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Chaumet alain geoportail-2010-standard-en-101118171506-phpapp02sa

Chaumet alain geoportail-2010-standard-en-101118171506-phpapp02sa



Geoportail (English version)

Geoportail (English version)



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  • Carte de Cassini colorisée à la demande de la reine Marie-Antoinette ; unique exemplaire conservé à la Bibliothèque Nationale de France, numérisée et assemblée par l’EHESS

Chaumet alain geoportail-2010-standard-en-101118171506-phpapp02sa Chaumet alain geoportail-2010-standard-en-101118171506-phpapp02sa Presentation Transcript

    • Le portail des territoires et des citoyens
    • (The Portal to French Geographic Information)
    Alain Chaumet Institut géographique national - Service de l’information en ligne Chargé de mission partenariats Géoportail
  • Principle
    • Access to geographic or geolocated data from various producers on a common website
  • Goals
    • E-government
    • Part of French response to INSPIRE
    • Available services
  • Overview Data APIs Services Edugeo Partnerships Social media Presentation roadmap Overview
  • Overview Guarantee of service continuity Free access to metadata and view services Free or charged access to data and services Copyright management (geodrm) Data protection Users or data and service providers Administrations,local authorities, citizens& consumers, teachers, researchers, companies, associations geographic data providers; Service providers, advertisers,… Geoportail.fr Geocatalog Services and download access Api.ign.fr
  • To save a favorite place To save a favorite in the browser To send a place to a friend by email Profile selection and owner profile registration Transparent superimposed layers Layer selection Coordinates To move and zoom Map extension VIEW IN 2D VIEW IN 3D COMBINED VIEW Search by address or local place name
  • Data
  • Themes and layers
    • Aerial photos
    • Satellite imagery
    • Scanned maps
    • Rasterized vector databases
    • Point data
  • Interoperable multimedia tools Choix de vidéos
  • Eiffel Tower, Paris, in 3D
  • The Chateau of Versailles
  • Mont Saint-Michel
  • The Royal Arc-et-Senans Saltworks
  • Montbéliard
  • Avalanches in Val d’Isère
  • Cassini map (18th century)
  • Flooding in the Seine river basin
  • Geology and land cover
  • Environmental inventories and protected sites
  • Cultivated land parcels (2007)
  • Impact analysis after hurricane Klaus in January 2009
  • La Réunion : hydrography and cadastral parcels
  • Spain-France combined view
  • APIs
  • Combined view of services WMS of Sandre with Géoportail services into the page « combined view » How to do it ? Online video Video on desktop
  • For Dutch tourists in France http://www.camping-frankrijk.nl/campingluchtfoto.asp?CampingID=387266
  • http:// www.cotedor-tourisme.com / index.php ?lg= fr & rub =99
  • Region of Corsica Nature Park Parc naturel régional de Corse
  • www.ludotourisme.fr
  • http:// www.openrunner.com /# tab_map_ign
  • http://www.valroc.net/geo-barbiriacum.html http://www.valroc.net/geo-traversee-trois-monts.html
  • http:// www.observatoire.savoie.equipement-agriculture.gouv.fr /CartoDyn2/ cartagri.php
  • http:// www.zoomguadeloupe.com
  • http://clic0.free.fr/ api_ign /clic0_gpx.php
  • http://www.skitour.fr/maps/ign/gpx-online.php
  • Crowdsourcing : to capture data and send it to IGN
    • Dotclear
    • WordPress
    • Django
    • Joomla
    • Wiki
    API Geoportail in the blogs and CMS
  • API Géoportail JavaScript http:// api.ign.fr / geoportail
  • L’API Géoportail JavaScript is an overlayer of Open Layers www.openlayers.org
  • OpenLayers is one of the projects headed by OSGeo www.osgeo.org
  • Open Geospatial Consortium www.opengeospatial.org
  • API Flash
  • www.openscales.org
  • http:// worldwind.arc.nasa.gov /java/
  • API 3D
    • Built with Terra Explorer
    • Possible use of OGC services
    • Previous test with CityGML
    • 3D model interoperability …
    • Developments with WorldWind SDK…
  • Services
  • Géoportail APIs for online thematic projects Caching server WMS-C Protocol www.geoportail.fr Data server OGC protocols (WMS WFS) www.newsite.info www.skitour.fr www.openrunner.com www.parc-corse.org … Download Pro Service 1 Pro Service 2
  • APIs : operational diagram geoportail.fr WMSC API Géoportail Server “ Vector” data “ Image” data Preprocessing WMS Open LS WFS WCS Right access management Web Client OpenLayers GIS Internet Other clients… External data Image tile cache for view services 256x256 px Schéma P. Pons API Clients
  • http://www.geoconcept.com/L-IGN-rend-les-photographies.html N ovember 2008
  • http://www.esrifrance.fr/CP_ESRIFrance_IGN_Geoportail.asp February 2009
  • Access to Géoportail by MapFish J uly 2009
  • Edugeo
  • Online Geography for educational purposes
  • Edugeo
    • Pedagogical users from primary school to university levels
    • More maps and vintage aerial photographs to study evolutions in the landscape
    • Tools for geographic schemas
    • Personal files for students and teachers
  • Geographic schema
  • Partnerships
  • Géoportail partnerships
    • To propose data for combined views
    • To use services in a visible way
      • To publish hyperlinks
      • To use API on own website
    • To announce anomalies noted in the databases or the maps
    • To publish articles concerning Géoportail
  • To use the « Géoportail »
    • To consult www.geoportail.fr
    • To combine view services (OGC (WMS, WFS,…)
    • To create located hyperlinks to geoportail.fr
      • Crypted (automated key generation)
      • In clear (longitude, latitude, scales, layers, transparency)
    • To use a Géoportail API
      • API JavaScript
      • WMS-C service in a GIS
      • WFS, WMS, WCS, Open LS services into an application
    • To become partner of the Géoportail
      • To provide data for a layer of geoportail.fr
      • To authorize the reuse of these layers in APIs
      • To comment, to take part in the events and meetings
  • Social media
  • http:// twitter.com / geoportail
  • facebook
  • Blogs
  • Conclusions
    • Online maps, satellite imagery, aerial photographs and cadastral data with a set of technical and friendly TOS for reuse
    • A 3D internet in full evolution
    • E-maps available for all…
    • … .with IGN , geography comes alive 
  • Géoportail : The Gateway to French Geographic Information
    • Many thanks for your attention
    http:// acign.blog.free.fr