Social Media 201: Advanced Tips and Strategies
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Social Media 201: Advanced Tips and Strategies

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Presentation given at the 2011 Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA.

Presentation given at the 2011 Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA.

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  • 1. Social Media 201: Advanced Tips & Strategies
    Susan Chavez
  • 2. Objectives
    Today we will learn how to:
    capitalize on your existing League projects and expertise to create engaging content
    engage with your network to create a real online community in support of your League’s mission and projects
    identify tools to manage your social networking efforts
  • 3. Reassess
    What are your goals?
    What are your expectations?
    Does your plan need revision? (Have a plan?)
    Examined your website?
  • 4. Your Website
    Home base for information about your League
    All social media profiles lead back to it
    First info source about your League to appear in search engine results
    Does not impose limitations found on social media platforms
  • 5. Your Website
    Questions to ask:
    Is it easy to navigate?
    Is it easy and compelling to read?
    Fonts & text formats
    Is it regularly updated?
    Is it easy to connect to your social media channels?
  • 6. Your Website
    Should have:
    About Us information
    Easy access to program descriptions
    Short and sweet descriptions
    Button(s) on homepage linking to FB, Twitter, YouTube and/or blog
    Easy to read fonts, colors, design
    Compelling images
    Contact Us information
  • 7. Your Website
    Bonus points:
    “Donate Now” button
    Rating from Charity Navigator or other nonprofit ratings agency
    Links to partner/sponsor sites
    E-commerce options for cookbook sales
  • 8. Your Website
    Leverage website, with project information
    Create continuity across platforms
    Basic Stats (i.e. who you are, contact info)
  • 9. Creating Community
    Be open!
    Post interesting, well-written content
    Don’t forget visuals (when appropriate)
    Answer questions
    Ask questions/show interest in your community
    Conduct polls/surveys
  • 10. Creating Community
    Thank and recognize donors
    Follow partners & sponsors
    Thank and recognize partners & sponsors
    Thank your followers
    Comment on others’ content
    Recommend/forward their content
  • 11. Creating Community
    Follow nonprofits or organizations with expertise in issues you are working on
    Follow your local community
    News organizations
    Cultural institutions (i.e. museums)
    Follow sister Leagues!
  • 12. Developing Content
    Your Junior League in the news
    Subscription news service
    Google news search
    Google alerts
    New focus area announcement
    Who, what, when, where, why
    News/info related to your focus areas
    Press releases
  • 13. Developing Content
    press releases
    event reminders
    post-event wrap up (i.e. photos, sponsor thank-you, fundraising results)
    League history
    Interesting historical facts
  • 14. Questions?
  • 15. Facebook
    Use a fan page
    Obtain vanity URL
    Do not fragment your intended audience
    Utilize appropriate FB applications
    Customize content
    Link back to your website
    Update: min. – 2x / week, max. – 1-2 times / day
    Allow followers to post comments & content
    Monitor comments & respond
    Consider changing landing page
  • 16. Case Study: AJLI
  • 17. Case Study: AJLI
  • 18. Case Study: AJLI
  • 19. Case Study: AJLI
  • 20. Case Study: AJLI
  • 21. Case Study: AJLI
  • 22. Case Study: AJLI
    How it’s done:
    Use available, embedded FB applications
    “Links” to link back to AJLI website
    “Events” to provide information for upcoming conferences
    Involver applications
    Twitter for Pages
    YouTube for Pages
    FBML application
    Reproduce & link to existing content
  • 23. Case Study: JL of London
  • 24. Case Study: JL of London
  • 25. Case Study: JL of London
  • 26. Case Study: JL of London
  • 27. Case Study: JL of London
  • 28. Case Study: JL of London
    How it’s done:
    Involver applications
    Twitter for Pages
    YouTube for Pages
  • 29. Questions?
  • 30. Twitter
    Try to keep name length short
    Post at least 3-5 times a day
    Keep message brief
    Limit to key details
    Limit adjectives
    Link to multimedia content
    Include (and shorten) links
    Ask & thank for retweets
  • 31. Twitter
    Follow key people/organizations
    (See slide 9: Creating Community)
    Monitor keywords
    Variations of your name
    Issue-area related keywords
    Use a Twitter management system
    Follow JLs
  • 32. Twitter
    Use Hashtags
    indicates a trending topic, makes search easier
    Designated: #[keyword]
    Use when appropriate
    Do not overuse
    Make an effort to use: #FF/#FollowFriday and or #ThankfulThursday
  • 33. Case Study: AJLI
  • 34. Case Study: AJLI
    How it’s done:
    Twitter management tool: HootSuite
    Monitor keywords:
    “Junior League”
    Monitor comments/questions directed to @JuniorLeague
    Respond and/or provide information
    Track trending topics
    use appropriate hashtags
  • 35. Case Study: AJLI
  • 36. Case Study: JL of Des Moines
  • 37. Case Study: JL of Des Moines
    How it was done:
    80th Anniversary Twitter campaign
    Developed 80th anniversary hashtag: #JLDM80th
    Historical fact tweets
    Campaign began in months leading up to anniversary celebration
  • 38. Questions?
  • 39. Blogging
    Post every 3-4 weeks
    Consider commenting on other blog posts
    Reproduce content from other sources (with permission & proper attribution)
    Feature guest writer
    Link to new posts on homepage and/or Twitter and/or Facebook
    Send multiple tweets about new content
    Consider using Wordpress and/or self-hosting
    Use visuals
  • 40. Case Study: AJLI
  • 41. Case Study: AJLI
    How it’s done:
    Consider what’s in the news & what will be in the news
    How does The Junior League fit into the story?
    Content development
    Review & editing
    Photo search & editing
  • 42. Case Study: JL of Calgary
  • 43. Case Study: JL of Calgary
    How it’s done
    Content development
    Newsletter content
    Articles written
    Newsletter developed
  • 44. Questions?
  • 45. YouTube
    Create account on YouTube’s nonprofit channel
    Include YouTube player on website & FB page
    Keep it short!
    15 minute maximum video time
    Don’t be afraid of DIY aesthetic
  • 46. Case Study: AJLI
  • 47. Case Study: AJLI
    JLTV on after site redesign
    Video tab on FB page
    Content development
    Use existing videos
    JL History video
    Kids in the Kitchen media highlights reel
    Use of Flip cams for JL member testimonials
  • 48. Questions?
  • 49. Measuring ROI
    ROI = Return on Investment
    What does ROI mean for nonprofits?
    What does it mean for your Junior League?
  • 50. Measuring ROI
    Website traffic
    Linking back to your website
    Average number of “likes”/ “RTs” / comments
    Increase in inquiries to League HQ
    Increased success with media coverage/placements
    Event/fundraiser outcome
  • 51. Measuring ROI
    Measurement methods
    Built-in website analytic tool
    Google Analytics
    Facebook fan page analytics
    Twitter Analyzer
  • 52. What’s Next?
    Mobile sites
    Browsing on-the-go
    Mobile applications
    Geosocial networking
    Location-based services, i.e. Foursquare, Gowalla, SCVNGR
  • 53. Questions?
  • 54. Thank You!
    Keep in touch!
    Find me at:
    Connect on:______