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Halo marketing 2011

Halo marketing 2011



The Who, What & Why

The Who, What & Why
Of Cause Marketing



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  • Empathy versus pragmatism.Women are known to be better than men at showing compassion for others. Women are motivated most by causes that hold an emotional and personal relevance, such as breast cancer prevention.

Halo marketing 2011 Halo marketing 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • Halo Marketing
    The Who, What & Why
    Of Cause Marketing
  • What We’ll Talk About Today
    The G-Generation Trend
    Why Cause Marketing
    The Givers
    Marketing for a Cause
    L&G Causes
  • 3
    Generosity Trend
    First Spotted
    in 2008
  • 4
    First Identified in 2008Emerging Trend: G-Generation
    G for Generosity
    Shift from “me” to “we”
    Consumers are disgusted with greed and its current dire consequences for the economy
    Coincides with an online-fueled culture of individuals who share, give, engage, create and collaborate in large numbers
    Reputation Economy - sharing a passion and receiving recognition have replaced 'taking' as the new status symbol.
    Giving is the new taking, and sharing is the new giving 
  • 5
    2010: The G-Generation
    Giving is the new taking,
    and sharing is the new giving!
    Reputation Economy
    Sharing a passion and receiving recognition has replaced 'taking' as the new status symbol
    Service Rocks! More people volunteering
    Giving and donating is painless, if not automatic
    Opportunity: Let customers co-donate and/or co-decide what causes to support.
    Shift from “Me”
    to “We”
  • 6
    Why Cause Marketing?
  • WHY? Americans want MORE cause marketing
    83% of Americans wish more of the products, services and retailers they used would support causes.
    85% reward those companies with a positive image.
  • Why? Cause  Marketing Differentiates Brands
    41% buy for a cause - more than double since 1993 (20%).
    1 in 5 consumers pay more
    61 % will try the product even though they’ve never heard of it.
    80% will switch when price and quality are equal.
  • Why? Consumers Want Companies to Act Locally
    46% of Americans believe that companies should focus on issues that impact local communities.
    National is 37%
    Global is 17%
  • Why Give?
    Consumers Prefer Transactional Cause Marketing
    Shoppers prefer point-of-sale (81%) and cause-related products (75%). This is great news for local nonprofits and businesses as they both have an easy point of entry for causes and businesses of all sizes.
  • WHY: What Motivates?
  • Who Gives
  • Women are compassionate
    Men are pragmatic.
  • Who Gives?
    Women give for emotional reasons – Anything connected to health
    Men want to pay and run
  • Who Gives?
    #1 reason: Emotional cause that resonates with them personally
    #2 Reason: Donation with every purchase (43%)
    Gives women instant gratification and constant feeling of doing good
    Encourages repeat purchase and loyalty for a brand.
  • Trying to reach women?
    When targeting
    women . . .
    evoke emotion.
    Women are motivatedby relevancy & frequency of donating.
  • Who Gives: Women
    Women are motivated by causes
    that hold an emotional and personal relevance
    Health #1
  • Who Gives?Moms & Mills
    Moms - household shoppers
    Millennials - hipster shoppers of the moment; household consumers of tomorrow.
    Big fans of & heavily drawn to cause marketing
    Key consumers for many businesses
    Donors of today and tomorrow.
    Rule Cause Marketing
    & Are Ruled By It
  • Who Gives: Women
    Women find
    disease prevention
    breast cancer awareness
    the most compelling
    cause to support
    Followed by . . . Social change
    Faith based
    Animal welfare
    Child welfare
  • Men want
    A rational appeal,
    A clear benefit
    No commitment
    Drop a check & run
    Guide them
    to higher engagement.
    Who Gives? Men
  • How?
    To Work
    A Good Cause
  • How?
    Decide what you want to accomplish? What is your goal?
    Ask your customers what they care about. Get them involved.
    Make a plan and stick to it.
    Put someone in charge.
    Pick a cause that counts
    Toot Your Own Horn
  • How? Front Line
    Frontline Employees are the Key to Cause Marketing Success
    70% of Americans give more if an employee recommends it
    Team critical to the success of point-of-sale and cause-related products.
    Employee education and training in causes is key
    Causes with a local presence have the edge.
  • How?
    When choosing between two brands that benefit a cause, 43% of women choose the brand that donates with every purchase
    over a brand that donates a set amount.
    Men like to write checks or drop off donation. No emotional involvement.
  • How? Hyper-Local is the Future of Cause Marketing
    CauseWorld, Foursquare, Facebook Places and QR codes will change the in-store cause marketing experience for consumers.
    Same tools and opportunities available to local nonprofits and businesses as they are to national causes and retailers.
    Foursquare allows you to use the check-in feature to present a special savings opportunity to customers, which can then be tied to your donation. Let your “mayor” pick the cause of the month.
  • How: Run a Charity Promotion
    Use your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and in-store materials (use all of your communication platforms) to promote the Foursquare Check-in for Charity Promotion
    Ask patrons to check-in at your retail location each time they come by
    Create a Foursquare special tied to the check-in –> The goal being to encourage a purchase
    Determine a percentage from each sale that will go to charity using the foursquare special coupon. Or make a flat donation For every purchase using the foursquare special, we’ll donate $2 to charity
    Run the promotion for a set period of time
    Make the donation and promote the post promotion success via your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • HOW: Hyannis Country GardenHoliday Open House
    Goal: Boost sales before Christmas season
    Partnered with five non-profits
    Friday night through the following weekend
    Customers picked a charity at checkout
    The five non-profits sent flyers to their mailing lists. 
    Local craftspeople invited to show and sell their work
    And they invited their followers to the event.
    A total of just over $2,000.00 raised for the non-profits.
  • HOW: Hyannis Country Garden’s
    Goal: Generate sales in August
    Combined the normal end-of-season sales with a promotional event that attracted dog lovers.
    We invited the MSPCA to have adoptable dogs on hand on Saturday, and for them to have a booth.
    $5 Dog washing with all proceeds going to the local MSPCA.
    And of course, offered free hot dogs.  
    Dog parade that began with The Blessing of the Dogs.  
    MSPCA and dog park people to promote this to their mailing list and followers.
    Press releases got coverage because promoting non-profits.
  • Great Doers!
  • #1 Cause Marketing 2010
    Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    Advocates pushed breast cancer awareness and support to the top of the growing heap of causes.
    Most people immediately connect the signature pink with a breast cancer cause.
  • Top 10 Cause Marketing 2010 according to Ad Age
    #2 Pepsi Refresh
    2009, Pepsi passed on a Super Bowl to launch this campaign.
    People posted proposals for change
    People voted on their ideas.
    In 2010,
    7,000 projects
    Garnered 51 million votes . . .
    287 ideas
    from 203 cities in 42 states
    $11.7 million
  • Top 10 Cause Marketing 2010 according to Ad Age
    #3 Dawn Saves Wildlife
    Dawn parlayed its product message into a cause slogan that has endured for over two decades.
    May not remember the part Dawn played in the Exxon Valdez oil spill,
    but you know Dawn helped clean up the mess after the BP disaster
    Dawn is tough on grease (oil) but gentle on hands and wildlife.
  • Top 10 Cause Marketing 2010 according to Ad Age
    #4 American ExpressDuring the most materialistic time of year, Small Business Saturday captured the minds and hearts of consumers and carved out a profit for small businesses during the biggest holiday selling season since before the recession.
    #5 Pureit/Unilever SustainabilityUnilever aims to use Pureit to bring clean drinking water to 500 million people and make a profit. As ambitious as this goal is, it’s only part of their overall sustainability plan to halve environmental impact and double sales.
    #6 BoxTops for EducationGeneral Mills continues to expand the scope of this long-running program each year. In 2010, it raised $49 million for U.S. schools.
    #7 Target (5%)Target has been ahead of the cause marketing game for decades, donating 5% of its profits since 1946. Currently Target reports more than $3 million a week in donations from this program.
    #8 Proctor & Gamble’s Children’s Safe Drinking WaterAlthough the program has been in existence for six years, in August 2010, P & G turned to social media to help their cause. Each click on a widget equals one day of purified water. In just five months it has generated 50,000 days of water toward a goal of 100,000.
    #9 Prilosec’s Official Sponsor of Everything You Do Without HeartburnA smaller initiative than Pepsi Refresh, but along the same lines. 100 small ideas have been funded so far with budgets between $500 and $4000.
    #10 Wal-Mart Fighting HungerWal-Mart pledged to give 2 billion dollars to food banks in funds, food or equipment by 2015.
  • What does this mean for you?
    Evoke emotion in women
    Appeal to men’s rational side.
    Lead to higher engagement.
    Pick your target then your strategy for cause-branding programs
    Apply strategy to pick cause partnership and structure communication.
  • What does this mean for you?
    2. It’s always personal.
    • Men and women are most influenced by personal relevance.
    • Ask customers what matters in their lives
    • Give customers a voice & ask them to take a stake in the cause.
    Pepsi Refresh Project invited people to submit and vote on ideas that make the world a better place.
  • What does this mean for you?
    3. Tie purchase directly
    to the act of giving.
    The more often a brand gives, the more often shoppers buy
    The Dove® Movement for Self-Esteem invites all women to help create a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety.
    Each Dove purchase makes a donation to select charitable partners that provide inspiring self-esteem programming for girls.
    This technique drives repeat purchase as well.
  • What does this mean for you?
    4. Long-term giving pays off.
    Just like building a brand, you must make a long-term investment to build cause equity.
    General Mills Box Tops for Education launched in 1996
  • What does this mean for you?
    5. Lead with cause, not brand.
    Cause relevance is the number-one influence in brand reference.
    Shoppers purchase most brands based on cause affiliation.
    Anything “breast cancer-related” ranks number two on the top ten list.
  • Green Causes
  • Costa Farms: Orchids for Cancer
    Lowe’s is donating 10% of the retail sales price of plants with the Plant for the Cure® tag
    to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.Retail Price: $15
    Donation: $1.50
    Costa Farms Phalaenopsis
  • Proven Winner’s Pink Day
    Garden centers across North America
    Increase store traffic
    Help raise money for a great cause.
    PW’s goal: raise $1 million for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
    Take part in our Invincibelle Spirit Campaign
    Make a difference for a cause that is important to YOUR customer base
  • David Austin Roses ‘Purely Pink’
    From the sale of each ‘Purely Pink’ English Rose
    $1 goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
  • Costa & O2 for YouGrassroots Education Campaign
    This public service campaign highlights the many health benefits of indoor plants both in the home and at work – from producing oxygen to purifying the indoor air of toxins.
  • Organic Mechanics School Garden Program
  • LocalGood Causes
    46% of Americans believe companies should focus on issues
    that impact local communities.
  • American Beauties & National Wildlife Federation
    • Buying American Beauties brings life to the garden and helps a great cause.
    • Every American Beauties plant sold benefits the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Certified Wildlife Habitat Program
    • 25 cents, 50 cents or $1 is donated to NWF
  • Plant A Row
    Garden writers encourage their readers/listeners/fans to plant an extra row of produce
    Your GC sponsors events to become resource for growing
    Host PAR/GW events
  • America in Bloom
    Bring beauty to communities
    Increase awareness of the benefits of plants to the environment, the community and to the quality of life.
    Promote the development of ornamental horticulture.
    Encourage the promotion of tourism
    Create opportunities for citizen participation.
  • 6th Annual Event
  • Good Cause