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Networking is just that...working! Pick up a handful of business cards and finish your workday with us. Speed Networking is good for experienced and nervous networkers alike. We guarantee that you will meet more people that you typically do during the same amount of time in an unstructured setting and its fun!

To learn more visit: www.JacksonChamber.org

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  • So what is Speed Networking? It is like Speed Dating for business, a structured networking setting to get introduced to at least 20 other businesses…. 3.5 minutes at a time! It is fast and it is fun. And to help YOU make the most of this opportunity, here are a few tips.
  • At each event we aim to help you make 24-28 face to face introductions. To make even more, be sure to make use of the open networking time during registration, at the break and after the event to catch up with some of the people you may have missed. To help with your follow up, Chamber members will receive by email, a copy of every participant’s contact information.
  • Once you’ve checked in at the registration table, it is time to find a seat. At Speed Networking we go by the numbers. At each table you will find little colored squares with numbers on them. Pick up the number in front of you and write your name on it. Keep this number with you throughout the event because… When it comes time to switch tables, this number tells you how many tables to move up. What? There are two of you from the same company? Well you certainly don’t want to run into each other or bore people with the same message. To avoid this… here is your strategy…. Each of you should sit half-a-room apart, each choose the #1 square to write your names on. And then craft complimentary messages to share. How easy is that!
  • When it is….. time to switch tables… the #1’s will move up 1 table… #2’s move up 2 tables… #3’s 3 tables…. You get the idea. The tables are numbered too, so that it is easy for you to identify where to go next. So if you are a #2 sitting at Table 2, when it is time to switch you move up to Table #4, then to Table #6 and so on.
  • Now that you are seated at the table and it is your turn to speak. Hand out your business cards to those at your table, and business cards only please. This makes it easier for the participants by not having to carry around a lot of marketing materials from table to table. If it helps your presentation, you may keep a demonstration piece with you while networking to help those at your table visualize what you are offering. For example you can use a laptop, tablet or larger marketing items for your demonstration piece. We do provide a table that you can display your larger marketing pieces on. Each networker gets a 9”x12” space to place their marketing items on. That way those who are interested can pick them up at the end of the event.
  • As I mentioned earlier our goal is to have you make 24-28 introductions with other businesses and organizations. We have a tight schedule in which to accomplish this so everything is timed. Every round consists of each speaker at your table, in turn, speaking for 1.5 minutes which is followed by a 2 minute Q&A time from others at your table. Each time the bell rings it signals for a change in who is talking. For example, Seat #1 will speak for 1.5 minutes… the bell rings… followed by the 2 min Q&A from your table...again the bell rings and it is Seat #2’s turn to speak… bell rings… Q&A follows….and so on until everyone at your table has the opportunity to present… then it is time to switch tables. We only allow 1 minute to move… so be sure you know which table you are going to next!
  • Now 1.5 minutes is not much time…. so here is a strategy to consider… First distribute your business cards, say your name and company and then describe the type of client you are looking for, what problems they need solved and how you can help. The reason for going after it in this way is that the people you are talking to may not need your services, but they may know someone who does. If you are aware that there are other businesses present that are similar to yours, then take this time to talk about what makes you or your product line different.
  • Now its time to enlighten you on the special job of the Table HOSTS. HOSTS are the ones that ‘adopted’ the highest seat number… usually #4 or #5. And when it comes time to switch tables…. these folks usually remain seated. For the privilege of not switching tables they become our table moderators. Hosts ensure that those from the same company are sitting ½ a room apart and adopt the #1 seat at their table. Hosts ensure that you know which table to move to or confirm that you are at the right table when we switch. Hosts moderate the networking at their table by #1 ensuring that only business cards are distributed by the networkers and during networking, #2 by calling a time out when a networker talks more than a 1.5 minutes – it is only polite to allow others their ‘time’ to ask questions. It’s a tough job….but to make sure you a great time and make lots of contacts – it is an important one!
  • So now you see why we call Speed Networking, structured networking, and we hope that you will sign up today. You can preregister and prepay online at JacksonChamber.org OR you can call the chamber at 517-782-8221 OR you can email Mary@JacksonChamber.org The cost is $15 for chamber members and $25 for non members. We do limit non-members to two events before a chamber membership is required. We accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa and American Express. What are you waiting for? Speed networking is fast and it is fun. Come join us!
  • Speed Networking Ettiquette

    1. 1. Speed Networking!It’s Working!It’s Growing!It’s Neighborly!TickTickTickEtiquette Tips
    2. 2. How many connections can you make?
    3. 3. Seating bytheNumbers
    4. 4. MovingA B#1#2 #3#4
    5. 5. Business Cards
    6. 6. Speaking Time
    7. 7. What to say? The strategy!“I work with _______” {ideal client or target market}“who struggle with _______”{clients problem or felt symptom}“and who want to ________”{their desired solution or outcome}For example:“I work with homeowners who struggle to mow andmaintain their lawn, and who want a beautiful yardthat will be the envy of the neighborhood.’
    8. 8. Table Hosts
    9. 9. Speed NetworkingIt’s Working!It’s Growing!It’s Neighborly!TickTickTickCost:$15 for Chamber Members$25 for Non Chamber Members(limit 2 events for non-members beforeChamber Membership is required)For more information & topre-register:JacksonChamber.org517-782-8221Mary@JacksonChamber.org
    10. 10. Speed NetworkingIt’s Working!It’s Growing!It’s Neighborly!TickTickTickCost:$15 for Chamber Members$25 for Non Chamber Members(limit 2 events for non-members beforeChamber Membership is required)For more information & topre-register:JacksonChamber.org517-782-8221Mary@JacksonChamber.org