Vidant Medical Group & SurveyMonkey


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Learn how the Vidant Medical Group achieved operational excellence with staff feedback using SurveyMonkey Enterprise! Learn more about Enterprise at

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Vidant Medical Group & SurveyMonkey

  1. 1. Vidant Medical Group is a multispecialty physician group providing care for eastern North Carolina residents through more than 350 primary and specialty care providers in more than 70 locations. To make sure that clinics run smoothly and to monitor physician satisfaction, Vidant Medical Group needed a fast, efficient way to survey staff and compile feedback. SurveyMonkey Enterprise helps Vidant offer high-quality care even during a period of rapid growth. At a Glance Situation • Rapid growth of health system required frequent monitoring of staff satisfaction, billing knowledge, and HIPAA compliance • Senior staff needed an easy way to access surveys and gain a high-level view of performance Survey Results • Surveying registration staff on procedures helps reduce billing errors • Doctor and provider satisfaction surveys reduce staff turnover Smarter Decisions • Feedback from registration staff surveys helps Vidant Medical Group design its re-education program • Physician satisfaction surveys help administrators identify areas for improvement, such as reducing administrative workload “Healthcare organizations have complex operational needs—everything from staffing clinics, to registering patients and billing insurers, to monitoring for HIPAA compliance. SurveyMonkey Enterprise lets us manage surveys of staff and health providers from one central location, giving us a more accurate view of our performance and helping us serve patients better and faster.” – Eric Johnson, Business Services Analyst and HIPAA Officer, Vidant Medical Group Achieving operational excellence with staff feedback Visit today Healthcare Engagement Case Study
  2. 2. SurveyMonkey Enterprise, which allows organizations to easily manage surveys across departments and share data, allows Vidant Medical Group to create surveys for its operational, billing, and clinical quality departments. “We want to make sure that we’re serving patients well, that we’re reducing physician turnover, and that we’re bringing in revenue and tracking costs,” explains Eric Johnson, Business Services Analyst and HIPAA Officer for Vidant Medical Group. Improving operational efficiency Launched in 2009, Vidant Medical Group is a relatively young physician group—and in 2012, the company nearly doubled the number of clinics through mergers and acquisitions. Surveys collect feedback on the tools administrators need for the operational efficiency of clinics. “We ask clinics which vendors they’re using, so we can go to these vendors and ask for the best prices,” Johnson says. Maintaining clinical quality The feedback gathered using SurveyMonkey Enterprise helps the healthcare provider reduce staff turnover. “We ask physicians about their satisfaction with compensation and administrative tasks, and when they’re not satisfied, we work to improve those areas,” Johnson says. Now that staff sees that feedback results in positive changes, participation in periodic surveys is increasing. Better revenue management Surveys for finance ensure that staff is up to speed on billing codes and proper procedures for invoicing patients’ insurance companies—helping the healthcare provider save money and reduce errors. For example, Vidant Medical Group recently surveyed its How do survey results help you operate more efficiently? Even simple registration errors can cause problems in billing and getting paid. We recently surveyed our staff to find out how well they understand all the steps they need to take with patients. We found that even people who’ve worked in registration for years might not understand how small mistakes like misreading a patient’s insurance card can slow down payments. Based on our survey, we’re doing re-education for staff to avoid these errors. – Eric Johnson, Business Services Analyst and HIPAA Officer, Vidant Medical Group registration staff to gauge their knowledge on registering patients. The company then created additional training to address gaps in staff knowledge. Sharing survey results company-wide SurveyMonkey Enterprise makes it easier for Vidant Medical Group to share survey results. “Everything is accessible to senior administrators and executives—they know what surveys we’re conducting and what we’ve discovered,” Johnson says. Learn more about how SurveyMonkey Enterprise can help your entire team make smarter decisions. Visit today. Visit today