Sales-Link Introduction


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Unique industry focused wide Database focused on Connecting the Pharma And Biotech World.

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Sales-Link Introduction

  1. 1. Susan Walsh (001) 240 498 8499 Connection to CROs and Sponsors.
  2. 2. Four Step Solution For Generating Sales Opportunities 1. Use a best practice system, procedures and resources specific to the biotech/pharma industry 2. Lease or use a full service solution 3. Know your value and explain it through messaging to drive sales of services and technology, market research, funding, and brand awareness. 4. Train your staff to learn how to sell…how to engage, extend and embrace the prospect to convince and demonstrate your services properly. The above solution will help save you money, time and work, let me explain Susan Walsh (001) 240 498 8499
  3. 3. The Savings a Best Practice Sales Opportunity Solution Will Bring You •Time  turn-key operation – can begin immediately  allows Sales/Management Executives to focus on the deal •Money  no start-up funding needed to build a system  brings more sales opportunities in the pipeline ready for management •Work  easy monitoring of staff’s effort going into generating opportunities  updates/feeds of contact information conducted nightly  hassle-free way to get your messaging out to prospective clients  more sales opportunities flowing in to close contracts Susan Walsh (001) 240 498 8499
  4. 4. Sales -Link, Inc. Back Office Sales System Marketing Technology Back Office Server Management Contact Management Brand Management Messaging Social Media DB Maintenance and Mailers Sales Operations The Sales’ Industry best turn-key back office system Susan Walsh (001) 240 498 8499
  5. 5. Data US CONTACTS – 70% INTL CONTACTS – 30% C-Level-12,000 CEOS, CFOs, COOs Functional Level -20,000 CSOs, CMOs, CDOs, VPs Division Level – 68,000 Preclinical and Clinical Bench Scientists Content is King – Data platform with worldwide reach Susan Walsh (001) 240 498 8499
  6. 6. Educate the market Build recognition Build cache of Business Intelligence Access Key decision makers Your Best Practice Sales Opportunity System Susan Walsh (001) 240 498 8499
  7. 7. Case Studies Susan Walsh (001) 240 498 8499 Sales-Link’s efforts with one European CRO necessitated the hiring of an additional salesperson to keep up with the new customers and project work we attracted. Two large clients in the preclinical and clinical space respectively initially hired us to support a single business unit. Then – after seeing the results we produced – launched us out corporate wide. One of our customers was able to meet year end revenue targets by third quarter – and, 20% of their revenue total was tracked to our efforts.
  8. 8. Sales-Link versus “Other” Systems Susan Walsh (001) 240 498 8499 Some CRM systems offer software but not the data. You are responsible for mining, maintaining and populating their software with your data. Other systems provide the data but not the system... Burdening you with the tedious task of manually maintaining pipelines, reaching out to prospects one at a time, and providing no accountability or tracking on your efforts. Saleslink offers a hybrid system – one that combines data with methods: •Access to highly qualified, life sciences contacts in purchasing positions • Automated processes for reaching and recording contact with hundreds of potential customers every day
  9. 9. Affordable Pricing Options for Any Budget Susan Walsh (001) 240 498 8499 Services Package Flat Rate Leasing/Do it Yourself $1,000 per seat per month Mid-Tier $3,500 per month Full Service $5,000 per month NE, SW Only Full Service $7,500 Worldwide Service
  10. 10. • For The Company that requires Full Service, Sales-Link will: o Qualify, book appointments (calls or in-person meetings) o Schedule appointments while traveling o Connect you by phone or email on demand (Virtual Assistant) o Initiates phone work and initial dialogue with prospects o Annotates and conducts follow-up o Strategically targets potential customers o Accepts direction from sales team on targeting companies  Train internal sales how to engage with prospect from initial handoff of sales opportunity to contract signing  Create messaging – well differentiated, compelling message to drive sales, market research, and brand awareness. Sales-Link Full Service Option Susan Walsh (001) 240 498 8499
  11. 11. • For The Company that requires Mid-Tier Service, Sales-Link will: o Understand your business model and types of prospects within the SLN database that match your target description o Send mailers to defined prospects by reaching into the SLN database of over 120k contacts with emails o Deliver leads to you for further qualification and interaction with prospect Sales-Link Mid-Tier Service Option Susan Walsh (001) 240 498 8499
  12. 12. • You Can Do It! Lease Our System o Monthly fee for data ready system o Updated nightly o User Friendly, Hassle Free o Feeds into other legacy CRM systems o Technical Support Provided  Training – Learn how to use our system and how to establish a sales opportunity generation program. To get the optimum benefit of the leasing option, Sales Link will work closely with your company during the first 2 months to ensure the program is established and working effectively.  Messaging – well differentiated, compelling message to drive sales, market research and brand awareness. Sales-Link Leasing Option Susan Walsh (001) 240 498 8499
  13. 13. Network Solutions recently published a report to say "Third-party opt-in email campaigns were named as the most underutilized platform for lead generation". The reason is that many companies in the lead generation business do not dedicate resources or have procedures to keep contact information current. Sales-Link continuously maintains its data and system to be the best provider conducting lead generation. You have to be in it to win it. Get started immediately. Susan Walsh (001) 240 498 8499
  14. 14.   *Follow Sales-Link Inc. for the latest tips and topics: Sales is an art and a science Susan Walsh (001) 240 498 8499