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Enterprise Mashups Deliver Business Value
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Enterprise Mashups Deliver Business Value


Published on

Enterprise 2.0 Conference, San Francisco, 4 Nov 2009 presentation.

Enterprise 2.0 Conference, San Francisco, 4 Nov 2009 presentation.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • McKinsey Quarterly conducted the survey online in June 2009 and received 1,695 responses from executives across industries, regions, and functional specialties.McKinsey Global Survey Results: How Companies are Benefiting from Web 2.0 (June 2009)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Susan Bouchard, Senior Business Development Manager
      Enterprise Mashups Deliver Business Value
    • 2. Agenda
      Measurable Business Benefits
      What are Mashups?
      Why Mashups Matter
      Enterprise Mashups
      Mashup Resources
    • 3. Measurable Business Benefits of Web 2.0
      Source: McKinsey Quarterly (2009, September) . How companies are benefiting from Web 2.0: McKinsey Global Survey Results. Retrieved from
    • 4. What are Mashups?
      US-Canada TelePresence Dashboard
      Web-based Applications and Data
      Enterprise Applications and Data
      Lightweight Web pages or applications that
      Transform, merge, or mix capabilities or information from two or more existing internal/external sources to
      Deliver new functionality and offer broader insights
      Source: Mashup (web application hybrid). Retrieved from
    • 5. Why Mashups Matter
      US-Canada TelePresence Dashboard
      Business identifiescapability needed
      Prototype rapidlyassembled
      Mashup testedand deployed
      Mobile deviceaccess enabled
      Weeks vs. months
      Reduce cost, development time (weeks vs. months)
      Non-technical users can assemble, remix, and reuse
      Enable fresh capabilities for new customers/markets
      Free IT to focus on more complex applications
      Forrester predicts global spending $4.6 billion by 2013
      Source: Young, Brown, Keitt, Owyang, Koplowitz & Lo.(2009). Global Enterprise Web 2.0 Market Forecast: 2007 To 2013. Retrieved from,7211,43850,00.html
    • 6. Enterprise Mashups
    • 7. Sales Rack
      Challenge: Selling content scattered across product and marketing sites
      Solution: Content links aggregated in one location, reducing search and retrieval time
      Result: Increased sales productivity
      Source: Sankar, K. & Bouchard, S. (2009). Enterprise Web 2.0 Fundamentals. (p. 273). Indianapolis: Cisco Press.
    • 8. Mobile Bookings Report
      Challenge: Key business report tedious to access on the go
      Solution: Deliver actionable content to mobile device of CEO and sales leaders
      Result: Faster decision-making and immediate response to changes in the business
      Source: Sankar, K. & Bouchard, S. (2009). Enterprise Web 2.0 Fundamentals. (p. 269). Indianapolis: Cisco Press.
    • 9. Expertise Locator
      Challenge: Deep technical expertise difficult to locate/access
      Solution: Map expert location and integrate click to connect in real-time via chat, telephone or video call, Web conference, or email
      Result: Increased collaboration and utilization of expertise
      Source: Cisco on Cisco (2009). Virtual Sales Expertise Case Study: How Cisco Supports Virtual Access to Technical Experts. Retrieved from
    • 10. Video Surveillance
      Challenge: Multiple video feeds hard to monitor/manipulate
      Solution: Click to view feeds integrated with click to chat with available security personnel
      Result: Real-time physical security situation awareness and coordinated response
      Source: Boulton, C. (2008, November 11) . IBM, Cisco Whip Up Video Surveillance Mashup In 8 Hours. Retrieved from
    • 11. Executive Dashboard
      Challenge: Deluge of internal/external news, financial reports and metrics
      Solution: Deliver actionable news and correlated business performance metrics/ indicators
      Result: Faster, more effective decision-making and response
      Source: Barbosa, D. (2009, August 12). Executive Awareness Dashboard: DowJones Client Solutions. (p. 7).
    • 12. Disaster Relief
      Challenge: Difficult to find open airports to land relief planes
      Solution: Map information from disparate systems based on key search parameters – location, condition, and runway size
      Result: Interagency collaboration and information sharing
      Source: Barnes, D. (2009). Boeing Mashup using IBM Mashup Center. Retrieved from
    • 13. Mashup Resources
    • 14. Creating Good Mashups
      Learn from other mashup developers
      Scan for new, innovative use cases
      Let application owners help ID data sources
      Involve IT early to ease governance concerns
      Combine internal/external data in new ways
      Enable user productivity and effectiveness
      Create catalogue of capabilities to reuse/share
      Source: ITworld. (2009, July 28). Building Mashups that Work. Retrieved from
    • 15. Learn More
      Building Mashups that Work,
      Delivering Business Value with Mashups,
      Introduction to Mashups,
      IBM Mashup Center,
      Kapow Technologies,
      Mashup Patterns,
    • 16. Enterprise Web 2.0 Fundamentals
      1  An Introduction to Web 2.0
      2  User-Generated Content: Wikis, Blogs, Communities, Collaboration, and Collaborative Technologies
      3  Rich Internet Applications: Practices, Technologies, and Frameworks
      4  Social Networking
      5  Content Aggregation, Syndication, and Federation via RSS and Atom
      6  Web 2.0 Architecture Case Studies
      7  Tending to Web 3.0: The Semantic Web
      8  Cloud Computing
      9 Web 2.0 and Mobility
      10  Web 2.0 @ Cisco: The Evolution
      11  Cisco’s Approach to Sales 2.0
      Cisco Press
      = Written by Susan A. Bouchard
    • 17. Questions?