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  • 1. Limitless opportunities for energy efficiency
  • 2. Who is our founder?  Diana L. Nash, President and LEED AP has 26 years of experience including business development, project management, commercial real estate and “green” strategies.  Ms. Nash’s areas of specializations include: (1) Strategic Planning, (2) Real Estate Brokerage, (3) Green Project Planning, (4) Project Planning, (5) Operating Expense Reduction, (6) Tenant Representation, and (6) Sustainability Consulting  Ms. Nash holds a B.S. Degree in Economics and Labor Studies from Eastern Michigan University, and has completed coursework towards her M.B.A. at the University of Michigan and M.S.F. at Walsh College.  Additionally, Ms. Nash has completed the Kerzner Project Management certification (PMBOK) at Michigan State University Executive Training Center. Ms. Nash also completed a 30-hour Real Estate Law course through Middleton Training, and completed a 92- hour Broker Certification course and State Exam.
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  • 4. What is the goal of Green Team Coalition, LLC?  Simply explained, our main goal is to reduce operating expenses (such as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) for companies and organizations.  We do this by assessing how much energy is currently used by the organization and implement products and services to reduce that cost substantially.  This implementation that occurs is through our GTC methods.  The end result is reduced operating expenses for our clients.
  • 5. Overview  Green Team Coalition, LLC is a company that is founded upon the fundamental process of:  (1) Reducing utility expenses for companies through energy efficiency  (2) Educating vendors about Green energy  (3) Transforming facilities into lean, high performance work systems to maximize profits and eliminate waste  (4) Reducing operating costs on multiple platforms, i.e. waste stream consulting
  • 6. Primary Practice Areas: 2 Concepts  Green Team Coalition, LLC (GTC) is comprised of (1) a primary business practice for reducing facility costs to companies, along with (2) a membership outreach program for education and networking.  Our education and networking program is held every other month to help inform and connect the Green Energy community.  We have 350 members of our networking and outreach program, while attracting new interest and growing everyday!
  • 7. Green Team Coalition Outreach  Diana Nash, President, speaks on behalf of the latest developments in the Green Energy community, along with other vendors that have requested to present their ideas at GTC networking meetings.  Attendees have 3 options of attending this valuable presentation and networking session:  1. A full membership of $299 annually  2. An associate membership of $99 annually  3. A $12, pay at the door admission
  • 8. Green Team Coalition: Our 4 Core Practices  We are the proud creators of environomics.  Environomics: Efficiency measures resulting in economic gain.  Initially, GTC is hired to (1) perform an energy audit for a facility / organization to access how much energy is being used / money spent and (2) how those large costs can be dramatically reduced by environomic efficiency.
  • 9. Client Results  (3) Once an energy audit has been conducted, GTC performs sustainability consulting to reduce operating costs to the client.  (4) Core products are implemented to maintain sustainability measures.  (5) As a result of a now “energy efficient” facility, the client may subsequently be eligible for government tax recovery.
  • 10. What does “carbon footprint” mean?  This is a measure of how much carbon output is generated from a facility.  This calculation is determined based from energy audits and used for GTC analysis.  Developing carbon cap- and-trade laws make this calculation important for businesses.
  • 11. Available Options for GTC Clients  Operating Cost Reduction  Monthly utility bills  Sustainability Consulting  Maintaining optimal, low energy costs  Energy Auditing  Electrical, mechanical, plumbing  Real Estate Cost Recovery & Transactions  Lease auditing and lease restructuring  Tax Recovery  Tax appeals, EPACT, carbon footprint calculations  Products  HVAC efficiency, wind, solar, LEED materials
  • 12. Potential Clients  Private sector  Office and Industrial Properties  Government sector  Schools, GSA facilities, State and local municipalities  Non-profit  Churches, Volunteer Organizations
  • 13. What are reasonable expectations for clients?  A client may expect to see their energy consumption reduced by 18 – 30%.  We also conduct post energy audits to assess energy consumption as a final step to our GTC method.
  • 14. What are current trends surrounding energy?  There is a major trend toward energy audits driven by legislation and education.  People are becoming more educated on energy efficiency and how it is directly correlated to the corporate bottom line.  As people become more educated with rising energy costs, there is a strong movement toward energy reduction and management.  This is a controllable expense to reduce operating costs, without unnecessary or unwanted corporate layoffs.
  • 15. What does the future of energy look like?  Buildings and facilities resistant to waste  Increased profits actualized as a result of utilities and energy savings  Legislation in place for energy consumption and tax breaks for measurable compliance
  • 16. Interested? Contact GTC Today Diana L. Nash, President, LEED AP Email: Diana.Nash9@gmail.com Phone: 248 - 763 - 2275