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  • Which of these two are naturally occurring in nature? Obsidan (from cooling lava), meteorite glass (from cooling meteorite….HEAT is the key to making glass
  • A: 3500 -4500, in Egypt or Mesopotamia. The first transparent glass was produced in Syria several hundred years later, spread to the Roman Empire and throughout Europe in the first millenium AD. Little is known how glass was first discovered, but it is presumed that its discovery was accidental, likely happening in the process of baking ceramics.
  • The glass for containers is SODA LIME glass.
  • Silica sand comprises about 60% of the raw material to make glass. Major deposits in the U.S. are found in N.J., the Allegheney Mts., California, and the Mississippi Valley.
  • Limestone is added to stabilize the mixture and make the glass impermeable to water, about 20% of the raw material in a virgin batch.
  • Aka sodium carbonate. It is added to lower the melting temperature for the batch. About 20% of the raw material. On the right is a soda manufacturing facility in Romania. Most of the soda ash in the US comes from Wyoming.
  • At this point, scroll back to first slide and ask which of the two types of glass were naturally produced in nature…What do they have in common that allowed for this to happen? A: Created in conditions of great heat.
  • Which of these two are naturally occurring in nature? Obsidan (from cooling lava), meteorite glass (from cooling meteorite….HEAT is the key to making glass
  • To the left, 19 th century glass factory. Note the black smoke rising from the European factory on the right. The design for the two is strikingly similar.
  • Over 50 billion bottles and jars are produced each year! For every ton of glass recycled, 315 kg of CO2 is prevented from reaching the atmosphere. Recycling a glass bottle save enough energy to light a 100 watt light bulb for 4 hours. Glass never wears out, it can be recycled forever. If all the bottles and jars collected in the US every year for recycling were laid end to end, they’d stretch to moon and back!
  • 1 oz. of ceramic can contaminate 1 ton of glass, which then has to go to landfill.
  • This a Dale Chiluly glass sculpture in the lobby of the Bellagio. It contains over 2000 ‘flowers.’
  • Sfcc recyclable materials glass

    1. 1. GLASS
    2. 2. How many years ago didHow many years ago didhumans start making glass?humans start making glass? 800 years800 years 1200 years1200 years 2000 years2000 years 3500-4500 years3500-4500 years
    3. 3. Glass is made from 3Glass is made from 3principal ingredients:principal ingredients:
    4. 4. Silica Sand
    5. 5. LimestoneLimestone
    6. 6. Limestone karsts inLimestone karsts inChinaChina
    7. 7. Soda AshSoda Ash
    8. 8. How glass is madeHow glass is made The batch ofThe batch ofingredients is heatedingredients is heatedto up to 2800 degreesto up to 2800 degreesFahrenheit.Fahrenheit. Once melted andOnce melted andtransparent, the batchtransparent, the batchis cooled to 180is cooled to 180degrees F and moveddegrees F and movedinto a glass forminginto a glass formingmachine.machine.
    9. 9. GLASSGLASS
    10. 10. Some old school glassSome old school glassfactories..factories..
    11. 11. A modern day glass factory
    12. 12. Why recycle glass?Why recycle glass? 1 ton of recycled glass1 ton of recycled glasssaves 1.2 tons of rawsaves 1.2 tons of rawmaterialmaterial Adding “cullet” theAdding “cullet” thebatch greatly reducesbatch greatly reducesenergy usage, waterenergy usage, waterconsumption, and airconsumption, and airemissions.emissions. Glass remains inGlass remains inlandfills indefinitely.landfills indefinitely.
    13. 13. The following things, even in smallThe following things, even in smallamounts, can contaminate an entire loadamounts, can contaminate an entire loadof recycled glass:of recycled glass: Ceramics (plates, coffee mugs)Ceramics (plates, coffee mugs) Window glass and mirrorsWindow glass and mirrors Plastic, tin, aluminum lids/tabsPlastic, tin, aluminum lids/tabs Pyrex glassPyrex glass Wired glassWired glass Crystal and drinking glassesCrystal and drinking glasses Light bulbs or tubesLight bulbs or tubes
    14. 14. Only in Vegas….Only in Vegas….
    15. 15. Follow Up Quiz…Follow Up Quiz…
    16. 16. What are the threeWhat are the threemain ingredients ofmain ingredients ofglass?glass? A) Silicone, Limes, Soda cansA) Silicone, Limes, Soda cans B) Lava, Petroleum, LeadB) Lava, Petroleum, Lead C) Plastic, Rubber, GravelC) Plastic, Rubber, Gravel D) Limestone, Soda Ash, Silica SandD) Limestone, Soda Ash, Silica Sand E) All of the aboveE) All of the above
    17. 17. Once you have the raw ingredients, whatOnce you have the raw ingredients, whatcondition is necessary to produce glass?condition is necessary to produce glass? A) A relaxed, serene state of mindA) A relaxed, serene state of mind B) A good offensive lineB) A good offensive line C) A giant freezing systemC) A giant freezing system D) A whole lot of heatD) A whole lot of heat E) A perfect driving recordE) A perfect driving record
    18. 18. What are the benefits ofrecycling glass?• A) Saves raw material• B) Greatly reduces energy use• C) Reduces air pollution• D) Conserves water• E) All of the above
    19. 19. Which of the following types ofWhich of the following types ofglass cannot be recycled?glass cannot be recycled? A) Glass jarsA) Glass jars B) Drinking glassesB) Drinking glasses C) Light bulbsC) Light bulbs D) Broken beer bottlesD) Broken beer bottles E) B & CE) B & C
    20. 20. Any Questions?Any Questions? Remember: Blue glass gets sorted withRemember: Blue glass gets sorted withbrown!brown! Always wear eye protection when sortingAlways wear eye protection when sortingor dumping glass, and if you want to enjoyor dumping glass, and if you want to enjoymusic into your old age, you should wearmusic into your old age, you should wearear protection too!ear protection too!