The age vprc literacy event may 2010


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  • Ok I have discussed a range of different factors that impact upon the reading culture. Let’s have a look at one way that this could be presented diagrammatically:
  • Go to next slide – what does this look like in practice?
  • Genazzano – I have been there about 18 months. I hope that what i have done in this role so far is build on what was already a quality library service. I’d like to highlight the positives of what we do exploring what changes I have made and describing the reading culture that we are helping to create. First ROAD
  • The age vprc literacy event may 2010

    1. 1. The Age PRC Literacy Workshop: Creating a Reading Culture Dr Susan La Marca Head of Library & Information Services Genazzano FCJ College
    2. 2. Children learn about literature fromwhat the adults around them doabout it. (Zahnleiter, 1985, p. 187 Genazzano FCJ College
    3. 3. THE ENABLING ADULTReaders are made by readers. Chambers, 1991, p. 87 Genazzano FCJ College
    4. 4. Reading is not a duty, and hasconsequently no business to bemade disagreeable. Augustine Birrell Genazzano FCJ College
    5. 5. There is a great deal of evidenceshowing that children with moreaccess to books read more. Krashen, 2002, p 2 Genazzano FCJ College
    6. 6. Choice Genazzano FCJ College
    7. 7. Creating a Reading CultureTo be successful there should be: –a large, varied collection of reading materials –knowledgeable library and teaching staff who know both the collection and the students with whom the work –adequate access to reading materials both during structured reading programs and out of school hours – varied forms of reading materials in an array of reading ability levels Genazzano FCJ College
    8. 8. Creating a Reading CultureTo be successful there should be: –modeling by staff of positive attitudes towards reading and their students as readers –whole school support for reading as a necessary part of life –an encouraging, welcoming physical environment –a sense of ownership by the students of their own reading development and their reading environment Genazzano FCJ College
    9. 9. THE ENABLING ADULTThey provide books and time to read them andan attractive environment where people want toread. They stimulate a desire to become athoughtful reader. They demonstrate byreading aloud and their own behaviour what a‘good’ reader does. And they respond, and helpothers respond, to the individuality of everyonein the reading community they belong to. Chambers, A. (1991) The Reading Environment, p. 92. Genazzano FCJ College
    10. 10. What does this look like in practice? Genazzano FCJ College
    11. 11. LISTS Genazzano FCJ College
    12. 12. Outward facing covers Genazzano FCJ College
    13. 13. Senior Fiction Collection ‘Readers are made by Readers’ Genazzano FCJ College
    14. 14. Book ClubIASL bookmark projectBook week celebrationsSLAV Reader’s CupReviewingFavorites ListsBook SelectionLITFEST – SongLiterary Afternoon TeasStory reading in Junior School Genazzano FCJ College
    15. 15. Blog – Communication / Competitions Genazzano FCJ College
    16. 16. SHOWBAGS Genazzano FCJ College
    17. 17. Responses to Text:Audio files Genazzano FCJ College
    18. 18. Responses to Text:Photostory Genazzano FCJ College