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SurveyMonkey Audience: Tatcha Case Study
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SurveyMonkey Audience: Tatcha Case Study


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Using SurveyMonkey Audience, a luxury skincare company was able to get feedback from their ideal customers and develop an informed marketing strategy.

Using SurveyMonkey Audience, a luxury skincare company was able to get feedback from their ideal customers and develop an informed marketing strategy.

Published in: Technology

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  • 2. Improving Sales and Marketing withConsumer InsightsUsing SurveyMonkey Audience, a luxury skincare company wasable to get feedback from their ideal customers and develop aninformed marketing strategy.IntroductionIn a marketplace saturated with content, how can compa- identified its quintessential customer—a woman committednies ensure marketing efforts are making an impact on their to purchasing the very best in skin care products. Carriedtarget demographic? While traditional advertisements like in luxury retailer Barneys, sold online, and featured inprint campaigns and television commercials fight to remain magazines including Vogue, Elle, and Vanity Fair, Tatcha hadrelevant, consumers are increasingly relying on their personal begun to establish its reputation as a retailer of high-endnetworks to help guide their purchasing decisions. beauty products.From perusing fashions on Pinterest, to following brands on Eager to intensify their marketing efforts, the team at Tatcha,Facebook, buyers are taking control of how, when, and where first needed to learn more about their ideal customer; namelythey engage with companies. Thus, capturing the attention the factors that influence the beauty purchasing decisions ofof consumers has become increasingly difficult, making the affluent women and the marketing channels most relevantneed to conduct regular and thorough research a necessity to them. Armed with the questions they knew they neededfor businesses. answering, Tatcha turned to SurveyMonkey Audience to gain access to their target demographic.In the case of Tatcha, a luxury beauty brand inspired byancient geisha skincare traditions, the company had already
  • 3. Key InsightsUltimately, Tatcha wanted to understand theprocess of how consumers review the variousskin care products presented to them, thefactors that influence their decision-makingprocess and finally the goods they intend toactually buy.After working with the SurveyMonkey Audienceteam to craft a survey and sending it out tohigh income-earning women, Tatcha gainedtremendous insights about the ways their targetdemographic consumes beauty-related mediaand content and were able to identify the singlemost important influencer when purchasing askincare product.
  • 4. InsightsMEDIA CONSUMPTION HABITSNot surprisingly, Tatcha’s potential customersspend a great deal of time online. Yet, theystill love reading print magazines, partic-ularly when consuming beauty content.Despite shrinking budgets and decreasedprint circulation, womens’ fashion magazinesstill remain an important beauty productand skin care marketing channel.
  • 5. Almost a third of Tatcha’s target customerbase reads magazines like InStyle, Vogue,and O, to learn more about the latest inskincare and makeup products.Many are also reading other magazines,including Cosmopolitan, Glamour, andGood Housekeeping, as evidenced by theword cloud created using SurveyMonkey’stext analysis tool.
  • 6. PURCHASING HABITSWhen it’s actually time to buy makeup orskincare products, trying out productsby testing samples has more influencethan any other factor on consumers’purchasing decisions.Additionally, respondents reported thatseeing a product in a store and receivinga recommendation from a friend wereboth important parts of the decision-making process.
  • 7. For more than 80% of respondents, trying out a skincareor makeup product before buying is at least moderatelyimportant. While people buy all kinds of items online,from big-ticket electronic goods to vacation packages,they are unlikely to purchase a skincare or makeupproduct for the first time online, with only 15% respon-dents reporting they were willing to do so.
  • 8. Project OverviewGreat surveys begin with clearly defined objectives. Goal-based projects ensurethat survey questions will produce data that can drive straightforward results andsimple analysis. Tatcha started their project by identifying several key goals priorto writing their survey.GOALS:Learn more about how affluent women consume media3 How do they consume news-related content?3 How do they consume lifestyle content?3 Which publications or outlets do they read and watch?Understand more about how affluent women purchase beauty products3 What retailers do women use to make their purchases?3 What influences their purchase decisions?3 What is important when buying a skincare or makeup products?Creating the SurveyUsing SurveyMonkey Audience’s Jumpstart program to Audience team was able to draft into a survey and makehelp build their survey, the Tatcha team was able to collect ready for review. After a round of edits, SurveyMonkeydata that achieved all of their project’s objectives. The uploaded the survey into the Tatcha account and launchedteam provided its key goals and several important survey the project.questions they wanted answered, which the SurveyMonkey
  • 9. Finding an AudienceFor this project, Tatcha wanted feedback frompotential customers: women who are educated,care about taking care of themselves and theirskin, and have money to spendAfter reviewing SurveyMonkey Audience’stargeting criteria, Tatcha selected an audienceof college-educated women, ages 30 andabove, who own smartphones, with householdincomes over $90K.Respondent SnapshotThe group of respondents came from across theUnited States, and from a variety of differentindustries and company sizes.An infographic of basic demographic detailsabout the project’s respondents was automat-ically provided to Tatcha in downloadablePDF format.
  • 10. Putting Results Into ActionTatcha confirmed their hypothesis that their ideal customers for repeat purchases, particularly when women just simplyare women who consume content from a variety of sources. need to replace products they ran out of, Tatcha plans toHowever, what surprised them was that these women are focus on distributing samples and marketing their productsstill turning to print magazines for beauty product ideas. The at physical stores. Including three free samples with everycompany has received a great number of press mentions from online order—as they currently offer—will be a practice theymany fashion magazines and based on the survey’s results, intend on continuing.they have decided to focus their PR efforts on print outlets.This continues to be an effective way to drive awareness to Armed with the insights gained from their SurveyMonkeythe Tatcha brand and their skincare products. Audience project, the Tatcha team was able to use action- able data when developing their marketing strategy. With aThey also learned that women still rely on traditional brick and greater understanding of their customers’ behaviors, Tatcha ismortar establishments when purchasing beauty products. now able to better serve their existing clientele and developThey prefer to visit stores, try on products, and purchase a well-researched and thoughtful plan for expanding theirmakeup and skincare goods at retailers like Bloomingdale’s growing business.and Sephora. While online distribution channels are greatLearn MoreFor more information on how to run your own project with SurveyMonkeyAudience, visit our website today: