Social Media Marketing Beyond the Basics


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Susan Gunelius, President & CEO of KeySplash Creative, Inc., delivered this presentation at the OPERA America annual conference in Boston, Massachusetts in May 2011. The seminar taught attendees how to use social media marketing to build their brands and businesses strategically.

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Social Media Marketing Beyond the Basics

  1. 1. Social Media MarketingBeyond the Basics By Susan Gunelius Featuring concepts from:
  2. 2. What Social Media and ContentMarketing Can Do for Your Organization• Increase awareness and recognition• Increase primary website traffic• Drive engagement with a new, younger audience• Increase ticket sales• Earn wider media coverage• Build and strengthen relationships• Deepen brand loyalty• Jumpstart word-of-mouth marketing• Achieve long-term, sustainable, organic growth
  3. 3. Emotional Involvement and BrandLoyalty I love Damrau as• Entertainment brands – Queen of the inherent emotional Night involvement• Social media allows people to experience brands in their own ways and make brands their own.
  4. 4. People Talk about the BrandsThey Love• Word-of-mouth marketing is powerful• Loyal brand advocates are every brand manager’s dream Social media can deepen emotional involvement, brand loyalty, and word-of-mouth marketing.
  5. 5. Establish Your Core Branded Online Destination Sample Business Social Media Presence SlideShare YouTube Vancouver Opera • Blog Page Your Group • Twitter Profile • Facebook Other • Flickr Other Facebook Blog LinkedIn GroupsGroups • YouTube Answers Ads Your Group Twitter Flickr Exec Twellow Tweets
  6. 6. Develop Internal Brand Advocates• Your employees and performers are your most powerful brand advocates.• Educate them about your brand.• Give them a reason to want to advocate your brand. If your employees and performers believe in your brand promise, they’ll want to advocate your brand.
  7. 7. Social Media Is More than Twitter • Blogs (Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, MoveableType, etc.) • Microblogging (Twitter, Jaiku, Plurk, Tumblr, etc.) • Social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Ning, etc.) • Social bookmarking (Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, etc.) • Podcasting (iTunes, BlogTalkRadio, etc.) • Photo sharing (Flickr, Picasa, etc.) • Video sharing (YouTube, TubeMogul, Viddler, etc.) • Online chats and telephone (Skype, Google Voice, etc.) • Mobile (foursquare, apps, etc.) • And many, many more
  8. 8. Let Employees Get Involved Human Resources Executive Networking Thought Leadership • Facebook • Blogs • LinkedIn Marketing • Twitter • MySpace Create Content • Bebo • Blogs • Niche networking sites • Twitter • Blogs • YouTube • Twitter • Digg • YouTube • StumbleUpon • Facebook • MySpacePublic Relations • You name it!Commenting• Blogs• Twitter• YouTube Customer Service• Digg Direct Dialogue• StumbleUpon • Blogs• Forums • Twitter• Other social bookmarking sites • YouTube• Review sites like Yelp and Epinions
  9. 9. Social Media Employee Participation Tips • Employees crave involvement and ownership. • Allow employees to take control. • Offer flexibility and leniency within specific guidelines. • Make it easy and non-threatening to participate. • Create a 360-degree loop of information sharing. • Be accessible. • One sentence of corporate rhetoric ruins everything!Social Media Policy examples:
  10. 10. If Zappos Can Do It, You Can Do ItZappos Twitter policy:“Be real and use your best judgment.” Build internal brand advocates and give them the freedom to advocate your brand through their own social media activities.
  11. 11. 3 Cs of Social Media Marketing WRONG (FAILURE) RIGHT (SUCCESS)CONVERSATION Stop it. Let it flow. Copyright-protect it, or putCONTENT Share it. up a barrier to access it.CONTROL Hold it tightly. Give it up.
  12. 12. Example: Harry Potter• The Harry Potter brand was originally built by consumers not marketers.• Consumers shared it, experienced it and lived it, particularly on the social web.• J.K. Rowling and the publisher originally sent cease & desist letters but quickly learned letting fans take control of the brand on the social web was far more powerful.
  13. 13. Dell’s Big Mistake 1,730 Diggs, 422,032 views, & 77 pages of comments3,672 Diggs, 149,963 views, and142 pages of comments • Don’t try to control the conversation. • Admit your mistakes. • Be transparent.
  14. 14. But What if They Say Something BAD?Use the 3 Fs of Social Media Reputation Management You have three choices: F LIGHT F LOOD Ignore it. Bury it. Bury F IGHT Join it. Join
  15. 15. Think Like a Publisher, Not a Marketer• Two-way conversation• Pull marketing, not push marketing• Create amazing, shareworthy content• One party won’t get it done Your Twitter follower list isn’t just a list of people to try to sell tickets to.
  16. 16. The 80-20 Rule Me, Me, Me! 20% Engage 80% For every 20% of self-promotional content you produce, create 80% that is not self-promotional.
  17. 17. Research and Benchmarking• Customers and competitors• Look outside opera
  18. 18. Set Your Goals• If you just want to sell more tickets, you’ll fail Goals Social Media • Raise awareness • Blog • Customer service • Facebook • Feedback • Foursquare • Publicity • Twitter • Marketing • Flickr • Reach younger • YouTube demographic • Livestream events • E-newsletter
  19. 19. Define Your Strategy – Part 1• Content (creation, curation, aggregation) –,,• Conversations – Google Alerts, advanced Twitter search,, forums (Portland Center Stage: live tweets before shows and during intermission)• Community – Facebook page, (Broadway: Rock of Ages, Shrek)• Influencer outreach –,, (Nashville Ballet)
  20. 20. Influencer Outreach - Nashville Ballet• Children’s Ballet Performance – Identified online influencers (mommy bloggers and community leaders) – Invited to preview ballet - small group, no promotion requirement to get free tickets – Provided news kit for easy promotion – Ticket sales 6x higher than previous children’s ballet performance• Director’s Choice Ballet Performance – Identified online influencers (20-30 years of age, young professionals, local businesses) – Invited to preview ballet – large group, cross-promotion offered and required to get free tickets – Provided news kit for easy promotion
  21. 21. Define Your Strategy – Part 2• Tactical – Discounts, promotions (Chicago Symphony: free CD = 1,000 Facebook fans in 1 week)• Local – Twitter apps like,,• Multimedia and diversification – Livestream, YouTube (NJPAC, Pennsylvania Ballet, Anaheim Ballet)• Mobile – Mobile site, foursquare, QR codes (Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra)
  22. 22. Video - Pennsylvania Ballet andAnaheim Ballet • YouTube channels – Past performances – Interviews with dancers – Interviews with choreographers – Building stage sets Over 33 million video views
  23. 23. Mobile - Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra• Boost concert ticket sales - more than 40% of email subscribers purchased tickets in 2010• Add 5,000 Facebook fans and 1,500 Twitter followers in less than 1 year• Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, blog, foursquare, YouTube, email, text messaging, iPhone and Andriod apps – Facebook page hypes blog posts by orchestra members – Mobile apps stream music, access program notes, view upcoming concerts, purchase tickets
  24. 24. Implementation• Getting help – In-house – Automation – Experts and consultants – Freelancers – Crowdsourcing
  25. 25. Integrate, Cross-Promote, and Automate• Old and new audiences• No silo marketing• Use tools – – – Google Alerts – and Facebook social tools – – Plugins and add-ons
  26. 26. Analysis• Quality not quantity• Focus on trends• Soft metrics vital• Engagement, sentiment, and conversions Examples of What to Track: Measure Against: • Unique site visitors • Ticket sales • Page views • Subscriptions • Referrers • Purchases • Incoming links • Click-throughs • How visitors travel through site • Donations • Returning visitors • Attendance • Comments • Followers and connections • Retweets and @mentions • Social shares and likes
  27. 27. Analytics Tools• One tool isn’t enough• Human analysis essential Fee-based Tools Free Tools • Radian6 • Google Analytics • Sysomos • Google Webmaster Tools • ScoutLabs from Lithium • Bitly • SocialRadar from Infegy • Facebook Insights • Brandwatch • Twitalyzer (also a paid version) • Alterian • • Synthesio • PeopleBrowser • ViralHeat
  28. 28. For More Information FREE Bonus Chapter (Not in the Book) for Conference Attendees• Follow @susangunelius• Tweet the following message to get a free bonus chapter via a special Twitter direct message: I want to read 30-Minute SocialMedia Marketing bonus chapter by @susangunelius
  29. 29. Contact Susan Books byTwitter: Susan Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and all online and offline book