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  • 1. Songkran Day
  • 2.
    • By
    • 2 RONNACHAI JATURONG Music education M.1
    • Present aj.Jansuda boontree
    • Buriramrajabat Univercity
  • 3. Songkran Day
    • The Songkran Festival is one of the most important feasts that has been performed not o­nly in Thailand but also in other countries ( Laos, Cambodia, etc .) for a long time . It is also known as Thai Traditional New Year Day which falls on April 13 – 15 in a year . It is the great opportunity for merit - making and a special time for Thai people to have fun, traditional music, dance, games, and other activities in the pastime .
  • 4. The Meaning Of Songkran Festival
    • Theterm Songkran means The festival celebrated on the day of passage of thesun to Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac 1 . It means that on Songkran Day the sun enter the sign of Aires. Its full name is called Maha Songkran which means the great Songkran .
  • 5. The Origins Of Songkran Festival
    • There was an interesting Thai folk story connected with the Songkran Day . It tells now there once lived in a certain village a extraordinary boy by the name of Dhanapala . He was born into a very rich family, and was extremely intelligent and kindhearted . He even knew the languages of animals and could understand the humming of bees and the songs of the birds .
  • 6.
    • People had great respect for him and his fame spread far and wide until it finally reached the ears of a rather strange but powerful God . This was Kapila Brahma, the god with the four faces, who could see four directions all at once . Kapila was a conceited god . He could not bear to think that there was anyone so intelligent and kind as to command the respect of so many people . He felt that people had begun to place more faith in Dhanapala than in himself
  • 7. The Activities On Songkran Festival
    • In the morning, people go to the temple to make merits by offering food to monks and novices, observing the precepts, Five or Eight precepts and listening to the Dhamma talk . In the afternoon, they perform the bathing ceremony of the Buddha images and monks and novices who live in a temple . During this time, the younger people ask blessings from the elders . This is known as Water Splashing Feast . It might be said that the Songkran festival is the Respected festival to the elders or the Family Day .
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  • 12. References
    • Dictionary of Buddhism, Phra Dhamapitaka . See the word Songkran , page 349.
    • Basic Buddhism, Sunthorn