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Is your company Awesome or Unawesome? The cost of being unawesome to employees and customers is much more than ever before. …

Is your company Awesome or Unawesome? The cost of being unawesome to employees and customers is much more than ever before.

For example, according to the author of new book, The Book of Business Awesome/The Book of Business UnAwesome, Scott Stratten, it should never take 10 business days to reply to a customer. But, believe it or not, it happens all the time.

Join us when Scott Stratten, author of bestseller, UnMarketing is our guest on BOOKED for Lunch - Interviews with the world's leading business book authors and thinkers and discover strategies to ensure your business is awesome every day.

This webinar interview will explore:
- Key concepts, including the power of peripheral referrals, and how to create content for your "third circle"
- How to re-recruite your employees and re-court your customers
- Ways to ensure that your business remains awesome, instead of unawesome
- Awesomely effective strategies to apply to your business today.

You'll discover lessons that other businesses' mistakes, like viral marketing gone wrong, social media done unsocially, and just hiring the wrong people, for the wrong job, at the wrong time.

Known for his wit and sense of humor, Stratten attracts audiences across the globe with his blunt and honest business advice.

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  • 7. Who’s Awesome?
  • 8. Remarry Your Customers
  • 9. PR = People React
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  • 11. Focus: The Endangered Species of Social Media
  • 12. What’s my ROI?
  • 13. The Third Circle
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