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Forum ict

  1. 1. The issues and challenges in Intergrating ICT in teaching and learning in Malaysia Schools Today, our educational system tends to produce fresh graduates with not only an excellent result, but also with creative and innovative mind, to satisfy the need of the current job market. Integrating ICT in teaching and learning will help to promote the ICT interest and knowledge among the students. But, certain issues have been raised since the implementation of ICT in the educational system. The first issue I want to point out here is many school teachers do not make use of the ICT facilities in school during their class lessons. Although using the ICT in teaching and learning is not something new, there are still many teachers preferring not to use ICT in their teaching. This usually applies to those senior teachers. The reason they frequently give is that they are not well prepared with basic ICT skills. Some of them even do not acquire the basic knowledge of internet access and email. As they do not have the relevant knowledge, it makes them feel uneasy to conduct their class lessons with the assistance of ICT facilities. Most of them think that the ICT devices are unnecessary since they are still conducting their class lessons without any device. Nowadays, many teachers claim that they are always loaded with lots of paper works, assessment and co-curricular activities. As we know, the majority of the teachers in Malaysia are females. Apart from working, they have to spend their time on settling their household chores. So they find it impossible to have extra time to acquire the latest ICT skills. As a result, they fail to keep themselves up-to-date with this technology. The second issue is that the ICT application in our education is not an overall plan. The ICT facilities are more likely available in the schools in urban areas. Schools in rural areas lack of these facilities and the internet service is most likely inaccessible. The teachers are still using the traditional teaching methods. As a result, they would rarely have chance to being exposed to the ICT facilities. Consequently, they would be left behind as they are unable to stay up-to- date with the latest ICT knowledge. Integrating ICT in teaching and learning is absolutely an initiative to improve the quality of learning, but it seems to only benefit those in urban areas. The rural lacks of the opportunity to make use of this technology and this may cause them to be less competent to those in the urban areas. This would not only affect the students but those teachers as well. They may have similar problems when they are transferred to schools in the city. Even though the ICT facilities have been provided, they will try to avoid using them in their teaching.
  2. 2. To ensure the successful implementation of ICT in our educational system, the educational department should be serious with the issues raised. Appropriate actions should be taken to overcome these problems and challenges for our better future.
  3. 3. UNIVERSITI PENDIDIKAN SULTAN IDRIS TBC 3013 Information and Communication Technology in Biology Forum Name: Yip Sook Han Matric Number: D20091034841 Group: A Date:26 August 2010 Lecturer: Assoc Prof Dr Sopia Md Yassin