SurveyMonkey Audience - Financial Services Overview


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SurveyMonkey Audience - Financial Services Overview

  1. 1. SurveyMonkey Overview 
  2. 2. MISSION Help people make better decisions
  3. 3. Here’s How it Works
  4. 4. People Need Feedback customers create surveys distribute to others recipients respond customers analyze 
 and are informed
  5. 5. Our Customers Use Our Platform In Many Ways
  6. 6. We Have Customers of all Types 15+ million registered users 99% Of the Fortune 500 Non-Profit 27% For-profit 42% Personal 1% Govt. 9% Education 21% KIPP: Houston
  7. 7. Customers are Our Sales and Marketing Teams customers create surveys they sign up send to others recipients respond and learn about us
  8. 8. Customers Upgrade to Premium Plans to Add Features Freemium Business Model 80% Customers on 
 annual plans $24 Monthly option available
  9. 9. SurveyMonkey is the World’s Leading Survey Company And the most well known 2.2M “ Start-up companies using ‘freemium’ business models, including SurveyMonkey, 
 are thriving as the cost of computer power and storage fails.” Survey responses 
 are generated daily 16K New sign-ups daily 75M One of the hottest 
 startups to watch. Unique visitors 
 every month “SurveyMonkey turns online surveys into a hot business.”
  10. 10. And We Also Have a Consumer Insights Solution
  11. 11. Audience is the World’s Largest Active Online Panel Over 3 million qualified US members have signed up to take surveys Dozens " of targeting attributes 25K people a week sign up as new members
  12. 12. Recruitment is One-of-a-Kind High quality from charity " incentive Recruited from the 30M+ US monthly respondents who take SurveyMonkey surveys
  13. 13. Q: When you hear the words ‘athletic clothing,’ ! what brands come to mind?!
  14. 14. Audience Delivers High-Quality Data SurveyMonkey Audience armour addidas addias adidas armor asics addis balance champion columbia converse lululemon nike northface puma rei russell sports face fila niki none north danskin rebok reebok underarmor underarmour starter Another online panel adidas armour brand buck asdf blah champion dont face hi nicke nike north jordan clothing na nothing russel sports stop suits teacher wear wilson spalding
  15. 15. Answering Your Questions in 48 Hours or Less A complete, end-to-end automated solution Your data lives right in your SurveyMonkey account Cost Effective
  16. 16. Big Brands Tap into Audience—in Many Ways Who uses Audience How they use Audience Brand Awareness Investment Research Price Testing Competitive Research Customer Research Content Creation New Business Pitches Ad Effectiveness Product or Service Feedback
  17. 17. Investors Using Consumer Data to Make Decisions Audience providing timely answers to questions Why is this hotel chain your preferred place to stay for business travel? How are consumers using online coupons? Is the company’s auto portfolio resonating with consumers? What are the changes in a restaurant’s brand awareness and their patron’s spending habits over time? Who is the typical consumer for a product where the data inputted purposefully disappears in a certain amount of time? What other services do they use and pay for?
  18. 18. Investors Using Consumer Data to Make Decisions Audience providing timely answers to questions Is iTunes Radio a threat to Pandora? What does a customer find most valuable in their Netflix subscription? Do women plan to buy UGG boots?
  19. 19. Equity Research Analysts Making Great Calls “Our price target goes to $32 from $29 prior.” November 1, 2013 John Blackledge “Raising price target to $330 from $280.” September 5, 2013 Mark Mahaney “DECK is our #1 pick; PT - $100.” April 16, 2013 Randal J. Konik
  20. 20. Equity Research Analysts Making Great Calls P! NOV 1: $25.99 PT: $32 NFLX! SEP 5: $295.99 PT: $330 Current Price: $31.56 DECK! APR 16: $58.66 PT: $100 Current Price: $349.76 Current Price: $78.70 * Current pricing data as of November 2013
  21. 21. SurveyMonkey Audience Helps ! Investors Make Better Decisions!
  22. 22. Thank you. Twitter: @SurveyMonkey Facebook:
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