Hearst Magazines: Training Feedback


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Hearst Magazines: Training Feedback

  1. 1. Training Feedback Case Study Improving technical training with valuable feedback Hearst Magazines, a unit of Hearst Corporation, is one of the world’s largest publishers of monthly magazines including Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, and The Oprah Magazine. The internal technical training team at Hearst Magazines provides training for 11,000 employees around the world on proprietary and licensed software. Every year, trainers hold up to 250 on-site classes for up to 4,000 employees. At a Glance Situation • Declining engagement rates and information retention • Too much time and resources spent on follow-up Survey Insights • Course evaluation surveys evaluate all aspects of the course • Immediate feedback lets the team make quick improvements and get fast results Better Results • Breaking up a long training session into two shorter sessions increased engagement • Relocating classes to an upper floor increased participation • Employee satisfaction with the training jumped to 90% • Confidence in the trainer’s knowledge rose to 97% “With SurveyMonkey we constantly improve our internal training program by incorporating feedback from our trainees. It saves us time and money, and makes the training the best it can be.” – Debra Robinson, SVP/CTO, Hearst Magazines Visit surveymonkey.com/enterprise today
  2. 2. Training Feedback Case Study What feedback did you learn about in your surveys? Little things make a big difference in the effectiveness of our training. Locating classrooms on an upper floor­— versus the lower-level—is important. And, if it’s a morning class, there must be coffee! These two seemingly small details improve trainee engagement and performance. Retention goes up and support costs go down. – Debra Robinson, SVP/CTO, Hearst Magazines Consistently delivering high-quality, effective training is key to success for the technical training team. Robinson and her team use surveys to evaluate all aspects of the classes including course content, format, location, and instructors. By gathering feedback from trainees, the team can increase engagement and create an optimal learning environment. The trainers rely on SurveyMonkey to make gathering training feedback easy. After each class, the team deploys a course evaluation survey. The answers given offer valuable ideas to improve training, which ultimately extends the team’s impact. For example, the team thought employees wanted to minimize time away from their desks, and as a result, offered an intensive two-hour training on its proprietary software system. A post-training survey revealed that trainees actually prefer to have the content divided into two one-hour sessions to make the information more digestible. Seemingly minor aspects also had a significant impact on training effectiveness. In the survey, trainees expressed dislike of the class location. Robinson’s team decided to relocate classes to an upper, executive floor. The new location emphasized the importance of the trainings and increased participation. “People even dress a little bit nicer when they know they are going up to a separate floor,” she added. Robinson and her team use SurveyMonkey daily to ensure the success of their training. And with a SurveyMonkey Enterprise account, admins can view all accounts on one screen, and centralized billing makes it easy to deploy and manage SurveyMonkey across multiple teams. Teams across Hearst now have access to the same powerful survey platform to get the answers they need to help them succeed. Learn more about how SurveyMonkey Enterprise can help your entire team make smarter decisions. Visit surveymonkey.com/enterprise today. Visit surveymonkey.com/enterprise today