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Investment Research - OpenTable

  1. 1. Investment ResearchUnderstand usage of popular services and brandsand forecast trendsAn investor wanted to talk to consumers about an Internet company he was looking to invest in, OpenTable(OPEN), a popular restaurant reservation website that allows users to book restaurant reservations online. Hewanted to understand more about brand awareness and how satisfied consumers are with OpenTable. He createda tracker survey so he could follow trends around OpenTable’s popularity as a website and mobile application.Research Objectives ● Learn more about brand awareness ○ What is the level of awareness of OpenTable as a restaurant reservation tool? ○ How many people are using OpenTable? ● Understand consumer satisfaction around OpenTable ○ What do users like and dislike about OpenTable? ● Track consumer usage of the OpenTable mobile application ○ How many people are using the OpenTable mobile application?Project Criteria ● 100 respondents ● Targeting: ○ U.S. Audience ○ Ages 18+ ○ Gender balanced (50% male / 50% female)
  2. 2. Key InsightsAwareness of OpenTable is lowWhile 20% of respondents have heard of OpenTable and used it, almost 70% of respondents had never heard ofOpenTable.
  3. 3. Overall satisfaction is healthyOpenTable has a high satisfaction rate amongst users, with over 70% of users citing that they are either extremelyor very satisfied with the site.
  4. 4. Convenience is key“Convenience” popped up as one of the most noted words when we asked users to tell us what they like mostabout OpenTable.Survey ExamplePAGE: DEMOGRAPHICS 1. How much income did all members of your household earn in 2011? a. Less than $20,000 b. $20,000 to $49,999 c. $50,000 to $99,999 d. $100,000 to $149,999 e. $150,000 or more f. Prefer not to disclosePAGE: UNAIDED BRAND AWARENESS 2. Which websites/mobile apps have you heard about that allow you to make restaurant reservations online? a. [open text]PAGE: OPENTABLE SCREENER 3. Have you heard of OpenTable? a. Yes, and I have used it b. Yes, but I have never used it [skip to DISQUALIFY] c. No [skip to DISQUALIFY]PAGE: OPENTABLE USERS 4. About how many restaurant reservations have you made on OpenTable in the past 30 days?
  5. 5. a. 0 b. 1-2 c. 3-5 d. 6-10 e. More than 10 times 5. When making a restaurant reservation, how often do you use OpenTable when it’s an option? a. All the time b. Most of the time c. About half the time d. Some of the time e. None of the time 6. Overall, how satisfied are you with OpenTable? a. Extremely satisfied b. Very satisfied c. Moderately satisfied d. Slightly satisfied e. Not at all satisfied 7. What do you like most about OpenTable? a. [open text] 8. What do you dislike most about OpenTable? a. [open text] 9. Do you have a smartphone (e.g., iPhone, Android, BlackBerry) or tablet computer (e.g., iPad, Kindle Fire)? a. Yes b. No [skip to END]OPENTABLE MOBILE APP 10. Do you have the OpenTable mobile application on your smartphone or tablet computer? a. Yes b. No [skip to END]MOBILE APP USERS 11. About how many restaurant reservations have you made on the OpenTable mobile app in the past 30 days? c. 0 d. 1-2 e. 3-5 f. 6-10 g. More than 10 12. When making a restaurant reservation, how often do you use the OpenTable mobile app, when it’s an option? a. All the time b. Most of the time c. About half the time d. Some of the time e. None of the time 14. Do you prefer using the OpenTable mobile app more or less than the OpenTable website? a. Much more than website b. Moderately more than website
  6. 6. c. Slightly more than website d. About the same as website e. Slightly less than website f. Moderately less than website g. Much less than websiteView the SurveyMonkey SurveyOpenTable- SurveyMonkey Survey LinkSee the ResultsOpenTable- Shared ResultsLearn MoreTo receive a copy of this “Investment Research” survey template and any other SurveyMonkey Audience casestudy templates, contact more information about SurveyMonkey Audience, visit our website: