above) is in this photo as well. CHARBRAY X DROUGHTMASTEROutbreak was born on our property during the Equine Influenza outbreak in Australia. Her mother was adroughtmaster with a white tip of the tail and a little splash of white on her udder. Her father was a Charbray(Charolais x Brahman) Bull. Outbreak with Mosaic (Bazadais x Charbray/Droughtmaster)
  7. 7. Mosaics full blood sibling this year. Outbreak with Outlaw. DROUGHTMASTERJackie was named after the man’s surname who suggested we bought her. Chan (Bazamaster)
  8. 8. Here is Chan’s older sister, who is now running with Saint Dominion. Onassis (Bazamaster) CHAROLAIS XRio is a Charolais Cross. Her progeny are very very very very quiet. Here she is with Orio. (Bazalais)
  9. 9. and Orio’s Older sister is Kyella. (Bazalais) MURRAYMurray was born here by a Murray Grey heifer that we bought who was not supposed to be pregnant Here she iswith a calf from a charbray bull. Robbie (Charbray x Murray Grey)
  10. 10. and here she is with a calf from a Bazadais Bull BRAHMANSHubby bought 3 Brahman cows from the Beaudesert Sales. It was a heat wave day and as he was not intending tobuy he had to come home to get the truck and me. Such a hot day and in such bad condition I wouldn’t have beensurprised it they were dead when we arrived home. 
  11. 11. Here they are a few months later after being with us. A Gelbvieh lying down in front of them. Here are a few of their calves . (Bazamans) HEREFORD Breakaway with her calf Dipped (Bazaford)
  12. 12. and here is Breakout (Bazaford) now running with Saint Domion. ST GERTRUDISThese cows are on a friend’s farm. The calves are from Garbrook Brody. (Bazadaix x St Gertrudis)
  16. 16. BAZADAIS 19 June 2011 and 2 calves born from St Dominion. GARBROOK BIJOU with FROIKY GOLDEN VIENNAPam’s Mum (Droughtmaster) and Frosty (Bazamaster)