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Sustain IT is a consulting service organisation active in interim management. Weare pleased to present a sample of project references we succeeded in: about CMMi implementations, COBIT assessments, Portfolio Management, ICT executive positions, process Improvement, Quality assurance, programme/project management, security management, compliancy...

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Sustain it Sample of Project References

  1. 1. Sustain-IT Sample of project references Version: 16/02/2012 © Sustain-IT 2014
  2. 2. Risk Manager 2013 In order to be compliant with regulatory body, facilitator for the reporting on risk and control environment Delta Lloyd Bank – Financial Sector Context & Objectives  The Regulatory body has to receive a yearly report on the Internal Control System of Financial Institutions (CBFA Art 20)  The process of collecting the self assessments of each direction was already used for 5 years  Due to other legal requirements, risk management team had lack of resources, with risk to not respect the time cosntraints Approach & Solution Results & Added Value  Get insight on the previous report and process  Review the self-assessments of each direction and challenge them  Perform analysis on the risk universe  Present main results to Senior management  Prepare the executive summary  Management Summary to Audit Committee at time  Narrow analysis on the risk profile  Presentation to senior management  Improvement recommendations on the whole process  Functional Environment: Retail Bank, Asset Management, Private banking, ALM, Accounting, Portfolio management, Cash Management,  Methodologies: Risk Management, Project Management, Audit, Presentation, Review Management, Reporting, KPI, Interim Management  Technical Environment: Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Sustain-IT - Belgium
  3. 3. Process Manager 2013 Setting-up a roadmap of processes and deploying them into the whole organisation Ogone – Financial service Sector Context & Objectives  Aim to standardise end-to-end processes to manage processes of Incident, problems, changes and service requests;  Be compliant with requirements of major stakeholders;  Gain in efficiency to resolve incidents across the whole organisation;  Link management of problems with crisis management; Approach & Solution Results & Added Value  Perform an As-Is analysis  Present a roadmap of processes to Senior Management  Based on facilitation, define the process To-Be of Incident, Problem, Change & Service Request Management;  Facilitate review of process To-Be;  Facilitate collection of processes Performance Indicators based on GQM approach;  Document requirements to support the process To-Be;  Prepare the training package by process;  Provide training for Incident Management Process;  Validated process description documents  Validated end-to-end flows  Measurement plan for KPI  Requirements for tools to support the processes  Trained organisation on Incident Management  Functional Environment: Ecommerce, electronic payments, Customer Care,  Methodologies: Process Management, ITIL, Measurement Plan, Goal-Question-Matrics, Project Management, Change Managerment (ADKAR), trainer, 5Why's,  Technical Environment: Ms Project, Powerpoint, Visio, Word, Sharepoint Sustain-IT - Belgium
  4. 4. Portfolio Manager a.i. 2008 In the context of a Merger & Acquisition, act ad interim as portfolio manager Delta Lloyd Life – Insurance Sector Context & Objectives        Consolidation reporting of project status and presentation in front of Corporate steering Review of new projects plans/Business cases Project Methodology owner Participation in IT integration after acquisition Alignment of methodologies Alignment of IT processes Application selection Approach & Solution Results & Added Value  Create awareness of Project Management to executives  Project Manager coaching  Providing trainings on estimation techniques  Process description  Assessment of PM methodologies, based on Prince 2 Healthcheck  Set-up of SEPA strategy (workgroups, Kick off, risks, assessment of current application portfolio)  Improved Business Case process  Improved governance  Management aware of portfolio management added value  Improved predictability  Functional Environment: Life Insurance, SEPA  Methodologies: Portfolio Management, P3M3 model, VAL IT, Prince 2, Change/Transiiton Managerment, trainer, coaching, Interim Management  Technical Environment: Ms Project, powerpoint Sustain-IT - Belgium
  5. 5. 2010 Process Management @ finance (project controlling) Establishment and implementation of a roadmap of initiatives to increase presence, influence and oversight of a Financial department (project controlling) Euroclear – Financial Services Context & Objectives  Provide to major stakeholders financial reporting information on the projects and portfolios, through a new reporting tool, based on TM1  Define the To-Be End-to-End processes for outsourcing  Manage the improvements to better position of financial project reporting team Approach & Solution Results & Added Value  Establish a roadmap of initiatives on 3 streams: project control environment, project monitoring and reporting, portfolio oversight  Sell this plan to senior management of Financial department and Internal Audit  Set-up the different initiatives following plan  Leverage some initiatives, through seeking partnership from other involved teams  Track on a regular basis the progress of the different initiatives  Monitor risks, solve issues  Projects financial figures accurate, reliable and complete, due to improved control environment relationship between IT and Financial  New reporting solution, in line with project managers and IT representatives expectations  Improved process insight by senior management on outsourcing  Improved process of Business Case review  Functional Environment: Financial services, settlement, custody  Methodologies: Process management,portfolio management, Goals-Question-Metrics, Lean, Project Management, Requirement Management, Change Management, Negociation  Technical Environment: Ms Project, Business Intelligence, Powerpoint © Sustain-IT 2012 - Belgium
  6. 6. Client Readiness – Business Project Manager 2008 Coordination of activities to ensure smooth client readiness in the context of large transformation programme Euroclear – Financial Institution Context & Objectives  Client was busy deploying a service to premium clients (top 1500 financial Institutions WW)  Coordinate the client readiness activities between the different internal teams (commercial, Product Management, ICT)  Track the progress on these client readiness activities and solve issue till closure with different stakeholders  Provide input to senior management, in order to take appropriate decisions and insight of residual risks Approach & Solution Results & Added Value • Establish plan of activities • Define SMART criteria to assess progress on a regular basis with internal stakeholders (product management, ICT, commercial) • Track of these criteria with internal stakeholders • Problem solving workshops with impacted internal stakeholders • Reporting to upper management on progress, through clear programme status reports • Close out of intermediate milestones • Phases closed successfully with clear lessons learned implemented • Remediation actions, till closure • Improved practices in governance •1500 World Wide clients (financial Institutions) ready to use a new communication channel (first stepstone in the deployment of a single platform transition programme)  Functional Environment: Financial services, Settlement, Custody,  Methodologies: Prince 2, gate reviews, Problem Solving Sessions, BPM, CMMI, Root causis analysis, ITIL, programme Management, transformation/change management  Technical Environment: Secured Network services, Mainframe, Distributed environment, Sustain-IT - Belgium
  7. 7. 2008 Governance Expert/Advisor Due to a strategic assessment, a need to implement a governance track and project management track VPK Packaging - Manufacturing Context & Objectives Ensure IT organization is enable to support the strategic intents of the whole organization, through appropriate IT structure and IT governance mechanisms Approach & Solution Results & Added Value  As-is analysis, based on COBIT Quickstart  Workshops with IT executives on definition of roles (RACI) and types of organisation for IC department  Definition of IT governance mechanisms, processes  Advises to IT Management  Coached IT manager  Defined IT mission statement  Defined and implemented governance bodies  Defined roles of IT stakeholders  ICT organisation set-up  Functional Environment: SAP organisation, manufacturing  Methodologies: COBIT V4.1, Peter Weil archetypes frame, RACI matrix, workshop facilitation, organisation designs  Technical Environment: SAP, International infrastructure shared services Sustain-IT - Belgium
  8. 8. Mistral 25.2 2005 Establish a Process Improvement programme for an ICT development department based on CMMi, in order to obtain the CMMI level 2 but also to gain in productivity AXA – Insurance/Banking Context & Objectives  In order to implement “Product & Process Quality Assurance” (PPQA) process,  Provide coaching to 8 junior quality assurance engineers  Perform quality audits of IT projects/applications, against defined processes  Ad interim Quality Manager for architecture team Approach & Solution Results & Added Value  Gather information on project/application  Organize Kick off with project/application manager  Interview team members  Analyse information  Make recommendations to project/applications or at level of organisation  Close quality assessments  Follow-up quality non conformities  « Process and Product Quality Assurance » (PPQA) process was successfully implemented  Client obtained CMMI level 2  Level 2 processes were institutionalised  Initiation of certain Level 3 processes  Insight of processes used in Architecture department  Pragmatic deployment of CMMi in an Architecture department  Alignment of processes between engineering and architecture teams  Functional Environment: Insurance (IARD, corporate, Life), Bank, electronic banking,  Methodologies: CMMI, Audit techniques, Quality Assurance, Coaching, Architecture processes, Togaff, PMBOK, Change Management, Interview techniques Sustain-IT - Belgium
  9. 9. Sarbanes-Oxley coordination 2006 As client is quoted on the NYSE, its ICT department has to be compliant with Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Section 404 AXA – Banking/Insurance Sector Context & Objectives Ensure that the tests of the IT General Controls (ITGC) are 98% operating efficiently Approach & Solution Results & Added Value  Ensure ITGC and IT Entity level controls are documented and maintained  Ensure the controls are integrated into the management processes  Ensure training for SOX Testers  Plan and monitor the SOX tests  Detect the gaps, report major ones to senior management and followup the corrective actions  Point of contact with external auditors  Maintain the whole organization aware (animate IT forums « which SOX will I wear ? »)  T department is SOX compliant  Complete IT department (about 500 individuals) is aware on the SOX controls and became more control-minded  Paper published into IT Cutter journal and ISACA journal  Functional Environment: Insurance (IARD, corporate, Life), Bank, electronic banking  Methodologies: Sarbanes Oxley, COBIT, CMMI, Test of controls, change management, animation, process compliancy metrics, Software development life cycle, gates reviews  Technical Environment: Livelink, Ms Excel, Ms Powerpoint, Sustain-IT - Belgium
  10. 10. 2008 CoBIT Expert Assessment of current practices against COBIT control objectives and practices to prepare for compliancy against Belgian Banking Law (Art 20) Euroclear - Financial Sector Context & Objectives • In order to be compliant with the Belgian Banking Law (CBFA article 20), • Assess the current practices against Cobit V4.1 • Make some recommandations to senior Management • Define a three-layer control together with riks management department and internal Audit Approach & Solution  Establish a project plan  Establish a control process  Set-up CoBIT steering Committee  Collect existing practices (As-IS) for 9 selected key COBIT processes  Define current process maturity  Define control gaps and maturity gaps and their remediation plans Results & Added Value  Identified gaps against CoBIT framework  AS-IS maturity levels for assessed processes  CoBIT site on the intranet  Functional Environment: Financial services, Settlement, Custody,  Methodologies: Process maps, COBIT V4.1 Control Objectives, Practices, IT governance implementation guide, Training, Sharepoint site, Compliance, Risk Management  Technical Environment: Sharepoint, powerpoint, Ms Excel, Ms Project Sustain-IT - Belgium
  11. 11. 2001-04 ICT Group Director Set-up a complete federal IT organisation and IT governance (vs local subsidiaries) from skratch SOFICOM – Building Context & Objectives  Define IT group strategy/Policies;  Operations follow-up and escalations  Stabilization of the accounting system  IT integration of new companies (M&A)  Project management of specific in-house developments, package implementation and infrastructure projects, following PMI Best Practices Approach & Solution Results & Added Value  Obtain understanding of the business, stakeholders, culture and IT maturity/appetite  Define with executive management the IT objectives  Propose, prioritize and monitor the IT actions  Report and escaladate, if needed progress of these IT actions • Start up of a central IT vision (vs local IT visions) • Standardisation of IT products across 12 local entities (SME) • Central buying of IT components • Interconnection of subsidiaries • Implementation of a package for warehouse management • Implementation and deployment of home-made applications (follow-up and calculation modules) • Organisaiton aware of IT added value  Functional Environment: Real estate, building,  Methodologies: COBIT, Project Management (PMBOK), people management, Service management, COBIT, IT governance models, IT strategy, change management, awareness,  Technical Environment: SQL server, .Net, CODA Financial system, Sustain-IT - Belgium
  12. 12. 2001-04 Security Policy Program Manager As part of the change programme of image and values, Security has to be part of the « ADN » of the organisation Banksys – Electronic Fund Transfert Context & Objectives  Improve the level of security in the whole organisation  Institutionalise security processes in any organisation activites Approach & Solution  Make a high level risk assessment to inventory the AS-IS and prioritize the needed Security Policies  Develop a Master Project Plan  Define the Security Policies Life Cycle and encapsulate it in a Security Charter assigning the roles and responsibilities of every “Company Citizen”  Define a methodology (process of the process)  Develop Security Policies and the underlying Procedures and Forms  Deploy them (awareness, Lead of Change requests to the IT systems)  Modify the PM methodology to encapsulate security requirements in the PM Life cycle  Develop Security KPI Results & Added Value  Corporate processes integrating security requirements  Process improvement, including security aspects  Visibility of security department improved  Functional Environment: Banking, Electronic fund transfert, mobile payment  Methodologies: Programme Management, Security Management, Change Management,ISO 17799, COBIT, risk Management, ISF, negociation  Technical Environment: Condidential Sustain-IT - Belgium