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  1. 1. your partner in merch andis ing e xcellence
  2. 2. he M arketplace in t a tiv it y CreSuccess in the retail market-place ultimately dependson the consumer’s in-storeexperience. How your productis displayed and positioned inthe marketplace is an integralpart of an effective go-to-marketstrategy. Ensuring that thispiece of your overall marketingmix delivers results is whereVulcan Industries can help. Ourexperience in working with manyof the country’s largest retailersand packaged goods companiescan help you develop theappropriate display marketingsolution for your product. Our 60years of experience in developingcreative merchandisingprograms for a diverse list ofproducts and clients ensuresyou the experience and corecompetencies necessary inmaking your marketing election.We deliver full turn-key solutionscontrolled at the source.
  3. 3. Vulcan Industries provides solutions for all of your in-store marketing needs: In-line • Freestanding • Specialty • ce ellen g exc n disin cha n mer er i p a rtn your
  4. 4. Great results begin with great ideas. Our designers use the following programs toThe Vulcan Industries design department uses bring clients’ ideas to life:the latest software to provide 3-D renderings ofour clients’ in-store merchandising solutions. • 3D Studio MaxThis process allows clients to customize prod- • Photoshopucts for the intended environment and provides • Illustratorconceptual real-world views of how products will • InDesignappear in the store. • Quark Express
  5. 5. Input and teamwork from both engi-neers and designers ensures that VulcanIndustries develops the highest qual-ity, most cost-effective merchandisingsolution. Upon completion of the design,our engineers fully develop the workingengineering drawings and assemble afully functional prototype. The engineersthen determine which materials and pro-duction techniques will most efficientlybring the design to life.Thorough knowledge of merchandis-ing production enables our engineersto develop a prototype that uses thehighest-quality materials and productiontechniques while still maintaining cost-effectiveness.
  6. 6. We not only design the fixture, but wedesign the manufacturing process to fit eachjob as well. Thorough planning enables us tocut costs and save time and material throughsmooth equipment changeovers, recyclingand visual organization.Vulcan Industries manufacturing has imple-mented 5S initiatives for clean and produc-tive work areas. Our capabilities include:• Shearing• Fabrication• Tube• Wire CNC Manufacturing Equipment• Welding • Turret• Powder Coating • Laser• Vacuum Form/SS • Robo-Mac Wire Bender• Assembly and Packing • Press Breaks• Shipping • Schlatter• Warehouse • Jig Spot Welder• In-house Powder Coating and • Robotic Welders Metal Finishing• Plastic Manufacturing• Heat Bending• 3 Station Vacuum Forming• In-house Tooling and Design• Silk Screening Capabilities
  7. 7. An important process in providing full mer- Vulcan Industries assures accuracy and track-chandising solutions is having the infrastructure ing of all finished goods and warehouse inven-to support the program’s logistical needs. Vul- tory through bar-coding technology and wirelesscan Industries has the established procedures scanning of inventory. We utilize Electronic Dataand departments to ensure that your program’s Interchange (EDI) as requested by our clients todetails and requirements are carried out beyond obtain and communicate information relevant tojust the manufacturing process. project logistical needs.We pair you with a project manager familiar Managing the process after manufacturing iswith the project and trade-class. The project an important step that we build into our overallmanager acts as your internal point person, services.available at any time to answer questions orfacilitate requested changes.
  8. 8. 300 Display Drive | Moody, Alabama 35004 Phone: 205.640.2400 | 888.444.4417Sustainability Vulcan Industries is a leader in manufacturingVulcan Industries’ paint wash system uses low phos- permanent point-of-purchase displays, fixtures andphate, low temperature chemicals that eliminate the shelf-management solutions. Our in-house design, en-need to “dump” wash holding tanks, significantly reduc- gineering and manufacturing teams deliver these threeing water consumption and waste water treatment. basic core competencies essential for all brand displayCurrent wash chemicals operate at a lower temperature marketing programs.than previous treatments, providing a 30 percent reduc-tion in natural gas consumed. Located near Birmingham, Ala., Vulcan Industries serves a diverse customer base of brand marketers,Vulcan Industries uses a high-efficiency air compres- creative agencies and retailers.sor with variable flow that reduced our air electricalconsumption by 45 percent annually. We have further Vulcan Industries is a division of EBSCO Industries,reduced our electrical consumption by installing high- Inc., a multi-national company, service and manufac-efficiency lighting in our manufacturing facility as well turing conglomerate at work in 23 countries occupancy scanners to control lighting usage. Vulcan Industries is EBSCO’s oldest manufacturing division, and was a catalyst to EBSCO’s early growth.All steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum drop,scrap and waste as well as corrugated waste are col-lected for recycling. Empty chemical drums and totesare returned to vendors for recycling.All welding cooling water comes from wells on-site andis classified as “non-contact” by the EPA. All wastewater from paint system is treated on site and conformsto Alabama Department of Environmental Management(ADEM) standards. After treatment, water is dis-charged to septic fields on site. Surrounding monitoringwells are sampled and tested monthly.