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  • Briefly explain the following drivers Reviewing the vision and priorities after the end of Local Area Agreements ECC Environmental statement : Manage the impacts of extreme weather events and reduce our contribution to the causes Procurement – Goods & Services Estate Operational & Schools Pratice and imbedding sustainability A number of Districts have produced a climate change strategy. (likes of Suffolk has made a pledge in their corporate commitment to be he greenest county) Nottingham agreement
  • Climate local master presentations final

    1. 1.   Climate Local Information Workshop SmartLife Low Carbon Centre, Cambridge Tuesday 16th October 2012
    2. 2.   John RussonEnvironment & Performance Manager Environment Agency
    3. 3. 10.00 Chair’s welcome - John Russon, Environment & Performance Manager, Environment Agency 10.05 Introduction to Climate Local - Jess David and Kamal Panchal, Local Government Association  Questions / views from the floor 11.00 Views from Councils Matt Hullis, Suffolk County Council Paul Hinsley, Essex County Council Tim Napper, Hertfordshire County Council 11.30 Tea break 11.40 Views from Partners Environment Agency – Tom Ellis Sustainability East - David Webb 12.00 Facilitated group discussions & feedback 13.00 Chair’s closing remarks and next steps 13.15 Lunch and networking
    4. 4.  a better understanding of Climate Local  a better ability to communicate Climate Local to Members a clearer understanding of whether signing will benefit your authority an appreciation of whether a collective commitment would be worthwhile.
    5. 5. Climate LocalAn initiative to drive and support council-led action on climate change  Kamal Panchal Senior Advisor, LGA Phone: 020 7664 3174   Jess David, Advisor, LGA Phone: 020 7664 3175 
    6. 6. Journey so far  • Consultation with councils on the development  of the Nottingham Declaration on Climate  Change • Development work for ‘Climate Local’ with  partnership support from the EA – Jan-June 2012 - new web pages - an information pack for councils  - research on indicators and resources • Launch of Climate Local 28th June 2012, mentioned in Ed Davey’s  speech  at the LGA Conference • Establish Climate Local Steering Group - composed of council representatives and  partners 
    7. 7. Climate Local – wider context NPPF LGA Spending restructure Cuts Localism MEDIA No new statutory “one in duties one out”GROWTH
    8. 8. LGA - funding outlook for councils  LGA exists to support, promote and improve local government. Localgovernment is facing the most radical changes, as well as the most significantopportunities, in a decade. We will fight local government’s corner and supportcouncils through challenging times, focusing our efforts where we can have realimpact.
    9. 9. LGA PrioritiesPriorities agreed in September 2012:• Growth - with campaigns to assert the council role in driving growth through  housing supply, including affordable housing Climate Local – ‘a platform for local government to champion its leadership  in helping communities to live within their environmental means’ • Waste – championing local innovation• Sustainability and Climate Change – ensuring councils have resources to  invest in energy efficiency, fuel poverty and resilience• Flooding - ensuring flood defences are properly planned and funded, and  that flood damage is funded and insured against. 
    10. 10. Climate Local is … Climate Local isnt ...• Locally led - an umbrella  initiative to bring together and  share local action • Prescriptive – it allows for locally  determined priorities • Sector led – with a steering  group of council reps • A bureaucratic process – it’s • Flexible – for councils to set  designed to be light touch their own actions and priorities  • A central audit tool – the  within a broad framework  emphasis is on local accountability • Voluntary – no requirement for  • Exclusive – all councils will be  councils to sign able to access tools and resources • A Platform - for councils to use,  • A Spreadsheet you have to fill in shape, drive and make useful • All about signing a piece of paper • A way for councils to help – it’s the commitments that are  each other be ambitious on important and sharing of  climate change – rather than information being told by Government
    11. 11. How will it help Councils?Sir Merrick Cockell, Chairman of the LGA: “The aim of Climate Local will be to drive and champion council-led action on climate change in a way which will ensure local authorities can get the best results and value for money with the resources they have available.”Cllr Paul Carter, Leader of Kent County Council: “Climate Local is great opportunity for us to show leadership and practical action to cut energy bills for hard-pressed local families and businesses. Well set local targets to address real priorities."Cllr Alan Clark, Nottingham City Council: “We are really proud to be signing this agreement and to build on Nottingham’s heritage and achievements in tackling climate change. We will continue to improve our own energy use, create affordable energy for the city and encourage the growth of ‘green’ jobs. Climate Local will work with local people to set local action plans to tackle climate change.”
    12. 12. Steps for signing up LGA has provided a  Sign up to the  template for annual  commitment individually progress and will look to  or as a partnershipdevelop LGA Inform tool (refresh and review in Y2) Councils encouraged to  LGA will provide a menu  engage and share via  of actions and Knowledge Hub and their  commitments, but LAs  own websites can also set their own  
    13. 13. Headline Commitment• A headline commitment to address the risks and  opportunities presented by a changing climate, in  line with local priorities• 4 key elements: 1) Setting locally-owned and determined  commitments and actions; 2) Publishing commitments, actions and progress; 3) Sharing learning from experiences and  achievements with other councils; 4) Regularly refreshing commitments and actions to  ensure they are current and continue to reflect local  priorities.• Underpinned by locally agreed commitments and  actions
    14. 14. Climate Local councils
    15. 15. Commitment: We will implement the adaptation actions contained in our revised Climate Change Strategy Justification: The Council is committed to: managing the risks to its staff, property and functions from climate change;supporting businesses and residents to manage climate change risks; and working in partnership to address the  effectsof climate changeSpecific action(s) Measure TimescaleWe will consult on the inclusion of a specific policy  Consultation on a climate change  April 2013on climate change adaptation measures in the  adaptation policy completeddeveloping Local PlanWe will contribute to the county-wide planning  County-wide planning advice  Spring 2014advice on minimising flood risk and incorporate  produced and incorporated into local  this  planning policyinto planning policy for the councilWe will explore opportunities to install sustainable  Opportunities explored for the  2016drainage measures in council-owned properties  installation of sustainable drainage and open spaces and private developments MeasuresWe will explore how to protect the existing level of  Opportunities explored for direct  2016tree cover in the councils area and ways to  actions (e.g. planting programmes) increase stock in areas and land uses where  and indirect actions (e.g. guidance, canopy levels are low  use of planning obligations and  support for the voluntary sector)We will consider the impact of climate change on  Existing Nature Conservation  2016native wildlife and develop plans to manage this Strategy reviewed and management  plans for Local Nature Reserves and  other green spaces adjusted
    16. 16. The LGA’s offer• Provide support, resources and signposting service for councils – Over 2012-13 LGA will produce some dedicated materials for  Cllr portfolio holders and ward councillors • Champion good practice through a range of different media, such  as events, showcase reports, website features, and e-bulletins etc. – Spring 2013 LGA will launch a report to highlight council work  under Climate Local including measures to save money,  promote growth etc • Developing the Climate Local network as a forum to share  learning amongst councils – open to all councils  – Conference event in Spring 2013 
    17. 17. The LGA’s Success Factors• LGA continue to resource and promote CL• Government recognises local authority action• Government supports local authority action; does not impose it• Councils feel CL is their resource and helps them improve and  develop their local actions
    18. 18. Climate Local   Information WorkshopSmartLife Low Carbon Centre,  Cambridge Tuesday 16th October 2012
    19. 19. The underlying cause and our treatment strategyClimate mitigation: reducing the impact Climate adaptation: managing the change Protecting and enhancing our environment
    20. 20. From ambition to delivery creating the goldenthread and unlocking partners’ enthusiasm “ To be exemplar in tackling climate change and protecting and enhancing the local ” environment.
    21. 21. Delivery in action
    22. 22. Partnership with Climate Local? Why we didn’t sign up straight away.What’s in it for all the partners working in Suffolk and the  East of England?Apart from enabling the network what will LGA do with all  the information it collates?  As a partnership of local authorities we are happy to offer our councillors the opportunity to sign up to Climate Local, using our Climate Action Plan priorities, but would  like to understand how it would benefit our work. 
    23. 23. Essex County Council’s current stance on Climate  Local*• In the words of Paul Hinsley: Environment Project Officer.     Not necessarily a Corporate view
    24. 24. Current Position • Deal for Growth • Economic Growth Strategy • Integrated County Strategy • Low Carbon Economy • Corporate Plan 2012 - 2017
    25. 25. Opportunity
    26. 26. Thank youContacts:Paul Hinsley Environment Project OfficerEmail:  Tel: 01245 436308
    27. 27. Adapting to Climate Change at Hertfordshire County CouncilTim NapperSenior ProjectOfficer -Climate Changeand
    28. 28. Context / Background•Nottingham Declaration•NI 188 framework – level 3•Internal Climate Change Board•CRC•Risk management
    29. 29. The situation now•Operational issue•Corporate Plan commitment•Review of approach post-NI
    30. 30. Concerns / Issues When does an extreme event become a regular operational issue?• Timing• Central government steer• Maintaining high level commitment• Keeping focus on risk management/operational
    31. 31. Climate Local  Information WorkshopSmartLife Low Carbon Centre, Cambridge Tuesday 16th October 2012
    32. 32.   Tom EllisEnvironment Agency
    33. 33.  David WebbSustainability East
    34. 34. Climate Local  Information WorkshopSmartLife Low Carbon Centre, Cambridge Tuesday 16th October 2012
    35. 35.   John RussonEnvironment & Performance Manager Environment Agency