Entrepreneurs Business Success Dashboard with Stacey Barr Webinar

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Unlock the growth potential in your business …

Unlock the growth potential in your business

Imagine if one number showed you how you can double your sales by changing three words in your sales promotion. That's pretty good, don't you think? Numbers in your business don’t have to be boring, difficult or time consuming. Quite the opposite: measuring and tracking can be fun and easy, and take less than one hour a week. Measuring and tracking puts YOU in the driver's seat.

In this webinar recording, measuring and tracking specialist Stacey Barr will give you a huge head start to find the numbers that hand you the keys to your business. She'll show you what you should measure (and what you should NOT measure), depending on what stage of growth your business is at right now, and how to spend just one hour a week (that's less than 3% of your work time) to drive your business where you really want to it to go.

Learn how to:

Pick the 3 to 5 measures to match the stage your business is at now - and not waste time with measures that won't help you grow quickly to the next stage
Automate and delegate most of the process of measuring and tracking - so you just focus on using the measures to drive your business toward greater success
Use your measures to make it super-easy to decide which business growth strategies you should invest your time or money in (and stop taking stabs in the dark that waste your time and money)

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  • 1. How to measure and track your way to business growth The Entrepreneur’s Business Success Dashboard
  • 2. Stella De Zotti Australian Businesswomen’s Network
  • 3. Suzi Dafnis Australian Businesswomen’s Network
  • 4.
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  • 5. Stacey Barr The Performance Measure Specialist
  • 6. Darren Shaw Ignite Health
  • 7.
    • why it’s so easy to measure the wrong things
    • before we talk about measures, we have to talk about results
    • how you can pick the 3 to 5 measures that matter most to your business right now
    • how to use the measures that matter to get more success, sooner
  • 8. Why we measure the wrong things…
    • what’s easy to measure or count: dollars, clicks, hits
    • what’s obvious : sales, profit, revenue
    • have a static view of their business: products, services, customers, sales, profit
    • start by asking “what should I measure ?”
  • 9. Before we talk about measures, we must talk about results…
  • 10. How to pick the 3 to 5 measures that matter…
    • Two important criteria:
    • BIG impact on your SUCCESS results
    • not performing well or VOLATILE (not in your control)
  • 11. Some great starting measures… Number of Leads Cost per Lead Sales Conversion Rate Revenue Customer Satisfaction Net Promoter Score Net Cash Flow Entrepreneurial Focus Score Profit Margin by Product ROTI by Product ROTI Net Profit
  • 12. How to use the measures that matter to get more success, sooner… Sales Conversion Rate
    • Test & Tune:
    • frequency of offers
    • medium of offers (e.g. email vs banner)
    • language of sales copy (e.g. keywords used, push vs pull)
    • tailoring offers to sublists
    • colours in sales copy
    • length of sales copy
    • etc…
  • 13. Getting more prompts for what to put on your Business Success Dashboard:
    • Free Report: “7 Clues for Measuring What Matters in Micro & Small Business”
      • www.staceybarr.com/7Clues4ABN.html
  • 14. Question Time
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